Today, the most important goal for every brand owner is to take the business to the next level. Realize that many businesses worldwide and in the USA are thinking to build a mobile app. Whether they are startups, small businesses, or established companies; they look for the best mobile development firms in 2024.

The reason is that they know having a robust mobile application is a great way to expand their business. Moreover, it enables them to establish a reputable brand identity around the world. Globally, the number of smartphones users is increasing day by day.

Nowadays, if a company wants to stand out in its field, then building a mobile app is the most crucial thing ever. Make sure you approach the expert mobile developers to get a seamless application. Because this will surely help you in driving more sales or leads.

Best Mobile Development Agencies to craft scalable Apps
Best Mobile Development Agencies to craft scalable Apps

Key Mobile App Statistics

  • Google Play has over 3 million apps, while Apple App Store hosts over 1.8 million apps.
  • App Annie reported the international app downloads at 218 billion (2020), 204 billion (2019), 192.45 billion (2018), 140.68 billion (2016).
  • Statista forecasts the number of app downloads worldwide to reach 299 billion in 2023 from 247 billion in 2020.
  • iResearch states the global app revenues at $461.7 billion (2019), $581.9B (2020), $693B (2021), $808.7B (2022), and $935.2 billion (2023).
  • SensorTower predicts consumer spending worldwide to hit $270 billion (2025) from $235B (2024), $201B (2023), $170B (2022), and $142B (2021).

Top 10 Mobile Development Firms to create robust Apps

Presently, you find millions of mobile applications on the leading app stores. There are multiple apps related to everything, whether it’s related to ordering food from an app or booking a car. So, businesses need to understand that having a mobile app is the best way to increase their customer base.

There are thousands of mobile app development companies available around the world. So, here are the 10 best mobile development firms to craft scalable apps during 2024.

Top 10 Mobile Development Firms to create robust Apps
Top 10 Mobile Development Firms to create robust Apps


A custom software development company Techliance delivers quality bespoke web development & design, mobile app development, and UI/UX design services. Headquartered in Draper, Salt Lake, Utah, USA; Techliance is popular in the software and IT support & consulting industry. Techliance is well-known for providing engaging and innovative mobile app and web-based solutions.

They are best for those businesses who want to build user-friendly apps and websites. So, this enables these companies to perfectly showcase their products/services. A massive footprint in North America and Europe is proof of the stronghold of Techliance in the Technology sector.

Blue Label Labs

It is another trusted mobile app development company. Blue Label Labs offer reliable services for android, iOS, and hybrid mobile app development services. This company is popularly known due to its outstanding services for all business sectors.


One of the recognized app development companies across the world is Retrocube. They offer complete wide-ranging mobile app development services in different verticals. Thus, no doubt this company takes a top market position.

The reason is they decide to understand the customer sentiments and provide customized app development solutions. They offer mobile app development solutions to each company from startups, enterprise, and mid-size companies as well. Retrocube focuses to simplify the app development process to deliver optimum results.


Hailing from New York, Utility is another contender that presents the best mobile app development services. Utility help in crafting specialized mobile applications and also offer quality web solutions. They promise to develop innovative design and provide services from startups to fortune 500 brands.


Another top name in the mobile development firms is RippenApps. They offer services to each business size that include startups, mid-size, and enterprises. Providing different types of app development services within one roof, they consider all your requirements to deliver the best solutions.

Craft a Mobile App to go next level
Craft a Mobile App to go next level


Among outstanding app development firms is Messapps. They enable organizations in developing the top apps through their experience. Likewise, they have specialization in building the most engaging apps with outstanding UI to engage leads.

Swenson He

They have marked their name among the leading mobile development firms across the globe. The developers of Swenson He company build high-tech apps for mobile. Also, they provide quality web software solutions.


One of the renowned names in mobile development firms is STRV. The app developers of this company are extremely skillful. They are enthusiastic to give incredible app development solutions in all verticals.

Ads n Url

Another familiar name among the performant mobile development firms is Ads n Url. It offers services in various regions such as the UK, USA, and UAE. This company has worked on more than 500 projects and has a partnership with various SMEs.


Our list of top 10 mobile development firms rounds with Rightpoint. It offers outstanding mobile app development solutions to every industry. They make sure that the mobile apps they create are user-friendly to engage your leads. And, their motive is to build platforms that aid every company in running their business activities easily.