The year 2023 has come to us with so much promise. We cannot deny the power of technologies like the .NET platform in all areas of modern-day life. Thus, hiring right .NET developers is instrumental in building groundbreaking applications for all business sectors.

Over 30 years ago, websites were just a means for passing on information. Now coming to the present times, websites are powerful products for allowing businesses to expand their services online. Consequently, the .NET framework provides great value for all industries through its underlying programming languages.

The demand for professional .NET programmers remains steadily high internationally and in the US. This provides a great way for IT graduates to continue their journey in software development. Before you start your .NET project, hiring right .NET developers is essential. After all, you need resources who remain “true” and give out a stellar performance.

Getting the perfect resources to work on your project is a must for developing successful software. Without the right people, your project is prone to suffer. So, this may end up in complete chaos, if your application doesn’t come to fruition in the very worst case.

Or, it may typically lead to the creation of an application that may not get market success. Why compromise on not hiring right .NET developers that don’t go with your project needs? That too is when you are ready to invest so much money in your project.

Hiring right .NET developers - Things businesses must seek
Hiring right .NET developers – Things businesses must seek

Table of contents

  1. Which computer languages are part of .NET technology?
  2. Top skills to look for while choosing .NET developers
  3. Best places for selecting proficient .NET resources
  4. Cost of acquiring .NET coders
  5. Tips for successful onboarding of .NET programmers
  6. Conclusion

Which computer languages are part of .NET technology?

.NET is an open-source software development framework developed and maintained by Microsoft. The finest part is that it gives developers a meticulous environment to install and execute Windows-based software. Also, it supports a lot of Java-based software.

Businesses and programmers can choose any from Microsoft’s own C#, Visual Basic, F#, and C++/CLI languages. Also, the .NET framework supports a huge repertoire of CLI programming languages. The bottom line is it has a great capacity to facilitate developers with command of multiple languages per their likeness.

This scalable framework allows you to make applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Also, its cross-platform successor .NET platform enables you to build solutions targeting the cloud. You have a huge prospect as you can explore a wide range of business use cases.

Top skills to look for while choosing .NET developers

The .NET programmers must possess solid capabilities and expertise. It’s a mix and match of technical and functional skills. Businesses seek these competencies for hiring right .NET developers in 2023.

Top skills to look for while choosing .NET developers
Top skills to look for while choosing .NET developers

Let’s deliberate on these aptitudes that play role in hiring right .NET developers briefly.

Grasp over essential soft skills

The developers who think they don’t need to work on their soft skills are wrong. Expert developers understand that communication matters a lot when you are even writing code. Here’s why: when you sync up with your peers, you have to articulate your ideas.

Having the way to work in a team structure is imperative for developers globally and in the United States. Because no great application was ever built in isolation. Instead of setting up an in-house team, businesses sometimes decide to hire freelancers.

Or, they may outsource .NET projects to offshore developers who work dedicatedly under resource augmentation contracts. This means developers have to directly interact with the clients about their product expectations. Remember, how you communicate matters a lot more in freelancing and outsourcing.

As you need to remain clear and transparent in your logic. Let the client know what exactly you’re building. Also, you will need to discuss your project timelines and talk about your hourly rates etc.

Moving up in their development career, programmers can grow to a senior resource role. Then they will have to work with a team to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Communication is compulsory whether it is a PR review, a general discussion, a bug fix, or a daily standup.

That’s why it’s central to develop basic to sound-level communication skills for .NET developers. So that you can talk out your ideas with all stakeholders. Subsequently, it empowers you and others to work without any major communication gaps.

Sound programming knowledge

.NET is all about getting aware and learning more regarding concepts that enable you to code better. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand some relevant basic and progressive ideas. These include the proficiency in following notions that helps .NET developers in building correct logic for perfect implementation.

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Windows controls
  • Ease with .NET development
  • Windows workflow foundation

Command on development environments

This is important to know several programming languages of the .NET platform for establishing a good career. Programmers and development companies must have good exposure to relevant frameworks and libraries. For example, ASP.NET, MVC, Entity framework, Blazor, Web APIs, etc.

While building commercial apps, such frameworks can come out quite handy. The .NET framework is vast, therefore learning it can turn extensive too. Developers can probably never tell you they know it all.

However, with the gradual buildup of knowledge, they can at least attain a certain level of mastery. The biggest giveaway is to understand the connection between the .NET framework and its cross-platform descendent .NET platform. This is where a lot of functional and structural similarities exist.

