All major industries are constantly evolving. The IT and Technology sector has impacted each industry and how business is run by companies. Similarly, fashions sector is also transformed. The glam and glitz world is now broadcast to the consumer market through variety of mobile and web-based solutions. The primary advantage of the fashion mobile apps is to allow direct reach to the apparels even by big brands and also by upcoming smaller brands and companies.

With the help of Fashion Mobile Application Development solutions, apparel companies are able to showcase their brand and define an identity for themselves in the consumer market. Just like the ins and outs of fashion market, the trends in the apparel mobile development are also dictated by certain styling brands and their apps. Let’s take a look at some of the top fashion mobile apps that are defining and evolving the fashion app trends for the entire apparel sector.

15 Fashion Mobile Apps that are Transforming the Apparel Sector
15 Fashion Mobile Apps that are Transforming the Apparel Sector


The newest entrant in the clothing mobile app development sector, StyleSnap is like the fashion equivalent for Shazam. Built on a new AI-powered tool, the app is developed and launched by Amazon; which is the world-renowned name in online retail store. The idea behind StyleSnap is simple: allow customers to find similar clothes they want to buy in basis of the picture uploaded by the user through the application.


This app is similar to StyleSnap but has been in the market for a little while longer to have gained recognition for uploading pictures and a reverse image search. ASOS is used by a lot of retail stores for allowing consumers to search for similar items as per their liking.


Nowadays, products reviews play a huge role in your brand’s perceptions. A lot of consumers believe in going through product reviews for shoes, bags, coats, apparels to know whether a brand provides value in terms of money or not. Masse is the app for you if you want to go through suggestions, critiques and reviews from community members to help you decide about making a purchase from an apparel store or a fashion brand.


Fashion brands want to give consumers the facility of customizing their search. The use of additional filters can help consumers narrow down on their search criteria to get results as per their requirements. ThredUP is the app that allows performing high-end search through use of various additional filters.

It also has a very easy to use interface for making payment process easy alongside BOT chat available for giving a warm greeting and interaction with the customers. A lot of apparel mobile app development solutions are incorporating live chat-bots for 1-1 interaction with the app users.


This is “the” fashion app as it has over 18 million products available for buying. ShopStyle covers a broad spectrum of apparels including jewelry, designer brands, to even sportswear.


Sometimes, buying something available off-the-shelf just won’t do. What you require is something customized and more of a highly personalized wardrobe item. What better way to get it made than to have your personal stylist make it for you? That’s the concept behind Tailor that takes up all your wardrobe require and then match you with a real-life professional stylish who will give you personalized advice on getting your outfit either through a retail store.

Shop Spring

The idea behind fashion mobile app development solutions is to keep you away from the hustle bustle of the crowd. Especially during holiday seasons, it becomes too cumbersome to go the mall for shopping. With 800 brands under its umbrella, Shop Spring app gives you the advantage of exploring all the designers and brands available. You can also get notifications whenever your favorite brand has a sale or launched a new collection in the market.

Zara’s AR App

If you thought AI-embedded technology could blow your mind; then Zara is taking the game up one notch further with their AR app that allows pointing at a mannequin or an empty Zara store window, then screen on your e-commerce purchase and the clothing will come to life on a model for several seconds. It is likely that future for custom mobile app development for fashion brands will be towards AR and AI embedded solutions.


High-end fashion brands and stores are keeping up with the pace of technology and are concentrating on clothing mobile app development. Similarly, the mobile app by Target ticks all the boxes when it comes to being user-friendly, and offering seamless shopping experience. It also stores your shopping list items for tracking the items that you are desperately looking for.


This app caters to all kinds of consumers who may be looking for luxury or cost-effective items from the store. With over 5000 brands to explore from, Poshmark can seem overwhelming but you can narrow down your search and list your items for free without any charges at all.


Consumers are constantly looking for deals on luxury goods and RealReal app exactly caters to this need by allowing up to 90% off on retail prices. Similarly, sellers can also earn up to 70% of the sale price of their pieces. The items are authenticated by experts which means that you don’t have to worry about buying a fake item from the app. Hence, a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.


This app is all about giving you access to hundreds of designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, beauty and accessories. One of the basic features in fashion mobile app development solutions is push notifications which is also available in the Net-a-Porter application. Through this way, you get the latest notifications directly on your mobile phone without having to worry about missing any sale or promotion from your favorite brand store.


Although you pay for this app but Stylebook allows you the flexibility of cataloging items in your closet, creating packing lists and even receiving styling tips for $4. Specific for iOS users, you can also avail the calendar feature to plan your outfits for each day in a week. You can track the frequency of wearing a clothing item and get a cost-per-wear analysis. This is a must-have app for users who are all about keeping a high-fashion image in front of others.


This is a free-ware app for buying and selling items. Get the latest load on what’s trending through editor’s picks, communicate with shop owners and sell your own items to other users through Etsy app.


Clothing mobile app development solutions are not just about catering to grownups but now kids are also accommodated through the Kidizen app. You can explore the top-rated kids’ clothing items, and even sell hand-me-downs through this app. There is a huge catalog for browsing apparels, accessories, toys and even shoes for children of all sizes and ages. So, if you are a parent worrying about what your kid is going to wear then this is the app to download.


Fashion industry is all about latest trends, and specialized mobile app development solutions are paving way for enhancing brand image and up-selling for retail stores, and brands. As a result, more and more fashion companies are investing on creating mobile apps that can facilitate the consumers and generate further revenue for themselves. Best fashion app developers can help apparel companies in creating a killer application to appeal more consumers.

Are you an upcoming or an already established fashion store or brand? In either case, it’s time you pulled your sleeves up to develop a flawless app to fully capitalize your market potential. Talk to Techliance today for your mobile app solution.