Today, you must have a fair idea about the tough competition in the online retail market. Many companies are constantly striving to create the next best website, app, or product. So, a well-known eCommerce website development company must strive to expand its potential in 2024.

The ideas for standout online retail apps and websites are rare and few. This makes the situation even more demanding in the eCommerce landscape globally and the USA. Thus, every business wants to get its hands on something brilliant and different to stand apart from the competition.

You must create an eCommerce website or app that is as cutting edge as its idea. That’s where skillful eCommerce developers come to your help. They make sure that your online retail product/app is flawless to enable users.

Realize that you need proper planning and perfect execution of the entire project. Maintaining the project and meeting the ever-changing demands of the market can bring immense strain, both financially and mentally. This is why we present some useful tips that will help you in creating the eCommerce app within the budget and time constraints.

Expanding potential as eCommerce website development company
Expanding potential as eCommerce website development company

Significance of eCommerce and important business models

The eCommerce storefronts are the marketplaces where buyers and sellers can buy and sell products. However, it’s all online – making it all the more exciting. Interestingly, eCommerce has many business models, from which these types are mainstream.

  • B2C — In this model, businesses sell their products to consumers. Take the example of Amazon.
  • B2B — Here, end-consumers of businesses are also businesses. Bigcommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce are great examples.
  • C2C — It allows consumers to sell their goods to other consumers. Consider shopping platforms such as eBay.
  • C2B — This model empowers consumers to sell goods or services to businesses. For example, Upwork.

Presently, retail businesses must become part of the eCommerce bandwagon. Either anyone or a combination of these options ensures that your products get maximum coverage. With an eCommerce website development company you get better sales, in turn, your revenue reaches an all-time high.

Important business models of eCommerce
Important business models of eCommerce

Benefits of eCommerce storefronts for retail businesses

Here are some advantages of involvement in eCommerce for retail businesses during 2024.

  • Get noticed
  • Easier for startups
  • Accelerated buying process
  • Broader market
  • Create your brand

Let’s talk about these rewards that an eCommerce website development company can bring to retail businesses.

Get noticed

First-of-all, getting visibility online is necessary for retail businesses. Ideally, it is better to create a website for selling your products online. Expert eCommerce programmers can make this process as smooth as possible.

Over the internet, there are likely plenty of buyers looking for products that you sell. So, you’re giving yourself a chance to explore a potential market segment that you may have not thought of previously. COVID-19 has grown the people’s embrace of online purchasing.

Easier for startups

A lot of beginner-level entrepreneurs probably don’t have the means for starting to. For startups, it is an easier way to onboard with an existing eCommerce platform and get going. As they say, it’s best to test the waters before making your own ship.

Benefits of eCommerce storefronts for retail businesses
Benefits of eCommerce storefronts for retail businesses

Accelerated buying process

It’s about eliminating hassles like asking customers to step out of their houses to make it to a brick-and-mortar store. By shopping online, you can save valuable time. Also, you browse through a diverse product listing that you can filter to get something easily.

This keeps you back from spending too much time glancing through aisles. Most of all, there are many ways of making the payment. So, a faster buying process helps you in getting what you need at your convenience.

Broader market

Have you ever thought about how great your business can become through eCommerce? You are not dependent on any single region or territory. Rather, you can do business worldwide by listing your products on an international eCommerce website. Higher consumer reach makes you available across the globe.

The international retail eCommerce market is forecast to reach $7.39 trillion by 2025. Whereas, eMarketer measured it at $4.92 trillion in 2021. So, this signifies a percentage increase of 50.20% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2025.

Global Retail eCommerce Sales (2021 - 2025) - eMarketer
Global Retail eCommerce Sales (2021 – 2025) – eMarketer

Create your brand

Retail businesses who are in it for some serious stuff, can concentrate on creating their brand. For this purpose, you have to make the eCommerce store a part of your website. By selling your products through your website, you’re managing your own brand identity.

Advanced milestones to aim for online retail businesses

You can’t start something without figuring out what the outcome should be. Make a smart selection based on your company profile. So, get into the eCommerce domain after setting up a process. The following are some questions to ask.

  • How do you figure out your market standing?
  • What key results do you want to achieve?
  • What is the target group that you want to sell your product to? (Age group, income level, region, gender, etc.)
  • Do you have an idea about your market segment?
  • Have you ever interacted with customers to see what they like?
  • How your product appeals to them?
  • What are the KPIs that you want to measure?