It makes migrating from the .NET framework to the .NET platform a relatively easier task. Especially, for expert-level .NET programmers and leading technology firms. Take into consideration that .NET is among the game-changer technologies.

Front-end .NET development abilities

Building a web-based application implies that it requires a great front end. Test the .NET developers for their knowledge of user interfaces and their implementations. They must have a grasp of some of the client-side languages during 2023.

  • C# / VB.NET / F#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • React / Angular / Vue JS
  • Bootstrap
Front-end .NET development abilities
Front-end .NET development abilities

Back-end .NET development capabilities

The back end is the backbone of any website or web application. It allows retrieving and storing data as per requirements. The .NET developers must know some of the following server-side technologies.

  • Node JS / Apache
  • .NET Web API
  • AWS / Azure
  • .NET MVC
  • Amazon S3
  • Signal R & ML.NET
Back-end .NET development capabilities
Back-end .NET development capabilities

Best places for selecting proficient .NET resources

Hard it may sound, but there is a perfect .NET developer that matches your hiring criteria. At first, this may seem quite challenging for small businesses and startups. Bear in mind, looking for the resources to work on your development project is fun too.

You get to explore the industry and learn some of the finest business practices that .NET developers are adopting. Knowing the business trends and how the software industry is getting on is very important. Here are some go-to places that can assist you in hiring right .NET developers for your project through 2023.

Now, we have a look over these destinations for hiring right .NET developers fleetingly.

Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit

These are among the safest ways to connect and bridge with a vast source of developers as per your requirement. Though, tying up with the perfect developer means going through a huge number of profiles. So, make sure you find a resource according to what you need.

Best places for selecting proficient .NET resources
Best places for selecting proficient .NET resources

Linkedin and other social media platforms

Post (and ideally advertise) your hiring needs on social networking channels. This way, you can get people who have an interest in the opportunity to respond. You can even create forms to scale down the candidates according to certain filters.

This is more useful and often faster than alternatives. Once again, you must have a solid media presence for this purpose. It will help in getting the right people to reach out to you.

Freelancers and gig worker communities

Occasionally, companies just want to contract temporary resources instead of continuing associations. They want someone who works on specific tasks and then exits the project. It is an ideal opening for freelancers and veteran developers who are looking for short-term assignments.

The benefit is that businesses get work done and the resources are free to get other projects. However, a person on a gig is not exclusive to your project. They are not bound to oversee the greatness of the product in a long-term capacity. Also, it is difficult to get post-delivery support from freelancers and gig workers.

Tip: Features of .NET framework for business

Technology solutions providers

You can go about hiring right .NET developers from software development companies as well. Tech firms like Techliance commit to the quality of great products that are built to cater to your users. Normally, they have a great resource pool of developers with varying experiences and expertise.

They cover you whether you want a single .NET developer or a whole team. Together with them, you can shortlist candidates who are suitable for your project requirements. Resources can work for you in different engagement settings: hourly, per project, dedicated, staff augmentation, and team extension.

Cost of acquiring .NET coders

Instead of thinking there is a price to pay, you should consider the value of the resource in your project. Sometimes, a high cost means better value than hiring two resources. As they may charge less but cannot code as well as required.

On average, the salaries of .NET developers are based on their experience, region, and skills. A lot of comprehensive salary insights are available online. So, you can go through these guides to understand how the developer compensation rates work as well.

Your project complexity is the biggest giveaway in such situations. As you need to assess how far out can you go in terms of your budget and capacity. Thus, you get value for money when hiring right .NET developers for sure.

Tips for successful onboarding of .NET programmers

Here are some tactics for hiring right .NET developers and their onboarding.

Tips for successful onboarding of .NET programmers
Tips for successful onboarding of .NET programmers

Next, we debate over these guidelines rapidly.

Measuring resources’ level with project complexity

How complex is your .NET project? Is it a simple website that someone with mediocre development expertise can easily pull off? Or it is the next-gen app with many exciting new features such as cloud integrations.

The second case requires the incorporation of intricate coding and advanced-level programming principles. These aspects help you in deciding the kinds of persons appropriate for the project. Also, you will like to see how the candidates identify business challenges and figure out ways of resolving them.

Their tackling of programming problems is another good way of seeing how apt they are for the role. Keep in mind, you also have to evaluate if the candidates are worthy of the salary they are demanding for. Your total cost for the project cannot exceed just because you hire somebody who is pricey.

