Currently, there are 2.8 million apps available on the Google play store. Anyone whose doing any sort of business wants to have a mobile app developed so that they expand their business horizons and cater to a wider segment of audience. Now let’s shed some light on important aspects to consider for mobile development solutions.

Mobile Development - Overview & Future of Mobile Apps
Mobile Development – Overview & Future of Mobile Apps

What is Mobile Development?

The development process through which applications are created for the mobile or handheld devices, is called mobile app development. Some of these mobile apps are pre-installed on phones during manufacturing. Majority of the mobile apps are delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing.

Examples of widely used mobile devices are mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile computers. Extended usage types include personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, pagers, and wearable computers etc.

Mobile Apps – Serving Everyday Life

A small gadget that dictates our life and daily routine. It’s the answer to literally every single whim and need all thanks to various type of apps that are installed on your mobile phone.

What’s going to be the weather like tomorrow? What is trending? Mobile apps, and in essence, Mobile Application Development services deal with presenting answers for these everyday needs of smartphone users.

I need to buy that dress but I’m short of time so just let me take a quick look at it through the online catalog, and wow I also got to browse through some awesome accessories that perfectly go with it so I ended up buying the dress and those silver earrings.

My niece’s birthday is today and I bought her a doll that was delivered to her doorstep all the way in a different country.

I’m going to book a cab that will arrive at my office in next 2 minutes to take me home where I’m going to surprise my wife with the online delivery of her favorite food so she doesn’t have to cook today.

These are some of the everyday life’s scenarios that are catered for through mobile apps that conveniently help us in our daily lives. We never even pause to think how convenient, time-saving our lives have become. All thanks to mobile apps.

Business Need

The first and foremost aspect is to assess the business need or requirement for the mobile app. When businesses assess this, it’s essential to know your market. At times, some third-party solutions can also suffice your need so you don’t have to go through the excursion of developing a bespoke mobile app which will require exclusive budget and resources.

It is also crucial to understand the consumer market and see what your competition is doing. If they have successful running apps, then try to assess their product to learn the feature-set you would need for an MVP (minimum viable product).

Aesthetics – Design not just the App but Improve the User Experience

Any mobile developer can tell you that a mobile app is all about design and overall aesthetics. And by design, it is not only meant how the color scheme or icons look like – it’s the overall aesthetics and the user experience. That’s why mobile apps need serious thinking onto how the flow of the functionality will proceed.

Let’s break it down! A user operates the mobile app with the fingers, so you want to get things done with minimal taps. Simple mobile apps with lesser complicated flows always work well. Because you are working with a large user base that wants ease of use without going through endless taps and not still getting what they need from the app.

Along with the design come other aspects including contexts, screens, input and mobility as outlines for design. You have also to cater to the fact that mobile screen size dictates the total size for the user to see the app screens.

This is a variant feature so you want to make sure that users of various mobiles are able to view screens which emphasizes on keep simple, minimalist and ease-of-use factors in your design plan for your mobile app.

Focus on Aesthetics - Design not just App - Improve the User Experience
Focus on Aesthetics – Design not just App – Improve the User Experience

Platform for your Mobile App

So, you want to get a mobile app developed, but which platform users would it be for? Do you want iOS or Android users? How about you want to go for both? Do you want to serve other mobile platforms also?

In order you want to go for mobile programming for any of these platforms, you must keep in mind the various costs, product scope and market.

Although hybrid mobile apps run on both platforms which will ensure that you will have a wider audience, but the cost for developing a native app is something that not all companies can bear. Similarly, iOS apps resources cost slightly more than Android developers; so again, your budget is a big factor in your decision especially if you are an upcoming or a smaller setup.

In a similar debate, at times you can hire a full-stack developer who can code efficiently for both front-end and back-end of your mobile app. But then you can also opt for specialized resources who are adept in working on a specific mobile area so that their expertise and output is higher.

Usage Stats for Mobile Apps

The following are some important stats about the usage of mobile apps.

Usage Stats of Mobile Apps
Usage Stats of Mobile Apps

New Emerging Technology Trends

Nowadays, cloud computing has surfaced and impacted even how mobile apps are being created. As a result, there are a lot of ways to create a mobile app that can be either be a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Similarly, there is also the concept of Big Data, AI, VR, AR etc. that are providing companies with innovative solutions to incorporate in their mobile apps. All these concepts help in facilitating the end-users with closer life-like experiences through their phones. The decade of 2020 will witness these tech trends to further dictate how apps are conceptualized and developed in the market.


Mobile development helps in crafting mobile apps for companies across the globe. Usually, these services are provided by third-party companies that either are outsourced total projects or they provide expert resources to companies for their mobile app development needs.

With a lot of companies focusing on various other dimensions, the norm for outsourcing complete mobile application development projects will continue in the decade of 2020.

Looking for a Mobile App to serve growing Smartphone users?
Looking for a Mobile App to serve growing Smartphone users?

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