Computational programming has become smarter for the better. Programmers no longer hard code programs that do not have the flexibility of growing and expanding for higher output. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, machines have the sense of thinking and interpreting like humans. However, these machines and devices need to be programmed to think, adapt and refine their thought process. This gives in to the concept of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning - Regular Usages of ML
What is Machine Learning – Regular Usages of ML

What is Machine Learning all about?

Branched out from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning is all about giving systems the capability of learning and improving on the data that they acquire over a certain period of time. However, the program itself does not need to be explicitly coded again as it grooms itself for higher learning and enhancement.

Making Impossible a Distinct Possibility

Ever since science and technology have provided us with impeccable programs, software and applications; we are constantly trying for ways to re-invent our daily tasks and routine. Nowadays, software automation is a popular concept which has created a lot of buzz in the industry. Everyone wants to save time, get more done and be rid of manual intervention where machines should be able to smartly adapt to perform tasks with very little to zero supervision.

Automation is the Way Forward

Machine Learning Systems are all about this: providing ways for machines to help human elevate their tasks by allowing automation of routine-like tasks. Take the example of manual data entry systems where the chances of error in inputting data is really high. But machines can perform this task without any errors and even manage a higher output that humans are not able to pull off.

Google has Got It

The algorithm behind Google search itself is a marvel to look at. It provides extensive source of inspiration for creating machine learning software applications in the market.

Google algorithm enables users to carry out elaborate searches. It constantly grows on the basis of what is searched, the keywords input by users (imagine the largest possible user number here) and the accuracy of searches based on the keywords embedded in the websites that are retrieved.

It also helps in bringing out what’s trending to the users across their specific region or even globally. The behavior of the algorithm is customized which makes each user feel special and exclusively catered for.

Say Bye to Spam

Machine learning allows detecting spam and helps you filter spam emails in your inbox. A specialized folder is available in your email to help you automatically root out the spam from legit email. The algorithm learns about your data and understands what emails can be possibly important for you and marks them as important emails on the basis of your correspondence.

Face Recognition

Another forte for ML powered software is facial recognition You have the example of Facebook tagging, where the software allows you to tag friends in a photo. When next time you upload a picture, it automatically tags people in the picture based on your previous input.

In Google photos, you have complete picture albums that grow over time for each person that has ever been photographed by you. For better suggestions, the software asks you if the person in two pictures is same or not. This helps in building the collateral.

It is very systematic, and overtime it learns more about your family and relationships to even create appealing GIFs, and videos by collecting pictures together. Those are definitely tear jerkers if you are able to see your kids grow from being babies to the present day.

Circle of Constant Innovation

Therefore, the trigger of interpretation is your interaction with the machine and ML enabled software. The more you interact, the more it is able to learn from your input which helps it grow for a better experience that is provided to you over the passage of time.

Machine Learning - Circle of Constant Innovation
Machine Learning – Circle of Constant Innovation

Although, we might consider this magic. But it is nothing but science; where we have enabled machines to grow, learn and get better over time based on the data that is input by us humans. This data is stored by these machines which is analyzed for better adaptability of machines for in turn serving the users much better. So, you can call it a circle of constant innovation.

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Want a smart ML enabled Software solution
Want a smart ML enabled Software solution


With our world changing for the better, the shift is for higher efficiency in whatever we do. As a result, machine learning solutions will continue to evolve as the future of technology requires constant innovation and ML enables programs to be smarter and give a higher user experience.

The type of software development services being rendered by companies usually have programs without the intuition of evolving over time. However, since the future belongs to constant adaptation and interpretation of data; machine learning will remain a force to be reckoned with in the decade of 2020 and well beyond.

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