The IT industry has evolved in a big way. Going back in time, remember the late 1990s when websites were unbearable full of clutter in terms of design: content and graphics. The slow dial-up internet took forever to upload a static web page that was just hard to look at. But it was alright back then, because that was the state of web development, and that’s how majority of websites looked anyway.

That was the case with web development, some two decades ago. Thank God we are in 2020 and now websites are supposed to be responsive, interactive and minimal. We have come a long way and websites have become user friendly and door to business operations.

Web Development - Methodology & Evolution of Websites
Web Development – Methodology & Evolution of Websites

What’s New with Web Development

Now web programming has become an art with many businesses putting themselves out there. Web development is not just about creating static web pages but now you create dynamic websites, web apps, e-businesses and even social network services through websites.

There are various types of website development services that encompass the process of web-based applications. These include web engineering, web design, content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development, and other uses.

Internet is where People spend Time

In today’s world, there are 3.58 billion users on the Internet – that means that the opportunity to engage users exists which can be capitalized in many ways including entertainment, education, commerce, communication, information etc.

Consequently, companies are looking to capture on the Internet’s potential by re-enforcing their brand and identity through website development. This also allows them to create a means for showcasing their products and generating higher revenue for their business.

People like to spend Time on Internet
People like to spend Time on Internet

Starting off on your Website venture

Website is a given aspect that is widely required by established or upcoming businesses alike. However, to start off on developing a website for your company/business, you want to do your homework so that you are able to do it right the first time of you trying it out.

Learning about Technical Platforms and Tools

You might not know much about various platforms and programming languages pertaining to web. However, this is important to learn in regards of choosing the right technology and programming language. Again, this is subjective to your requirement – the kind of website you are developing. Usually, web programmer use HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and many other programming languages for coding and bringing the website to existence.

Your business needs dictate the tools and technologies you will be opting for. For example, if you are developing a social media site; you’d probably want a single-page web application and might deviate towards React JS development. However, a simple eCommerce website that showcases products for users to buy from might be developed in PHP in entirety.

Team for building the Website

If you are a startup with limited budget then hiring a simple web programmer might suffice your needs. However, if the web app is complex and has many aspects that need to be developed; then it’s best to go for a team of programmers.

At times, you might have a freehand in budget that should give you the room for completely outsourcing the project. In such cases, you can hire an offshore web development team that takes up the project delivery challenge on its own.

Starting your Website venture
Starting your Website venture

Web Design

Your website design is the face of how your website looks and a lot more. The website design is how users react and navigate on the website. This is why when you decide on the website’s road-map, your next step should be engaging a proper website designer for designing the look and feel of the website alongside the various forms available in it.

Web designers take inspiration from the existing company’s branding collateral and come up with best possible mocks/designs for each screen. This is one of the most important aspects of web development that should be taken very seriously as the designed wire-frames form the basis on which the Developers will be coding.

The web designers don’t just give you the look and feel of the website, they also help you elaborate the business flows. After-all, when a user performs a function of logging in – what happens next or when the user checks out from their cart, which screen/page do they navigate to? Everything in the website needs to add up to give users a holistic feeling about their overall experience with the website.

Therefore, the web designers are your first go-to person for helping you create the most simple and natural experience for the users. This is a must-have for any successful website; otherwise the website’s bounce rate becomes a crucial pain point for users and ultimately the reason for bad reviews for your business on the Internet.

Development and Testing

What follows design is development of your envisioned website. Usually, this activity is taken up hand in hand with testing; especially in Agile software development life cycle model. Both of these aspects are very important for your website as they dictate how the final product will be.

The developed pieces/screens of the website need to be thoroughly tested to ensure that the overall website experience is smooth and seamless. The integration between back-end and front-end needs to be symbiotic.

For example, it’s not an end-user’s headache if the payment API takes longer than 10 seconds to process their transaction. They want the payment verification process to go smoothly without having to wait or requiring multiple attempts for checking out. Such hiccups can be irritating and can even make the user change their mind about purchasing from the website.

Deployment and Operations

Once a website is deployed then it’s available on the Internet for users to try it on. At this stage, it is also important to have a support team that ensures that the website and its related services are running without any hiccups along the way.

Want to Expand on a Website idea to cash on Internet boom
Want to Expand on a Website idea to cash on Internet boom


There is no denying the fact that web development is an indelible part of expanding and sustaining business in today’s world. As a result, there are many web development solutions providers that can help in creating the right website for your business.

If you have a website idea and looking for ways to expand on it, then talk to Techliance today. We can polish your idea and help in all stages of the web project. Let’s make your desired website the next hit.