Let’s face it: this is a fast-paced world. So, consumers are becoming restless about the delivery of products and services in 2024. We can take the example of top food delivery apps in UK for reference.

Today, the concept of eCommerce and online delivery services has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. E-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba are already considered as the go-to portals for online shopping. However, online delivery solutions are becoming scalable to meet various types of requirements.

That’s why online food ordering is one of the top concerns related to delivery solutions. The art of fine dining and eating together has always been lucrative for eatery businesses. COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for businesses to sustain unless they go online and deliver food to customers.

This puts focus on food ordering apps to be the game-changers. Because they can put businesses operating in the food industry back on the map. It’s where expert dedicated developers can help these businesses in digitizing the food delivery process.

Top Food Delivery Apps in UK for ordering meals
Top Food Delivery Apps in UK for ordering meals

The market for online Food Ordering in UK is thriving

Globally and in the United Kingdom, the Coronavirus pandemic has made things worse for a lot of businesses. But, the food industry has witnessed growth, just like other delivery businesses. Apart from the usual safety precautions, consumers cite convenience as the biggest factor for using online delivery platforms.

Nowadays, the majority of people are usually occupied in working for extended hours. So, they prefer having a relaxed quiet time at home with ready-made food. Therefore, this gives restaurants and online food platforms a better scope. They have a good chance of bagging in consumers who’re looking for instant food to be delivered to their homes.

  • The current market revenue of online food ordering platforms in the UK for 2021 is equal to 2.4 Billion USD.
  • Annual market size from 2020 till 2021 for the online food delivery platform industry is set to increase by 47.4%.
  • The five years from 2016 to 2021 have been a pivotal factor in a consistent per year growth of 39.7%.
Market size of online Food Ordering Platforms in UK
Market size of online Food Ordering Platforms in UK

10 best Food Delivery Apps in UK for serious Foodies

These are the 10 leading food delivery apps in UK serving foodaholics.

  • Just Eat
  • Deliveroo
  • Uber Eats
  • Foodhub
  • ReadingEats
  • Gousto
  • Zomato
  • One Delivery
  • easyFood
  • Quiqup

Next, we look at the 10 best performing food delivery apps in UK that food lovers use.

Just Eat

The United Kingdom is a wide demographic where consumers enjoy a variant range of food types. Just Eat is probably one of the most popular apps in the region. So, it helps foodaholics in their search for ideal food to pick out to eat.

What does Just Eat have?

  • Just Eat has a great search feature with a huge list of fast food, fine dining, and other categories.
  • Its seamless integration with payment gateways makes checkout easier for both users and retailers.
  • One can also choose to get food delivery or pick-up.

What’s special about Just Eat?

The Just Eat app is not just specific to England, it covers the entire United Kingdom. Also, it is available in the US, Asia, Latin America, and some countries in Europe. This means its entire operations are spread out to cater to many regions on the world’s map.


This app has been around since 2013 and has managed to get a great number of frequent users. In reality, Deliveroo can be termed as a unicorn. Consequently, the app has become a huge success in the UK. Even, big Amazon has invested in it because of its great credibility in the market.

What does Deliveroo have?

  • The primary idea about Deliveroo is simplicity and a great network of restaurants. So that consumers get their food delivered in the shortest amount of time.
  • Users get to know the status of their orders through in-app notifications. This gives them greater visibility of their orders.

What’s special about Deliveroo?

The rider app as part of the Deliveroo product uses ML algorithms. Thus, it helps riders to pick out the best routes for instant delivery. It’s the little things that help in making consumers feel cared for.

10 best Food Delivery Apps in UK for serious Foodies
10 best Food Delivery Apps in UK for serious Foodies

Uber Eats

What started as a driving service has now expanded to become something more. Pioneer of on-demand applications Uber has become a player in food delivery as well. Uber Eats has become one of the go-to apps for consumers to order food in the UK.

What does Uber Eats have?

  • Uber Eats consists of all must-have features for easy ordering and food delivery.
  • It gives users secure payment gateway options for no error or theft occurrences.
  • Uber already has a wide network of cars signed up for ride-hailing. So, User Eats is built on the ideas of expansion of Uber’s current business.

What’s special about Uber Eats?

It has a very advanced GPS navigation system. Uber Eats makes food ordering, delivery, and tracking a wholesome experience. Thus, users like to utilize Uber Eats when they need instant food.


This app is marketed as being very transparent without any hidden charges on their delivery. Foodhub has around 15,000 partner restaurants and eateries. Also, they claim to provide you the same quality meal from a restaurant without charging you anything extra.

What does Foodhub have?

  • This has a broad range of cuisine including options for takeaways from Indian curry to pan pizza.
  • Foodhub works on tablets or mobile phones to detect a nearby restaurant as per the location.
  • It is cheaper than competitors as they charge no service charges for ordering meals.

What’s special about Foodhub?

Delivering a commission-free service is a plus point of FoodHub. You just need to provide your postcode to locate and then browse through nearby restaurants and eateries. This makes that you can begin your food ordering journey relatively easily.


Although this foodservice business that’s based in Reading, UK is a new player in the block. But still, ReadingEats has received a great market response from users. The reason is that it provides diverse features to everyone including users, restaurants, and riders.

What does ReadingEats have?

