If you are an iPhone 6 user, you probably have no idea how beneficial Health app can be. We even bet that you are not aware of its many extensive features and how it can help you in getting the maximum out of your health. Health app remains as one of the lesser explored apps in iPhone 6 which is why we will elaborate its usefulness in this article.

Health application

If you hold you iPhone in land-space mode, you will notice that Health app has an entirely new look and feel. It provides an overview of your health and fitness as tracked by your iPhone, and other health gadgets. The app overlays information based on the devices and apps used for tracking data such as steps, walking and running distance, flight climbed, sleep analysis ( blue), workouts, heart rate (grey) and active energy.

You can customize which parameters you want to see on the screen. Want to see some magic? Touch and hold your finger on the screen and that’s when you will see precise data appearing on the screen. Swiping the screen will allow you to compare parameters for a certain period.

Since the health app comes up with three different dashboards, it makes it all the more fun to play around and see what dashboard befits your health regime. You can choose from:

Weight-loss dashboard:

This consists of data including your weight, body fat percentage, dietary calories ( know how much calorie intake you have had by using MyFitnessPal) and Active Energy that highlights the calories you have burned throughout the day.

Muscle-gain dashboard:

This dashboard allows you to see parameters such as your weight, lean body mass, protein, fat & carbohydrate ( get the right balance of nutrients for your body), and workouts ( this illustrates the duration and frequency of the exercise you do).

Marathon-training dashboard:

Just like the name suggests, this dashboard is all about helping you go full throttle with your exercise regime. It illustrates data including your workouts (a chart that visually highlights your workouts throughout the week), walking + running distance, active energy & dietary calories and lastly your heart rate. All these should help you in remaining fit and developing a lean body without excessive strain on your heart.



Considering the fact that iPhone 6 currently only has the beta version of Health app available, we really feel that it still has many features that you can avail and take benefit from. It may not be the perfect app at the time-being. However, it still can be customized accordingly to help in gaining essential real-time information about your lifestyle and ways to improve your general well-being.