Nowadays, major businesses continue their dominance by providing channel for users to engage on their mobile phones. Best way is to provide patronage to mobile apps through a platform that is one tap away on users’ devices. This is where an app store comes into play during 2024.

App store is a collaborative platform that allows various businesses to come together for showcasing their mobile applications.

Also known as app marketplace, it enables IT companies, developers and high-end businesses to “put” up apps on the platform.

Mobile users can then browse the app platform for viewing mobile applications that may appeal them.

Anything they like is just a tap apart, and they can easily install it on their smartphone or tablet.

The users feel secure in downloading these applications from official app stores as there is a certain sense of credibility.

Mobile application owner pays a nominal fee for using the developer’s version of the app store.

This usual one-time payment enables them for showcasing their mobile apps on the leading app marketplaces.

It is a win-win for all the relevant parties including mobile development company, app owners and mobile users.

Businesses, IT companies, and mobile users endorse these reliant digital distribution platforms with the highest reputation across the world.

What is App Store
What is App Store

Noteworthy App Stores

There are vast number of online app stores that allow users to explore, and download apps.

However, some app marketplaces remain above in the spotlight.

Because they offer not only mobile apps but they also provide customized user experience.

Noteworthy App Stores
Noteworthy App Stores

Let’s discuss these app platforms one by one.

Apple App Store

When it comes to iOS mobile apps — the one word that comes out of anyone’s mouth is the EXPERIENCE.

It is the attention to details that makes Apple stand apart from the crowd.

They are a company with most emphasis on the customer-centricity.

Therefore, their app store is also designed in the same fashion.

Apart from the regular concept of customization, it breaks down the apps on basis of categories, themes and trending pattern.

You can even search for mobile apps based on dynamic search queries.

With Apple’s app store, not everything is about downloading and then getting a shock of your life.

Apple makes sure you are able to explore the app without installing it through their store.

This allows users to get the necessary load on what the app is all about.

Mobile users don’t go through installing, checking the app and then uninstalling it; because they find it too boring.

So, users completely avoid such a tedious procedure through this feature.

Google Play

Always in direct competition with Apple, Google makes sure to uplift the Android platform through its play store.

This is very easy to use with a lot of user-friendly features for its customers.

Google has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the last two decades.

It continues its dominant market presence by allowing users a highly customizable experience according to their preferences.

Google play recommends you apps based on what you have installed and even browse from.

The rating feature also allows users to get a very credible feedback about mobile apps.

It also talks about the trending apps based on their ratings.

So, the users don’t lose out on the popular apps.

Microsoft Store

When it comes to providing a mobile app distribution platform, how can Microsoft stay behind?

Microsoft digital store is crafted on the same principles as employed by its counterparts.

This delivers a comfortable experience for users to search, browse and explore apps.

Microsoft is the oldest chip in the block, from pioneer in software, hardware and technology to its current standing.

It has not all been fun and games for the company.

However, windows phones and mobile apps are still a contender and you never know how the tide will turn tomorrow.

Benefits of App Store in 2024

Given below are the advantages that app stores provide.

Benefits of App Stores
Benefits of App Stores

Let’s check out some of the benefits of app store.


When a software company launches its own digital distribution platform, it is marketing the credibility factor.

So, the users and businesses both know it is endorsed by a big reputable name in the industry.

All big players in app stores ensure trustworthiness for the app owners.

Broader Reach

Get noticed, get featured and get going.

That’s the motto to follow when you are showcasing yourself on a digital distribution platform.

Therefore, this helps you in garnering the necessary attention for your mobile app.

Following Suit of the Best

Some apps get successful while some never make it.

It is not just the idea of things, but how you execute the overall plan.

By having app on highly reputable platforms, you are making users notice that you follow best coding and quality practices.

This is the reason these app marketplaces allow you to showcase your app on their platforms.

Safe Apps

This is important to allow safety of users from any data theft, privacy infiltration and security breach.

App stores ensure that the available apps pass through extensive testing.

So, the source code of mobile apps is free from any malware or viruses.

Revenue Generation

Did you ever wonder why companies even go through the excursion of mobile development endeavor?

The answer is: it’s all about the money.

They want to generate revenue by reaching out to customers through mobile apps.

That is what the app stores allows them to do.

Get a wider reach.

But it comes with a nominal price/fee that they must pay to the platform.

The majority of businesses usually have free mobile apps that you can install without any cost.

However, they make money by selling their products and services, through in-app purchases within the mobile applications.

Cool Mobile App Store Stats for 2024

  • Google Play is the biggest app store with 2.56 million apps available till first quarter of 2020. (Statista)
  • By April 2020, Apple app store has 1.85 million apps. (Statista)
  • Microsoft store hosts 669000 mobile apps. (Microsoft)
  • Till 2023, mobile apps are forecast to make over $935 billion USD in revenue. (Statista)
  • As of September 2020, Apple app store contains 1.33m publishers, while Google play has 755.44k publishers. (42matters)
Need immaculate Mobile Application that meets requirements of App Stores
Need immaculate Mobile Application that meets requirements of App Stores


As the world waits for post COVID-19 life, we are aware of how mainstream businesses remain in limelight.

Consequently, websites and mobile apps are the new norm for businesses through 2024.

Anyone without these two is just completely put aside in the modern era.

Ensure that your mobile app features on the right platform amid 2024 and future years.

Make sure that you implement the best industry practices from the very word go.

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