  • This is very simple to use and has a great network of riders that deliver food instantly.
  • ReadingEats has in-app notifications to help you get the real-time status of your order.
  • It has great ways of suggesting new deals and promotions that can be easily viewed and ordered from the app.
  • You can add and remove items from your basket in a single step.
  • It provides multiple order options including instant delivery, later delivery on the same day, or even the next day.
  • You can communicate through the app with Restaurant Manager to get notifications on the delivery status.
  • Users can track the riders on the map to check whether they’re near to your location.

What’s special about ReadingEats?

You can store multiple payment methods and different delivery addresses in the app. This way it’s easier to select the option that suits you best at run-time. Moreover, you can also view order history to re-order from saved orders.


This is a different take on the online delivery of meals. The Gousto app is all about giving customers healthy food choices. So, that’s the reason behind its gradually increasing customer base among foodies.

What does Gousto have?

  • Their filtering options are based on meat, fish, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  • Gousto provides over 60 different recipes for users to choose from.
  • Together with fresh meat, they also have gluten-free and plant-based meals options.

What’s special about Gousto?

It offers meal options made from fresh ingredients. Gousto takes pride in having subcategories like calorie-controlled, healthy choices, and 10-minute meals. Users genuinely rave about them due to their many healthful offerings.


Indian-based Zomato has a huge listing of restaurants under its belt – 55,000 to be precise. This is among the upcoming players in the food delivery vertical. Certain features are steadily making it a popular choice for food lovers.

You also have the option of on-demand or same-day delivery. This feature of Quiqup gives greater control to users about the date of delivery. Even, foodies can request food delivery on a future date.

  • Users can search by the restaurant, cuisine, or even a specific dish that they keep craving.
  • Zomato Gold includes several exciting deals and offers for customers.
  • Foodies can use special tags for locating better restaurants as per your requirements. For example, romantic dining, pocket-friendly, veggie lovers, etc.

What’s special about Zomato?

They also add user comments to help you assess a restaurant. This feature by Zomato is especially helpful for new users. As it gets easier for them to figure out if the food place matches their preferences.

One Delivery

This is one of the existing online delivery apps in the UK’s food industry that covers over 90 areas. One Delivery has a good presence across over 65 major cities in the UK and has many partnering restaurants. If you’re in the UK, then it helps you find the perfect food that you have been looking for.

What does One Delivery have?

  • This is reliable and easy to use which makes the audience hooked to it.
  • One Delivery provides many food options for customers to browse through.
  • It has a GPS position and postcode that makes it an ideal one to order food online irrespective of location.

What’s special about One Delivery?

Foodies can use One Delivery as a convenient UK restaurant finder app. Even, this helps you browse for any takeaway offers. Thus, you can pick up the order on your own as well.

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This service is one of the pioneer meal finder apps in the UK. Accordingly, easyFood partners with a great number of fast-food restaurants and coffee houses. Also, it has a good variety of cuisines available to serve users having all kinds of tastes.

What does it easyFood have?

  • Consumers can choose from a range of tasteful cuisines.
  • easyFood also has a range of options for coffee houses and fast food for customers to select.
  • It is quite famous for having five-star meals for a quick bite and takeaway options.

What’s special about easyFood?

It offers an assortment of discounts, deals, and promotions to hold the interest of the users. easyFood claims to make meal ordering as simple as 1 2 3. Also, they serve foodies throughout the United Kingdom cheaper and faster.


Some food delivery apps in the United Kingdom are just specific to an area. Quiqup is one of them and is focused on the London region. As, London is the heart of the UK, so this app deserves a mention here.

What does Quiqup have?

  • It even serves foodies on long distances, with riders completing delivery within 30-60 minutes.
  • Quiqup also has a dashboard for restaurants to manage live deliveries.
  • Live tracking and customer support help users in order fulfillment.

What’s special about Quiqup?

You also have the option of on-demand or same-day delivery. This feature of Quiqup gives greater control to users about the date of delivery. Also, foodies can request food delivery on a future date.

Develop a smart Food Ordering App
Develop a smart Food Ordering App


Whether or not we accept it, COVID-19 is here to stay. Subsequently, we must think of inventive ways to keep our lives going. As consumers, people want to remain safe but not void of the simple pleasures of life. For instance, eating good quality food from their favorite outlets.

The food delivery apps in UK and worldwide are the bridge for connecting restaurants to their audience. So that the food consumption remains the same. This way restaurants can sustain their business and stay afloat in the testing times of the Pandemic.

It also provides an opportunity to various other stakeholders. For example, payment gateway businesses, and riders also get to earn handsome income by delivering food to consumers. Also, the process of ordering meals for users has been simplified.

Once, that usually meant users had to call their favorite restaurants. There was always a chance of ordering incorrectly. So, this meant that users had to sometimes bear a longer waiting time for food delivery.

With a powerful food ordering app, you can browse through a diverse catalog of food items. Hence, picking out the exact quantity of food items and making upfront payments is easy as pie. Furthermore, users don’t have to worry about any single aspect now.

Are you are looking to build a food ordering app or any other related idea? Then, it’s time you got in touch with Techliance right now. We’re a formidable IT development services provider company with a great repertoire of live apps and solutions in the market. So, contact us today to make your idea a real product.