Because eCommerce has several business models, that make it a little difficult for companies to choose from. Usually, your business case is the best guide for making the choice. Moreover, your existing budget and company standing also play an important role here.

  • Focusing on growth
  • Moving towards expansion
  • Establishing a long-term brand
Advanced milestones to aim for online retail businesses
Advanced milestones to aim for online retail businesses

Next, we briefly discuss these futuristic landmarks for online retail businesses.

Focusing on growth

Primarily, you have to choose between selling products through your website or listing them on eCommerce marketplaces. As a newly starting company or an entrepreneur, you probably have a lot on your hands. Budget and resources are tight, so you want to sustain your online retail business.

That’s why it’s best to associate yourself with a popular eCommerce portal. For instance, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, etc. These big eCommerce brands help businesses display their products to prospective customers anywhere around the world.

They do take a small percentage of your selling price as commission. This is their share for helping you make the purchase. In the meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about these aspects.

  • Spending money on developing your retail website
  • Managing delivery logistics
  • Customer complaints handling that may arise because of delay in shipment etc.

Moving towards expansion

The next step after growth is expansion. And the best way is to start on your website. You can use WordPress or any other simpler CMS for making your website. This option seamlessly takes care of the hosting, infrastructure, management, database, and logistics.

You can also go for a third-party open-source platform that helps you build an online eCommerce website. Starting with an established platform is a very economical way to develop a website. Also, you are easily able to do this with a lesser focus on resources (hiring and managing) and other areas.

You don’t have to manage a complete website development exercise yourself. Just simply acquire the platform services to quickly build and establish an eCommerce website. Such platforms help you make a variety of decisions through the available set of features.

For example, the kind of payment gateway and methods you want to have for your business. Probably, you want to ensure that the built website is SEO/SMM compatible. This second feature aids your business in acquiring the attention and publicity it deserves.

In the United States alone, eMarketer measures the retail eCommerce market at $0.93 trillion in 2021. The research anticipates that US retail eCommerce sales will touch $1.65 trillion by 2025. Thus, it denotes a CAG of 12.15% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2025.

US retail eCommerce market (2021-2025) - eMarketer
US retail eCommerce market (2021-2025) – eMarketer

Establishing a long-term brand

Next, we examine the final choice that many companies are opting for. It is the aspect of eCommerce website development for your own business. Remember that forming a website for your retail business is a necessity.

Nowadays, companies prefer having a responsive website that works equally well on mobile devices. There is a whole debate that whether a website is enough for online retail? Rather, there is a budding trend that mobile apps help businesses to sell their products and services more.

The goal is that your business remains readily available to users. Also, it’s all about providing consumers the flexibility of connecting with your business. That too irrespective of the way they access your website.

Ways to pursue website development for retail companies

There are many ways to do website development to make a retail business online. You can hire an in-house team for developing the solution within your company. But this is not feasible for a lot of companies as they don’t have the technical expertise to supervise developers.

Hiring every technical worker from scratch means an extremely high cost. This gets even harder to bear once the project is complete. Because all your permanent tech resources would then be of little to no use.

You can completely outsource the entire excursion to a third-party technology solutions provider. Such an eCommerce website development company is responsible for end-to-end programming for your project. As they have prior experience in doing such undertakings, your project has a better chance of success.

This gives you the leverage to take up other dimensions important for your business. Such as business development, marketing, promotion, sales, and other vital operational areas. Taking care of these avenues helps to gain the much-needed traction when you go live.

A study forecasts the IT outsourcing industry to hit $682.3 billion by 2027 from $526.6 billion in 2021. Another research guesses the global IT outsourcing market to spread to $551.96 billion by 2026 from $359.83 billion in 2021. The later analysis sets an estimate of $587.60 billion by 2027 from $396.30 billion in 2022.

Some companies prefer a hybrid approach of having dedicated resources combined with gig workers. So that they can develop the website without having to spend extra on resources. Therefore, companies hire on a per need basis only to disengage the resources when they no longer need them. Also, this hybrid mechanism of hiring dedicated or gig resources works fine with in-house development teams.

Global IT Outsourcing Market (2021-2026) - Statista
Global IT Outsourcing Market (2021-2026) – Statista

Tips for creating eCommerce websites that convince users

Here are some tactics an eCommerce website development company can use to craft performant online retail websites through 2024.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicate, channelize, and capitalize
  • Explore the opportunity of outsourcing

Implementing these strategies permits an eCommerce website development company to build persuasive online retail storefronts.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

As an eCommerce website development company, you probably have been in the business for a while. Subsequently, you understand what you are good at and what you need to improve. The mark of a good business is to have awareness of its strengths and weaknesses.

