Companies around the world are in stringent competition to engage and capture consumer market. There is a continuous influx of products and services in the market which makes it harder to break through and create a loyal consumer bank. There are many common business problems globally, for which enterprises seek efficient solutions.

To make matters worse, a lot of companies are now collaborating with IT to ensure new ways of marketing their products by using AI, big data, IoT, AR etc. All these techniques are part of Information Technology Services that help in elevating businesses.

However, as the trend goes – the old replaces the new. Therefore, new business problems surface that must be resolved by companies. Let’s list out on common business problems faced by companies in 2020 and the way to go about in resolving those problems.

  • Globalization
  • Being too Overboard
  • Losing Focus
  • Too much Reliance on Technology
  • Not Planning Ahead
Common Business Problems and Solutions
Common Business Problems and Solutions

We now discuss these common business problems in detail that majority of organizations face. Software Development can solve these issues that hamper the business growth.


When the term global village was being pinned, no one thought it could have any negative connotation to it. Turn around to 2020, and you have a very competitive market with anyone whose someone be part of the picture in producing the goods and services in the market.

Thanks to globalization, we all are at a tangent with each other. Consumers get the best of deals and bargains with a variety of businesses working from around the globe offering similar kind of products and services.

This is perhaps one of the most regular business issues that surface for companies who have to compete both at national and international level to ensure sustenance and growth. What needs to be understood that is me against the world approach is not supposed to batter your business down.

In fact, it is allowing you to uplift your game and ensure that you listen to what the competition is doing. This way you can apply the same tactics and make sure you are at par level with others. So, buckle up and pay heed to the market and your competition.

Being too Overboard

We all want to be the next Facebook, Calvin Klein, Walmart, Amazon or even Coca Cola! But let’s face it, those companies didn’t get there overnight. It took years of persistence and continuous hard work in churning up higher sales, getting right business strategies and working on products or ideas that didn’t even exist in the market.

However, they didn’t try exploding themselves to Mars overnight! And that’s exactly the point we are trying to make. Sure, you have a great idea and your product is amazing but you can’t get too ambitious to want yourself from being a company with 100 loyal customers to go for 1 million customers overnight.

Make sure your goals are SMART so that they can be achieved within the time frame. SMART is abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Be reasonable so that you don’t get disappointed or burn yourself out.

Losing Focus

One of the most common business challenges is losing focus. At times, we get a vast influx of information which may or may not do us any good. You get some report or analytics about the market and you try applying it your own business and end up in the middle of nowhere wondering what exactly you are aiming for.

In such a scenario, it’s best to start from the beginning and find out why you are in the business and what exactly you are trying to achieve. Most companies usually break down their business sales in quarters so that they are able to define quarterly objectives and then work up some strategies for achieving those objectives.

Too much Reliance on Technology

Okay, so it’s understandable that business IT services are dictating how market operates. Everyone’s talking about business analytics, and how data interpreted correctly in help you in gathering information that is invaluable.

On the basis of that information, you can make critical business decisions and move your way up in mind blowing expansion. Yeah, now you get the clear picture.

But then consider this scenario. You are a small-sized warehouse looking for a solution that helps you keep a track of all your goods from procurement to shelves and eventually sold to customers.

How can AI help you if you are looking for a very simple but effective solution? Maybe AI can help but for starters you want a way out of your paper-based system so let it be JUST that for now?

Too much Reliance on Technology
Too much Reliance on Technology

At times, we are too much dependent on technology and wayward solutions that may not be what we need after all. For example, there are a lot of simple yet effective mobile apps that perfectly engage customers even in the context of retention.

At day-end, it’s all about how you engage with your customers who are happy in doing business with you. So, go for something that works for you and not just follow the IT whim as the crowd in the market is following.

Not Planning Ahead

We are living the moment. Now is most important as past is for learning from our mistakes. But what about tomorrow? Often, a regular business issue that comes haunting companies is the fact that they didn’t plan anything for the long-term – be it 6 months, a year or 5 years from now; there is no sense of direction on how the business should evolve.

Consequently, when the future arrives, the company is unprepared and uninspired to pull anything new from their hat. Take the example of Nokia – they were the pioneers of mobile phones but when the era of smart phones took over; Nokia was left out in the cold. That’s because they didn’t plan ahead or paid heed to what the plan should have been for the new direction of the company.

It’s okay to plan for now but it’s also important to keep sight of the future and to ensure you don’t lose out on your existing customer segment because of your staying in the moment psyche.

Need an IT Solution for Common Business Problems
Need an IT Solution for Common Business Problems


With so much going on, companies have various ways of continuing their business. However, common business problems are those that are shared by majority of companies.

What’s best is to have a closer look at what is faced by you and then find out remedial actions. This will ensure that those problems are resolved before they majorly impact your business and effect your overall brand and consumer segment.

It is also important to have correct Information Technology Services incorporated in your business. No matter what kind of a company you are, if you have the right blend of IT solution integrated with your products, you are likely to capture and retain customers.

Be it a mobile or a web-based app, there are many ways to engage customers. This will make sure that you have a higher chance of generating revenue for your business.

Do you require an IT solution for common business problems detrimental to your company growth potential? Talk to Techliance today so that we put you in the right direction. A perfect tech solution awaits that can befit your current and future market situation.