PHP is a pioneer web development language in extensive use globally and in the United States. Several application frameworks of PHP such as Laravel are powering scalable web applications during 2023. Hiring the right Laravel developers makes your website or web app stand out among users.

By following the quality software development standards of Laravel, you can meticulously fulfill your web project needs. However, hiring the right Laravel developers can turn out a tricky endeavor for some companies. Especially, if you are unsure about your business requirements and long-term product goals.

Many companies are taking an interest in hiring the right Laravel developers nowadays. So, they can meet the increasing demand for web app development for different types of projects. After all, Laravel is the number 1 framework of PHP for a reason.

Advantages of hiring the right Laravel developers
Advantages of hiring the right Laravel developers

Table of contents

  1. What is the Laravel framework?
  2. Which are the top skills of Laravel programmers?
  3. What are the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer?
  4. Where to go hiring the right Laravel developers?
  5. Conclusion

What is the Laravel framework?

Built by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP web frameworks. The primary intent of Laravel is to allow web applications through the MVC architectural pattern. On top of that, Laravel is suitable for all web projects as it is versatile and free to use.

Laravel framework is brilliant in providing immense ease of use in common tasks. For example, authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Because of this, web developers worldwide are adopting the framework in their technical expertise.

At times, you are looking to completely outsource your web project. Or as per your company capacity, you may need Laravel resources on an on-demand basis. You may require Laravel resources to complete the full project term and detach them after the fulfillment of requirements.

What is the Laravel framework?
What is the Laravel framework?

Which are the top skills of Laravel programmers?

Whether you want to acquire Laravel developers in-house. Or you prefer to outsource your web-centric projects to other companies. It is important to evaluate the caliber of resources who will build your web apps.

You don’t want to hire a candidate who looks good on the surface. But is unable to deliver the projects on time. Therefore, you must know about the qualities to look for in a Laravel programmer.

An ideal resource should have the right amount of technical knowledge of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Combining this experience with exposure to relevant technologies is ideal. On top of that, effective communication is the cherry on the cake.

Next, we are listing down some of the qualities of Laravel developers. These abilities can serve as guidelines to help you in evaluating the potential of the prospective candidates. These skills can help you in your quest for talent acquisition for good Laravel programmers.

Here is the necessary skill set to seek in PHP programmers while hiring the right Laravel developers in 2023.

  • Strong knowledge of web development
  • Full command in PHP using the latest Laravel frameworks
  • Practical expertise with MySQL (SQL queries data modeling)
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Understanding of Agile development methodology
  • Experience with web architecture
  • Familiarity with design patterns (MVC, front controller, dependency injection, etc.)
  • Knowledge of a version control system such as GIT/SVN
  • Ideal to know ReactJS, jQuery, VueJS, Angular, LESS, SASS, etc.
  • Knowledge of deployment tools such as Capistrano, deploy bot, or Jenkins
  • English written and verbal communication skills
  • Acquaintance with the Atlassian suite of software (Confluence, Jira, SD, BitBucket, etc.)
Which are the top skills of Laravel programmers?
Which are the top skills of Laravel programmers?

What are the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer?

The right fit of Laravel programmer can do marvel for your web-driven projects within 2023. There are many advantages that you can get by hiring the right Laravel developers. Let’s run down some of the rewards that online businesses can get by doing so.

Now, we take a look at the gains of hiring the right Laravel developers for your business.

What are the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer?
What are the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer?

Higher expertise

Laravel developers must have expertise in various Laravel services. For instance, knowledge of cache, Elixir, hashing, helpers, billing, craft console, package development, and queues, is wonderful for your project. Again, a command on some or most of these services is dependent on your project’s complexity.

Nevertheless, the right resources consistently working in the Laravel domain normally have adequate ideas about these areas. So, they can develop a sound web application using the Laravel framework. This calls for hiring mid-level to senior developers who probably have worked in the industry for quite a while.

They do understand basic, intermediate, and even complex concepts. Yet again, the expert Laravel developers are familiar with the syntax and code to customize the platform. Accordingly, they build a solution that is efficient and produces the required results within the agreed time.

Holistic development

Remember that software development is holistic at heart. This means proper planning, discussion, design, logic, implementation, checking the flows, debugging and then deploying the code. While working with DevOps you can ensure that web development goes perfectly without any show-stoppers.

All of the stages of software development are imperative to the product’s success. It becomes more crucial, once the product is live. Later on, you can add new features to the existing codebase.

Similarly, good Laravel developers understand the need for implementing processes and procedures in their work routine. Instead of reinventing the wheel, following a standard or a protocol can save a lot of time and confusion. The best practices should become a norm that makes the efficiency go higher overall for the web project.

Delivering great products

One of the best gains of hiring the right Laravel developers is the delivery of great products. Good Laravel programmers doing the hard work put them in a good spot for success. What is success for a developer?

Does software delivery mean writing flawless code? Is it accurately translating the business logic into code that works effectively? In reality, it is a bit of both and quite more.

Laravel developers that work day in and day out for delivering great products exuberate a certain level of confidence. With deep insights into programming techniques, they can apply various types of tricks and tools to improve their codes. By incorporating modular packaging systems, they open more ways for reaching global or local addresses.

Companies welcome any great way of efficiently deploying software projects. That comes in hiring the right people to do the job. In the end, a successful product is the dream of every client.


Realize that saving costs is not just a basic factor. Cost-effectiveness is finding ways to work well within the budget and still meet or exceed the chosen outcome. By hiring the right Laravel resources, you are ensuring that the project goes on smoothly with no element of surprise.

Although, initially acquiring the right fit may seem a little out of budget. In the long run, you save time in re-doing the code through drastic changes. Your project can run into problems if done incorrectly in the first place.