On the other hand, you must not hire someone who demands very low compensation. Yes, you may feel the temptation to choose an employee who costs less. Realize that anyone who asks for a little reimbursement may have another catch that you must pay heed to.

Picking coders who keep learning

The world of technology is constantly evolving. An in-demand expertise today will probably not remain a sought-after thing two years down the road. Rather than sticking with a particular skill set, hiring right .NET developers will you keep up with the changing times.

Resources that are adaptable to learning new skills along the way are good. This is where you need to ask them the right questions about career growth. Such questions help you in hiring staff with a willing attitude to meet the evolving needs of .NET projects.

  • What new programming languages did you learn recently?
  • Which are your destinations for learning new tech tips and tricks?
  • Do you go to technology conferences or follow virtual seminars?
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Someone who is not open to learning will also probably be not enthusiastic about doing their best in the project. Particularly, when it means going out of their way to use the best possible techniques for programming the app. Web/mobile developers who are ready to learn new technologies are an ideal fit.

Going for experience in solving business problems

Skillful .NET developers understand that learning about various computer languages and their use in business is vital. Accordingly, they aim for attaining considerable professional industry experience. They want to translate this exposure to various commercial and enterprise-level solutions under their repertoire.

A novice or junior .NET developer will probably not have as much experience. Such resources can work on basic-level tasks, and continue honing their skills. While the senior developers can supervise their understudies for better visibility, together with completing complex tasks.

Developers can acquire higher levels of skills over time. No one is an outstanding developer from the start. Unless you are talking about some exceptional cases.

Matching their work ethics with company culture

This is something that businesses often overlook. Typically, while hiring right .NET developers in remote locations. Many companies forget to evaluate candidates on basis of their work ethics.

Honest resources who are open to admitting their shortcomings and remaining transparent with you are the safest options. Anyone who is otherwise will be probably problematic causing many problems in the long run. So, take care to hire someone who is credible and matches your work code and company culture.

Craft a robust Solution with .NET
Craft a robust Solution with .NET


Speaking of 2023, companies are making sure to develop high-quality applications that deliver in any circumstance or situation. It’s important to cater to a higher number of users and transactions without apps behaving sluggishly at any time. Also, companies understand the value of less downtime and the application’s capacity for minimal breakage for continuous services to users.

All of this calls for appointing pertinent resources. It gets hard to find the perfect match specifically when every candidate you interact with seems a good fit. Nonetheless, the opinions in this article can provide a good starting point in your resource hunting.

Tech providers can fulfill all your project needs rather easily. As they are outsourcing valuable resources to companies worldwide and in the USA for years. They have the most credible .NET developers who are enthusiastic about creating the next best app in the market.

Do contact Techliance for an elaborate discussion on your .NET project. This will make it even easier for you, as we’ll help you match with good candidates without any hassle. Hence, call us today for a discussion or a free quote for your project.

FAQs for hiring .NET developers

Here are some frequently asked questions to seek answers to while hiring right .NET developers.

How do I hire a .NET developer?

To hire a .NET developer, post a job listing on job boards, programmer communities, or freelance websites. Also, business networks like LinkedIn can prove handy in reaching out to the right programmers. Finding qualified candidates through an outsourcing technology company or staffing agency is a good idea as well.

Is it hard to find .NET developers?

This depends on the relevant skills, specific experience, and the location of the job. In developed countries like the USA, .NET developers are in high demand. Understanding the challenges and knowing where to search for skillful .NET programmers makes the process easier.

What are the skills required for a .NET developer?

Knowledge of any computer language from C#, VB.NET, and F# is a must for .NET developers. Their hands-on experience with ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web API, Entity Framework, LINQ, MVC, and WCF is preferable. Also, they must have awareness of the transition from the .NET framework to the .NET (formerly .NET Core).

How can I assess the skills of a .NET developer?

You can evaluate the skills of .NET developers by checking their portfolio of previous work. Conduct a technical interview with questions about .NET, programming languages like C#, and SQL Server. Ask the candidates about concepts of web/enterprise development and their application in their earlier projects.

Which kinds of teams can .NET developers work in?

.NET developers typically work in cross-functional teams. They include designers, front-end developers, and database administrators. Also, expert .NET programmers can work as full stack developers, as they’ve expertise in both front end and back end.

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