The number of people switching from PCs and laptops to smartphones is growing every year globally and in the USA. So, more and more people are embracing the power of smartphones and mobile applications in 2024. That’s why companies hire Android development services for making high-performing apps.

Due to the stay-at-home economy in 2020 and 2021 after COVID-19, the number of smartphone users has considerably grown. Mobile operating systems like iOS and Android are advancing to enable modern smartphones. Thus, they are enabling users to achieve more than just making a call or texting friends and family.

One of the widely in-demand mobile OS for smartphones is Android. Businesses want to build mobile apps to explore new avenues and better serve their users. They don’t have to worry as many professional Android programmers are available to publish their mobile apps.

Android is a rather more lucrative avenue for developing apps. Besides, expert Android developers ensure that the built applications meet the requirements of the users. They make the entire app development avenue a great initiative for investment and exploration.

Hire Android development services to make quality apps
Hire Android development services to make quality apps

Why are Android applications growing globally?

Android is the most popular mobile platform, so the usage of Android apps is increasing internationally. Highly skillful Android resources grasp the application development process from conceptualization to design/development and then app release. Therefore, the programmers ensure that the Android applications fully facilitate people and thus they use these apps more.

Android coders ascertain that apps are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, users get impatient if an app takes too long to install or does not work properly. Taking care of it is very important since the competition for mobile applications is very high.

Internationally, smartphone subscribers are forecast to reach 7.73 billion in 2028, up from 6.72 billion in 2023. Android marketplace Google Play is the big gun where all companies want to have their apps. The estimates of the number of Android apps range from 2.5 million to over 3.5 billion and are growing.

Why are Android applications growing globally?
Why are Android applications growing globally?

What are popular Android app categories?

Remember that mobile apps are of many types today. As anything can come under the umbrella literally. Some major app categories during 2024 include the following.

  • Lifestyle apps
  • Social media apps
  • Utility apps
  • Games/entertainment apps
  • Productivity apps
  • News/information apps
Best mobile application categories reshaping world
Best mobile application categories reshaping world

Finding unique ideas to build Android apps

Broadly speaking, many businesses develop mobile apps under the above categories. The main objective is to have an inventive yet sellable idea, that’s where the app ideation phase comes into play. Whenever a business conceives an idea, they have to run it by a litmus test to check its viability.

The first step is to usually do a broad-level R&D and check whether it is something that’s done before. Research the market niche and then evaluate whether the app idea has some spark in it. The best way to assess the validity of your idea is to hire a market research specialist.

This exercise is costly, but a great way of understanding whether the idea is lucrative. Do you need to shed some pieces from it to uplift it? Mobile developers can sign an NDA to ensure that your intellectual property remains yours even during the ideation stage.

This way you can easily share your idea without having to worry about it getting stolen. Moreover, when the idea is built, designers can aid it with visualization and storytelling. It is done with wireframes, prototyping, and probably interactive graphics.

A business analyst and a UI/UX design expert can assist the market research consultant in running a successful discovery workshop. This is an excellent tactic to enable the idea to see the light of the day.

Finding unique ideas to build Android apps
Finding unique ideas to build Android apps

Why don’t some Android apps get successful?

With the rising number of Android apps on Google Play, it’s vital to understand why people stop using some applications. Some app development companies leave gaps in the applications that lead to market failure. Here are some areas that app developers usually ignore, thus failing apps through 2024.

  • Slow loading time
  • Complex registration/onboarding
  • Large app size
  • Data consumption
  • Mediocre app performance
  • Too many notifications
  • Lack of app security

Next, we take a look at the reasons that lead to the failure of apps.

Why don't some Android apps get successful?
Why don’t some Android apps get successful?

Slow loading time

Great apps don’t make users wait to load the app. Anything above 5 seconds is just a drag for users. So, they may probably want to uninstall the app or move on to a competitor app.

