Today, the usage of mobile applications is growing at a rapid pace globally and in the United States. Investing in a lucrative mobile app solution is the need of the hour for many businesses during 2024. So, while looking for app presence, businesses prefer developing Android apps primarily.

Android is one of the most admired operating systems worldwide. iOS, Windows, and other mobile operating systems are way behind Android. Globally, a large number of smartphone users favor using the Android platform.

Therefore, several businesses are opting for Android app development to target many customers around the world. Android allows entrepreneurs to develop cost-effective and scalable applications. Expert Android developers enable businesses to build robust mobile applications.

Why Businesses prefer developing Android Apps first
Why Businesses prefer developing Android Apps first

Benefits of Android Apps for Businesses in 2024 and Beyond

In the current business era, there are various lucrative benefits of opting for the Android platform. Due to the presence of several software development companies in the market, competition is fierce. Every business is looking for the best ways to stay ahead of its competitors.

Android is the most used operating system globally (both mobile and desktop platforms) replacing Windows. By January 2021, Android alone holds nearly 72% of the smartphone OS market share worldwide. In May 2021, Google I/O 2021 revealed that Android powers over 3 billion active devices internationally on Google play.

Mobile applications are certainly the best way to reach a large number of target customers. So, you should design and develop mobile apps in a manner that can attract loads of users. Keep in mind the key requirements of today’s businesses and technology-savvy users.

This is correct to say that Android is a perfect medium to develop mobile applications and expand business reach. It doesn’t mean to discredit iOS and other mobile operating systems. In case, you have the budget for building just one mobile app, or you want to test-run an MVP. Then, recall businesses prefer developing Android apps in the opening.

Are you still wondering why to use Android to create mobile applications? Here are some key reasons businesses prefer developing Android apps amid 2024 and beyond. Read to have a look at the benefits that show Android is best for your app development projects.

Next, we discuss the advantages due to which businesses prefer developing Android apps in the beginning.

Reduce Time to Market

Many companies wish to have a faster go-to-market for their innovative business application idea. In today’s competitive era, early to market means a substantial advantage over other market players. Android development is one such medium that facilitates businesses and startups in minimizing time to market (TTM).

It provides a competitive edge to companies that want to launch their app quickly in the market. The development process of Android apps (including app design & development, testing, and deployment) is short. So, it usually takes a few days to months for completing the MVP project for the Android platform.

Target Multiple Platforms

A key reason, businesses should prefer to create Android apps initially, is that it allows aiming multiple platforms. With Java as a programming language, businesses can easily port an app to multiple operating systems. Based on the interest of various target groups, iOS apps can be ported easily to Android.

Even, Google has come up with an alternative to Java, named Kotlin. It is an official language by Google for Android development (preferred since May 2019). This language can be used to power applications that run on Android, iOS, and Java desktop software. Various technology companies and industry leaders are leveraging the benefits of Kotlin for Android solutions. For example, Pinterest, Uber, Atlassian, and Pivotal, etc.

Benefits of Android Apps for Businesses
Benefits of Android Apps for Businesses

Deliver Scalability through Flexibility

Android platform is the best in terms of flexibility and scalability. It can easily integrate with the digital app ecosystem that majorly bases on Android. For instance, smartphones, tablets, Android TV, and wearables.

In addition, Android apps are highly compatible with various advanced technologies. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Besides, the Android development platform is highly versatile. It allows developers to create dynamic mobile applications with the ability to serve multiple purposes.

Improve App Security

Remember that the Android platform comprises various in-built app security features. These features help to protect apps against various security threats. For instance, data theft, hacking, viruses, and malware, etc.

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Provide Easy Customization

Since Android is an adaptable platform, it offers numerous customization options. The simple customization feature of the Android platform allows developers to create robust and innovative enterprise apps with various functionalities. Based on the business requirements, you can perform simple to complex modifications easily with the help of the Android OS.

Increase ROI

To use the Android platform for app distribution, the developers just pay a one-time registration fee. Moreover, developers can use the material design from Android SDK, which is easily available for building highly interactive applications.

Mobile developers can use any device to create and test the application. This ensures little investment and higher user engagement. As a result, the businesses can provide a better user experience to the end-users while increasing return on investment (ROI).

Skills to look for in Android Programmers
Skills to look for in Android Programmers

Skills to look for in Android Programmers

Now, you are aware of the various benefits that the Android platform offers. These are some of the major reasons that many businesses use Android development services to boost their business growth. It is important to choose a professional Android development company delivering customized solutions to meet the specific needs of users.

Also, while hiring Android developers, seek resources that have experience in completing android projects. Likewise, ensure that the developers are equipped with the essential skill-set required to carry out an Android project successfully. The following are some of the key skills that Android developers must possess.

  1. Expertise in custom App development
  2. Full command on Coding in Android Studio and Android NDK
  3. Ability to perform interactive Android app optimization
  4. Complete know-how of the Android SDK
  5. Proficiency in Migration and Porting of Android apps
  6. Understanding of API integration
Click or Tap for a Performant Android Application
Click or Tap for a Performant Android Application


Android apps provide incredible strategic and operational benefits. Whether a business is small or large, it can greatly enhance revenues with the help of Android applications. By choosing the right company and developers, businesses can easily get the desired Android solutions to efficiently serve their customers.

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