Hello and welcome to yet another post on our blog. We always try to bring you the latest development in the world of mobile apps and technology. This time around, we are featuring Nexus 4 in our blog as we outline some of the features behind its outstanding success as well as the latest scoop on Nexus 4 Android phone.

The Marketing Formula for Nexus 4 Android Phone

An amazing smart device from Google, the Nexus 4 Android Phone is marketed with the tagline “Speed and power to spare”. The phone consists of cutting edge hardware including a Photo Sphere camera and a whole lot of cool features to ensure that all your favorite entertainment resides in the palm of your hand. Android phones are continuously giving Apple proprietary iOS-powered iPhone devices and Windows Mobile phones a run for their money. This is the reason, several mobile apps development companies and entrepreneurs have paid heed to the market needs and are constantly in the efforts of developing Android apps.

The quality Mobile App Development Services by leading IT firms have made the market trend promising for all smartphone vendors. Google Nexus 4 is blessed with a multitude of apps to enhance the overall user experience. Be it weather, traffic, transit schedules, or latest game scores – all this information is automatically updated to allow you to remain constantly informed. We now round-up on some of the amazing apps and features available on the phone.

  • Google Maps app makes the entire experience of navigating to locations worthwhile. You can even find a way out of traffic jams as the app allows you to find out what’s ahead on the road so that you can choose the best route for your commute.
  • No smartphone can go without having a high-performance camera but Google outdoes this feature by offering an 8MP camera that allows you to take pictures in every possible direction. You can even view your photo spheres and share photos with loved ones via Google+.
  • The mobile phone comes with a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor and a vibrant 1280-by-768 4.7-inch display.

Thanks to an immense concentration on Android apps, there are over 975,000 apps from Google Play to install on your Nexus 4.

Google Drops Nexus 4 Prices

The price for both models of Nexus 4 has been dropped by $100 each. In recent news, Google announced the price for Nexus 4 at $200 for the 8GB model while the 16GB model’s price is $250. For people who have just recently bought the phone, this news may be devastating. However, Google has stood true its reputation of being a hospitable entrepreneur and giving people the chance to get $100 back on meeting these conditions.

  • Your phone has to have been purchased on or after 12th August 2013
  • You will need to specifically request a refund from Google
  • Your request must be made within 15 days from 28th August 2013

Change in Google’s Approach for Marketing Nexus 4

The recent decrease in Nexus 4 prices certainly calls out for a room of speculation about Google’s strategy in marketing the phone to end-consumers. Nexus 4 has been continuously considered as Google’s apple of the eye by being promoted as the “best smart-phone”. The freshest news about Nexus 4 comes through the updated device page at the Google Play Store in which there is a very small change to Nexus 4 listing. This is also backed up by the fact that Google’s approaching in marketing Nexus has been completely altered. Now, Google markets Nexus 4 with the tagline “the first Google smartphone”.

Technically speaking, Nexus 4 is not the first smartphone by Google as T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) or even Nexus 1 are the contenders for that slot. Therefore, it is likely that Google is rolling up its sleeves and ready to launch something in the market very soon. For all kinds of the latest news about Android application development stay tuned.