Android technology has taken the world over by storm. Needless to say, Android phones have a distinct market share that assures their sustained popularity across the globe. Consequently, mobile app development companies and entrepreneurs are also actively indulging in developing Android based apps to accommodate the rising number of Android users.

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How hard can it be?

Consider Android’s app development a vast pool of limitless possibilities. Android apps cater to an extremely fragmented market. With over 4000 different Android devices available and each device having varied screen resolutions; how do you decide on a proper design and development plan for your app? Top it all with varying types of operating systems for each device! Mobile development companies have to be smart about their decisions as developing an Android app can get really tricky.

Choices, choices and more choices!

A solid and viable idea is the core basis for an Android app. However, your underlined budget for the entire experiment dictates the scope of the app. Because of this reason many companies and entrepreneurs think long and hard about the type of app they want to develop. These include:

  • Basic Apps

These are for small businesses that are only able to make little investment. Therefore, consider the features and interface of such apps to be minimalistic in nature. These simple static content apps cost anywhere in between $4000 to $6000. If you are a startup company then a basic app is a good beginning point.

  • Business Apps

Complex in nature; business apps deal with database management systems. They also require developers to manage a lot of content. Also called as data driven apps; get ready to spend anything in between the range of $6000 to $40,000 for their development.

  • Game Apps

Candy Crush Saga anyone? Imagine the scale of planning, designing and managing required for its entire execution. Game apps are one of the most rewarding fronts for Android apps but they are also most complex – involving 3D effects, built-in phone mechanisms etc.  Games developed for Android devices can cost you anything in between $8000 – $100,000 and may even exceed this range depending on your requirements.

  • Apps with Device Driven Capabilities

You can develop an app by using the device’s existing firmware such as accelerometer, camera or GPS features. Want to develop such an app? Then be ready to spend anything in between the range of $6000 – $40,000.

Relationship between Revenue and Cost

android-app-development-cost-300x255A common consideration regarding the revenue you generate with your Android app is the type of application you will eventually develop. As a general rule, a basic app that costs less would probably also produce lesser profit in comparison to a game app. But this may not be true in some cases where an app that is designed to perfection and executes an appealing idea would eventually end up being a complete commercial success irrespective of the cost incurred in its production.

Some applications tend to accumulate revenue over a period of time such as WhatsApp. So, this is a case-to-case basis in which you cannot put shades of black and white on cost and revenue. There are many dimensions involved in development of a flawless Android mobile application.

Experienced Versus New

Many companies decide on their app’s budget and then hire resources accordingly to fulfill the requirements.  While deciding on hiring developers for your app, you can either:

  1. Go for someone fresh to the business (probably someone who’s recently graduated from college).
  2. Hire a reputable programmer with a definite number of years experience under their belt. This would probably be a credible developer who’s extremely accomplished in their field.
  3. Outsource the project to a third-party developer or company that would cost you less but then you may have moments of sheer anxiety along with the obvious risk of miscommunication and eventual delivery that misses the bulls-eye in requirements.

Being an entrepreneur, you need to run a cost-benefit analysis. There are many routes to take for reaching from Point A to B. Point A is where you are currently standing and point B is a complete Android application ready to market.  Many mobile app development companies are weary of hiring new developers as they are probably inexperienced in carrying out the entire weight of the project. Although most cost-effective, it’s always a gamble to go for someone whose new to the entire developing practices themselves.

Reputable programmers, although are masters in their field but they are expensive also. A lot of companies think “why should I give $100 per hour to a developer when I can get same work done by someone costing me much lesser, say $20?”

Here begins the never-ending debate between efficient vs. cheaper. Although, seasoned developers may cost more than any mediocre or newbie in the business; but they are likely to be more effective in their coding practices. What they can achieve an hour would probably be more than what someone cheaper can achieve in 2-3 hours. Isn’t that something to ponder about?

Measuring productivity of developers cannot happen with a yardstick. Apart from that, you must also consider the intricacies involved in testing Android apps. This in itself is a difficult process that not many QA personnel are capable of handling. A bug-free application is the need of the day. Several days of careful planning, analysis and testing can get you on the right track. With Android apps, it gets a bit trickier as testing calls out for emulating functionalities on a wide variety of phone-sets, handling various operating systems and catering to a segmented Android device market.

Despite of all the possible setbacks, are you ready to take up the challenge?

Techliance can help…

If you answered the question with a yes then; congratulations, you should try your hand in developing an Android app.  You can also consider hiring the expertise of a third-party company by outsourcing your project. Although, many companies find this option difficult (how to guarantee the app to be flawless in the final outcome?) but this can also get you a home-run if you strike luck in finding as well as employing the right company for design and development of your Android app.

Consider Techliance as a solution to all your problems. Team Techliance bases their entire effort on principles of perfection, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Don’t consider our Android app solutions as “cheap”. In fact think on the lines of an impeccable app that meets all your requirements and delivers a spot-on solution within the agreed timelines and budget. What more can you ask for?

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