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10 11, 2023

Hire Android development services to make quality apps

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The number of people switching from PCs and laptops to smartphones is growing every year globally and in the USA. So, more and more people […]

23 06, 2023

Top 20 Android applications for everyone

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Android remains the leading mobile operating system with iOS in second place. Each day witnesses the emergence of top Android applications globally and in the […]

12 07, 2021

Android Libraries that Mobile App Developers must know


Mobile developers utilize Android libraries to empower businesses globally in many ways. Read to find the top libraries of Android and their best uses.

21 06, 2021

Why Businesses prefer developing Android Apps first


Android is the most used mobile operating system globally. So, businesses prefer developing Android apps in beginning. Read to find the benefits of this move.

16 06, 2021

What’s new in Android: Latest Updates & Versions Timeline


By 2021, Android is dominating the mobile platform marketplace with over 71% share worldwide. Nowadays, it is the mobile operating system that rocks the world, […]

22 07, 2020

How to Deploy Android App in Google Play Console in 2024


Companies ponder after making Android apps, how to deploy these on Google Play? App Signing method titled Android App Bundle by Google makes the task simple.

3 07, 2020

Android App Development with Kotlin – Why do it in 2024


People like native experience for mobile apps. Android is most used mobile platform. So, Android app development with Kotlin is in hot demand in 2024.

18 11, 2019

Java vs Kotlin: Which is best for Android app development


Brainstorming on a comparison like Java vs Kotlin helps in choosing the best programming language while starting a native Android App Development project.

12 07, 2016

Rounding up on Top 5 Android Wear Smart Apps

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There are more than 4000 Android Wear smart apps to choose from. If you are part of the Android Wear cult, you’d probably be interested […]

10 06, 2016

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for CEOs

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You must have heard about the very famous movie quote: “With great power comes great responsibility”. The life of a CEO is exciting but at […]


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