Moreover, outsourcing is a convenient way for companies to outsource their resource needs to a foreign pool of developers. They charge invoices for the project deliverables in their home currencies. So, the exchange rate gives you the leverage of hiring amazing Laravel developers well within your budget.

You can even decide on hiring developers at hourly or fixed rates. It ensures that your budget doesn’t get upset. You get the number of hours as per the commitment by the resource or the third-party company.

Saving time

This is a no-brainer: when you hire expert people, you save time on development. Also, you have higher efficiency of up to 60% when skillful developers work on developing your product. Likewise, proficient Laravel programmers have the capabilities, expertise, and skills to understand your project needs.

They work effectively to develop your solution by keeping the project timelines in mind. Nevertheless, they will deliver the code on time. So, the solution will turn out bug-free to quite an extent.

There will be lesser chances of resolving critical bugs, with fewer breaks in workflows. Such errors can arise in the code of amateur developers. So, a smaller chance of issues makes the product development lifecycle relatively smoother and shorter in comparison.

Work transparency

It is important to remain transparent but what does it mean? It implies having direct communication through the agreed communication modes at the agreed time frames. Also, it means having the right conversations and discussions with the clients at the right time.

Be clear about what the client requires (analyzing and locking the requirements). Next, agree on how you will do the work. Then, present the work (demos) to the customer.

These are some of the important steps that the developer team should not miss. Sure, they are busy with their daily tasks. But the responsible team members are transparent to allow clients a healthy insight into their work.

It allows the clients to ask any questions if there is a need. This is a fine balance that Laravel developers should maintain by understanding the communication and transparency requirements. So that all parties are not at a loss of information at any stage during the development.

Information security

Your business idea is yours — the hired resources have no claim to it. That’s why the people working on software development should be flexible enough to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). By signing confidentiality agreements clients can ensure that the built product is only yours.

Companies have no reason to feel insecure about the misuse of their product design, code, or other collaterals. Your product idea, code, and product are your intellectual properties by all means. Furthermore, such confidentiality clauses, when part of the contract, are usually legally obligatory.

Keep in mind ethical Laravel developers understand the sensitivity of product development. So, they not just agree, but also abide by the stated rules of the agreement. Any breach could result in strict legal action for which they have to bear any kind of consequences.

The concept of data security also spans developing a secure application that can surpass any cyber attacks. Currently, developers must implement various multifactor authentication methods to only permit valid users to access web apps. Don’t worry as capable Laravel developers understand the security needs to develop a solution that also caters to this aspect.

Hire PHP Laravel Developers
Hire PHP Laravel Developers

Where to go hiring the right Laravel developers?

If chosen correctly then some great sources can assist you in hiring the right Laravel developers. They can prove powerful assets for your web project projects. Moreover, these sources are ideal for obtaining software programmers for other project undertakings through 2023.

Let’s round up these ways of hiring the right Laravel developers next.

Third-party websites

Sometimes, you feel Google is your best friend. You just simply type in Laravel developers to hire on it. Boom: you have a zillion matches!

But then it tends to get cumbersome figuring out some details like these. What websites are genuine? How cost-effective the resource rates are? Whether cheap services mean a compromise on quality?

There are many questions, and one just gets lost figuring out what to do. Subsequently, you can narrow down your hunt based on certain factors: location, previous work, former clients, and your budget. Is the company able to match your expectations through initial conversations?

Most of all, does it seem to be viable? A lot of times, there are scams and loss of funds, as companies don’t deliver what they promise. After all, you don’t want to get into that trap.

That’s why you should probably prepare a cheat sheet of questions. Some questions you may probe can include routing, middleware, views, blade templates, eloquent models, responses, and requests. Also, it is a safe bet to go through reviews/rating websites and browse through testimonials and comments.

This can ensure that their credibility is up to the mark as they are portraying in front of you. It is best to do your homework by looking at their websites. Do tally it with the information present on their other online profiles.

Our tip is to do your due diligence by shortlisting the technology companies. Then, run at least two to three rounds of meetings before having your final pick. This way, you can succeed in hiring the right Laravel developers to prop up your business.

Remote-work websites

Nowadays, the trend of finding individual developers through remote-work websites is very common. Usually, these websites work by allowing employers to advertise their vacancies. Whereas, the resources can submit their profiles with past project experience.

But this is not it at all. The resources need to pass technical assessments based on their stated skills to be part of the system. Only the successful resources become eligible for hiring by employers directly or through job searches that they can randomly perform.

The majority of the remote job advertisements are either full-time or part-time. So, these employers hire remote workers usually as permanent or contractual resources for the company. However, this may not turn out your cup of tea as you may want resources for a shorter duration.

Gig-based websites

A very popular with the freelancer community is gig-based websites. Such websites advertise part-time, short-term jobs, and temporary tasks with hourly rates for resources to see. Resources are usually verified by a KYC pattern, where an ID matches your face.

These websites don’t involve lengthy skill assessments. Once, you start doing jobs, then employers can rate you. It is a great factor in landing future jobs for gig workers in the future.

But such websites have no proper measure for actually evaluating a tech resource. Thus, it can get very difficult to know if the resources are truthful about their capabilities. So, this option may not prove lucrative as it doesn’t bring any insights during your resource hunting.

Power a web app with Laravel
Power a web app with Laravel


For the successful execution of a web-facing project, it is all the more essential to onboard the right fit of professional developers. Although many candidates may seem befitting for the role, every project has a potential risk of a communication gap. Similarly, a wrong understanding of requirements may fail your project.

You must deal with these issues from the very beginning. It is where the role of the project manager comes to play. So, you must continuously drive the project towards its pre-set goals without any slippage in budget or deadlines.

Do you want to serve users with a scalable web application? Laravel is the right technology to make this happen. Connect with Techliance to set off on a hassle-free project journey.

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