Complex registration/onboarding

Nowadays, users don’t want to get into registering themselves from scratch. That’s why it’s important to integrate single sign-on (SSO) like OpenID and social logins. So, users can easily connect their existing Gmail, Linkedin, and Facebook accounts to instantly associate their already registered identity with the app and get going.

It’s important to incorporate this feature in your app, otherwise, users may uninstall the app on day 1. Likewise, an easy onboarding process quickly familiarizes users with the app, so that they continue using it. Difficult onboarding can get quite cumbersome, which can annoy users to the point of uninstalling your app.

Large app size

Mobile apps are not like Godzilla, where size did matter. The smaller the app size, it’s better for your business and its users. This is a major deal breaker and users may just abruptly uninstall the app because its size is too big.

Data consumption

A lightweight app that doesn’t consume all of the network data is an ideal choice. The app should not work in the background if there is no such need. Rather, it should keep on sleep mode and only come into play when the user prompts it back on.

Mediocre app performance

Users don’t want an app that crashes, unexpectedly halts, or freezes. Imagine users at the checkout screen and then having the app restart. They are not able to purchase an item — but still receive an alert that a debit transaction has taken place. You don’t want users to have a bad user experience, so keep your app performance spot-on.

Too many notifications

Use in-app notifications instead of annoying notifications that just pop up. It is a clear indicator of how your users would rather just simply not continue using your app. Recall that over 70% of users usually don’t like notifications, especially if they have no control over disabling them.

Lack of app security

Keeping the app away from fraudulent ways of engaging users is just the beginning. Also, it’s about protecting user data and keeping transparency about your app security policies. Realize that cybersecurity is a must in the current era.

Is there any third-party data sharing that may cause phishing scams? Have you told users about how you collect and save their data? Some crucial steps that you take on time can cause users to remain your customers.

360-degree coverage by Android geeks

Great technology companies have a holistic approach to app development. That’s why they don’t overlook the above points so that our businesses get great value from the spent money. Mobile experiences need to be highly user-centric and most of all personalized.

Apps that perform efficiently and are seamless give customers what they need to remain loyal to the business. After all. an app’s poor performance is not just a 1-1 thing with the user. Just consider it a negative image of your brand that destroys its reputation.

That’s why tech firms take great care in recommending a technology stack that delivers a viable product in the market. It’s crucial to select the tools, framework, and technology that best caters to your project’s requirements. So, these technology firms know the right blend of the stack to keep you prominent in the market.

These are some aspects where tech teams have to take great care and pay attention to detail within 2024.

  • App optimization for different screen sizes and operational systems. Because you cannot just target your app for specific screens only.
  • Intuitive interfaces, so that users are rid of complexity and can easily focus on the functions they want to perform.
  • Things should flow freely on the app without users going the extra mile to hunt for what they need.
  • A simple and fast registration process is something we focus on. Each business vertical is accommodated as per their specific requirements.
  • Notifications become noteworthy because we only notify when it’s important. This way users are rid of the redundancy aspect.
  • Ideal feature coverage – usually our key focus is delivering on a scalable MVP which is then added on through features on an as-needed basis.
  • You cannot have a plethora of features because overwhelming users is not something that goes well in terms of the app size and loading time.
  • App localization is a common feature given by apps to allow broader regional coverage.
  • Well-executed localization is a great way to capture global mobile app markets.


Speaking of 2024, Android apps are becoming a common thing worldwide. What sets app programmers apart from the competition is their focus, attention to detail, and commitment to pushing the limits. They develop top-notch Android apps that are running successfully in different countries.

Offshore mobile developers have a skill set, technical expertise, and close connections in assessing and adapting market trends. This makes them a popular choice for a variety of business domains and companies. You can get an Android development team that best suits your project requirements, budget, and time.

Do you want a high-performing Android app that serves the users effectively? Techliance can develop a great app for your business that puts the customers at the front. Hence, talk to us for a free quote, as our portfolio speaks for itself and our clients vouch for us.

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