After working all the logistics for your Android mobile app, the decision to Hire Dedicated Android app Developers becomes all the more pressing. The right type of resources for your project will help in developing a standard product that is sure to be a market success. This makes it all the more reason to deliberate and think of a proper approach in tackling the hiring part of the project. To help you in this regard, we will provide some useful tips in making this crucial decision that can make or break your project.


Hire Someone Credible

In your decision to Hire Dedicated Android app Developers, look for resources who can back up what they are saying with experience. You can gauge someone’s experience by either seeing the type of projects they have worked on or also the number of years they have spent in a domain. You can also break down the developer’s skills to see what they are really good at. For example, whether they are experienced coders, or do they have keen eye for design and analysis etc. You can check out the apps that they mention they have worked on and see the reviews of those apps. If you find something negative then it’s probably a good idea to think twice about hiring them. If they have been previously employed by another company, then you can do a thorough background check and learn about them.
Your budget should also be a deciding factor in analyzing the resource for your project. How far are you willing to pay for a resource? Again this is subjective to the nature of your project and the overall budget that you have decided for development of the app.

Test Them

It’s always a good idea to take an exam or test of the resource you want to hire. You can give them an assignment to assess their skills and see how they fare in the respected expertise. Since Android is an open source platform, you could test them about their knowledge regarding the platform and also give them a little exercise of writing a few lines of code. Any experienced developer can be differentiated from an amateur with the way they write code. Some best practices for programming are always followed by experts. For example, how is the code written, is the problem resolved, is the code written with or without indentation, was there unnecessary logic applied when there was a simpler way of tackling the problem? These questions can help you assess whether the candidate has clarity to write neat code which will become the basis for your app.

While you technically evaluate them, it’s also a good idea to see their soft skills as well as their way of communicating with you and the rest of the team. It’s important to hire a candidate who possesses the right attitude and desire to work in a group. Anyone who is technically sound but lacks the capability to work together in a team, may not be the right fit; especially if you are working with a set of people where cross-collaboration is essential for success. A candidate with the right blend of technical and soft skill expertise should be the one who is welcomed by any employer.


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