Today, the need for timely development of products and solutions is an absolute necessity. Maintaining the level of resources to ensure that work continues can become difficult for businesses during 2024. IT staff augmentation is a viable option that allows companies to outsource the work to resources for short-term job positions.

Globally and in the United States, businesses aim to find ways to connect and continue their association with users. This means companies need to hire talented resources that become the workforce for developing innovative products. Projects, work, and deadlines — they never seem to end.

Staff augmentation is a convenient model for companies to engage dedicated resources for some time. These temporary workers perform duties on a contractual basis. Augmented staff can finish off a certain amount of work and then be disengaged from the assignment later on.

IT staff augmentation - An opportunity for business
IT staff augmentation – An opportunity for business

Why not go for hiring in-house IT resources full-time?

Unforeseen things may always happen. A certain change in the product/project line may create an instant requirement of a resource that is not available. Usually, if companies go for in-house hiring — that means they will have to go through the following scenario.

  • Hire a resource permanently
  • Offer all kinds of benefits in the compensation package
  • Be responsible for in-patient and out-patient medical
  • Provide medical insurance
  • Maintain the resource for an indefinite time

Some statistics on HR advocate the case against full-time hiring of in-house resources are as follows.

  • About 47% of HR experts reckon staff retention and turnover as their biggest challenge. Recruitment and corporate culture management complete the top three HR challenges.
  • Around 28% of employee turnover happens within the first 90 days of the job.
  • Deficiency of future career opportunities costs worker turnover of $49 million annually to average-sized companies.
  • Not hiring right teams cause 23% of startups to fail.
  • Coronavirus impact on job culture is evident as 29% of resources desire to work from home 5 days per week.

Hire in-house IT workers or augment tech resources?

That’s the million-dollar question for large corporations, small businesses, and startups alike. Tech staffing normally proves better than in-house talent hiring. Nevertheless, resource management is such a hassle these days.

Particularly, this is true with hiring IT resources for in-house setup. You have to administer people in your company and allocate them to tasks as per requirement. With uncertainty and budget constraints, you can never know what the immediate need would be.

At times, you may anticipate a staffing requirement and hire employees for the position. Only to head into a difficult phase of having the resources stay on the bench. They may remain idle for a long time without any project/task allocation.

Successful companies take great attention to detail with a lot of factors while doing talent acquisition. For example, workload, project time, and available budget, etc. Taking such considerations helps to understand how to deal with this dilemma.

Top benefits of IT staff augmentation for companies

In the majority of industries, virtual staffing works on many levels. Because it rids the complications associated with hiring the permanent resources. They don’t need to become part of your existing workforce in the organization.

Consider these employees as gig workers who come to perform their assignments. When the tasks are done; they immediately exit the company. There are no formalities to complete and no further compensations to pay.

Following are some advantages of the engagement model of IT staff augmentation in 2024.

  • Engaging gig workers
  • Wider resource pool
  • Low cost
  • Less hassle
  • Attentive approach
Top benefits of IT staff augmentation for companies
Top benefits of IT staff augmentation for companies

Next, we briefly look upon these rewards of IT staff augmentation for businesses.

Engaging gig workers

Nowadays, some talented people have become part of the gig economy. Instead of dedicatedly working full time for a company, they rather have multi-dimensional expertise in various domains. This gives them more exposure and keeps things exciting for them too.

Moreover, the gig workforce is highly diversified in terms of talent, experience, and capabilities. In effect, it seems to be oversaturated to date. This brings the rates of dedicated, freelance, and on-demand resources to a lower scale.

This is something advantageous to the companies looking to hire these gig workers. Mastercard forecasts the global gig economy market to reach 455.2 billion USD by 2023 from 204.0 billion in 2018. With 59% of gig workers doing jobs in the design/programming/tech sector.

Wider resource pool

Ever since COVID-19 took over, the IT industry has brought in a great influx of apps, and solutions for customers. Therefore, the demand for IT resources has also risen worldwide and in the USA. This makes it an exciting time for IT workers to be part of this domain.

They have a great chance of gaining tremendous experience through different industries within the IT domain. IT staffing allows tech resources to be a part of a wider resource pool both locally and internationally. Even, remote or hybrid work engagements have become a distinct possibility.

Presently, the IT workforce can be situated in a different part of the world. They can work for you with complete transparency as per your given timelines. Information technology is truly transforming the world into a global village.

A recent study indicates how trends are changing with companies embracing complete work-from-home options for their resources. This makes IT staff augmentation a very feasible choice for getting the right resources to work on focused tasks. Furthermore, you are getting work done without any delays in the project deadlines.

International gig economy market (2018-2023) - Mastercard
International gig economy market (2018-2023) – Mastercard

Low cost

When you onboard permanent employees, they don’t just get the salary. Also, they receive the perks and incentives that come with the position. Some of the countries even have regulations for employee benefits. So, any employees working more than a certain number of hours get medical and insurance coverage.

However, an augmented resource within your company is not a permanent employee. Therefore, you only need to contract and pay them for the services provided. They are not entitled to additional employee benefits.

This makes IT staff augmentation a very cost-effective model for resource engagement. Thanks to this staffing model, having resources work for a specific project or task is unconditionally possible. The company no longer has to pay the workers after the completion of their services.

Less hassle

When a company onboards workers, they need to make sure that they are properly adjusted. Especially, when the resources are part of an in-house fixture. Also, you need to ensure they have a proper seating arrangement and be provided for in terms of administrative aspects.

However, augmented IT resources understand that their tenure is short-term and is specific to their contractual obligations. Such resources need not go through administrative and on-premise procedures. Thus, it saves you time and cuts off any formalities that are part of the former resource type.

Attentive approach

The resources in the IT staff augmentation have a to-do mindset. Their focus is to get the work done without any fuss. They make sure to provide out-of-the-box and innovative solutions.

This empowers companies to smartly resolve challenging business problems. Augmented IT resources know that their reputation is at stake. Consequently, they use the best possible methods to meticulously operate and deliver the work on time.

Augment your team with IT workers
Augment your team with IT workers


The demands of consumers are growing with the advancement of technology. So, businesses have to sustain a specific quota of resources to get the development and implementation of products and services. This requires an impromptu action plan for consistently maintaining the resources.

Companies have to launch the products/services with proper planning continuing with the roadmaps. However, they also must embrace the concept of economic and timely solutions for creating products or services. Accordingly, their offerings can have a greater impact on the market and target users.

That’s where IT staff augmentation is clever. This model provides various opportunities for a quick resolution of technical resource shortage universally through 2024. So, businesses can tap on freelancers and gig economy workers who are willing to look up to their new challenges.

Do you want to augment your team with short-term IT resources? Techliance brings new possibilities for companies and talented resources to work together. Join hands for the continuation of creativity and innovation to bring smart solutions.