So that you have a better chance at landing those projects that go well with your strengths. By proper planning, you can improve in the areas that you are not so good at. Also, ensure that you follow through with the measures taken for improvement appropriately.

As a starting point, always market your capabilities and venture on those stronger fronts. Gain a certain market reputation in your core areas. Then, you can work on further business development opportunities that are newer and more challenging.

Tips for creating eCommerce websites that convince users
Tips for creating eCommerce websites that convince users

Communicate, channelize, and capitalize

These are the three C’s that people very rarely talk about. As a company, you have to be effective in communicating your business to prospective clients. Similarly, you have to keep internal communication as well. How are you keeping all employees/departments on the same page?

With proper communication, you can manage all phases of the project in a much better way. Because it helps everyone express their opinions, expectations, and reservations. Consequently, it allows positive growth for the company.

The second step is to channel your expertise. Gradually, you can branch out to further avenues with time. Your budget and scope of the company are also the deciding factors in this respect.

Thirdly, capitalize on your successes. This should help you grow both internally and externally. Learn from your experiences and share them with the team.

Everyone on the team must know about the whole shebang. What was done correctly? Which things went wrong? How you can prevent those problems from arising in future projects?

Explore the opportunity of outsourcing

Often, companies consider outsourcing projects as something negative. But they can save costs, while they don’t have to compromise on the quality. So, outsourcing turns out a viable option in the long run.

Businesses must engage a credible eCommerce website company to whom they can outsource their projects. The tech team/developer can work remotely on product development. Whereas, businesses concentrate on efficiently running the company’s operations.

It helps the client to excel in business development and revenue generation. This way both sides can work effectively together. Hence, it promises more revenue and growth for the business in the future.

Outsourcing is beneficial for technology firms too. They no longer have to stick to your locality to work on projects. It enables them to get projects from across the world. Hence, this means outsourcing entails more work prospects for tech firms as well.

Cybersecurity aspects to consider for eCommerce companies
Cybersecurity aspects to consider for eCommerce companies

Cybersecurity aspects to consider for eCommerce companies

As trends are changing, the factors to look out for are also evolving. Because, now that businesses are online, it is also giving online scammers various ways of fraud. Although technological advancements are mostly good, hackers are also finding sophisticated methods of committing cybercrime.

A study expects that online payment fraud will cause cumulative losses of $206 billion between 2021 and 2025. This research finds China as the biggest eCommerce market is facing online fraud the most. By 2025, China will suffer around $12 billion loss, over 40% of global eCommerce fraud. Fraud detection and prevention services will surpass $11.8 billion worldwide in 2025, from $9.3 billion in 2021.

Some of the common scenarios occurring in the last few years include identity theft. Unfortunately, users have suffered the loss of their personal information that was misused by scammers. Also, there is the chargeback fraud that results in scamming the user from their refund.

The situation of silent fraud is also a common occurrence where malware helps fraudsters in evading detection. Also, online shoppers face the dilemma of account takeovers where someone else scams their account for shopping on their behalf. Pharming has become another way to redirect traffic to an illegal website where users unknowingly share their data.

Companies are now looking to combat these fraud threats through various means including better cybersecurity policies and practices. Also, technologies such as AI and ML are playing a great role in fraud detection. It’s about having smarter programs in place to ensure that the integrity of your online marketplace remains intact.

Build an amazing eCommerce product
Build an amazing eCommerce product


In today’s ever-changing world, you want to be at the top of your game. That’s why eCommerce is your best way forward to capitalize and expand your business. However, the route for incorporating online purchasing systems can be different.

As you grow, you probably would prefer more feature independence, customization, and a better grasp on how business is driven. Therefore, eCommerce website development is the preferred road taken for further expansion. Greater control means finding ways for an economical and scalable solution that grows alongside your business.

Finding the right match for a technology solution provider and resources can be a cumbersome task. But if chosen wisely, the returns are numerous. Now is a good time to associate yourself with a reliable eCommerce website development company to catapult to success.

Are you crafting an amazing eCommerce web-centric solution? Meanwhile, you are struggling due to facing hiccups along the way. We at Techliance, have aided many companies to start their independent eCommerce websites. Talk to us about your expectations and expand your horizons for more consumers.