In today’s modern world, companies are constantly looking for ways to remain up-to-date on various trends of capturing attention of customers. Users are no longer interested in businesses that cannot be accessed through their mobile phones. So, a mobile friendly website has become need of the day in the decade of 2020.

There is requirement for being readily available for a quick access, a follow-up or just a random browsing of products.

These are some of the necessary functions that companies want their websites to perform without any flaws or issues.

What is Mobile Friendly Website - Why get one now
What is Mobile Friendly Website – Why get one now

In essence, company websites are like the doors to their existing businesses.

They help users understand what the company is all about which in turn shapes up the overall impression of the brand.

Most of the people do browsing through mobile phones now.

So, it is an essential element for your website to have the mobile-friendliness characteristic.

Without it, your business is likely to be overlooked and soon forgotten.

Features of Mobile Friendly Website

As part of web development solutions, creating a mobile friendly website is something that needs to be catered for.

Here are some ways you can make that happen for your website.

  • Responsiveness because Aesthetics matter
  • Flawless Mobile First Experience
  • Allowing Room for Order Management
  • Smooth Payment Management
  • Prelude to a Mobile App
Features of Mobile Friendly Website
Features of Mobile Friendly Website

Let’s explore in detail these factors that are important for making a website more mobile friendly.

Responsiveness because Aesthetics matter

In a nutshell, it is the website that looks perfect when you open it on your mobile phone.

To further elaborate it, such a website is responsive.

This means it can be opened on any kind of screen resolution: mobile phone, tablet, etc.

The website will still have all the buttons, text, and images within the defined placeholders.

Its alignment will not be distorted with things out of place.

In fact, it will look exactly the same way as it would when you open it on a typical desktop browser.

Flawless Mobile First Experience

Nowadays, users expect websites to work flawlessly on their mobile phones.

It means that the navigation and user flows must be working without any problems or delays.

This calls for thorough testing of the website on mobile devices to check whether they are able to work without any issues.

Sometimes, a normal user flow works correctly on a desktop browser but it may have a breakage point on a mobile device.

Separate test cases should be accounted for and conducted to check all the business flows.

This will ensure that the buttons, navigation and various action points of the website are properly operating on mobile devices.

Allowing Room for Order Management

One of the best methods of converting potential customers is to allow them the opportunity of browsing through product catalogs with mobile devices.

This can be a tricky part as you need to have proper thumbnails of the product items with prices where tapping on any product should allow it to be expanded for a bigger view.

You also need to have a search box and a side bar with all the categories listed, for users to tap on and navigate to the respective category and desired products as per their liking.

All this needs to be managed efficiently within the website window, which is on a tiny mobile device screen.

It can be difficult but if executed correctly, you are far likely to have a user purchase an item right from the website there and then.

This feature will make your website a mobile ready website.

Smooth Payment Management

It is the succeeding part to the previous point.

Once, user has inserted items in their cart then they need to be successfully checked out with a seamless integration of a payment gateway.

The concept of payment management is very important to understand as it is the crucial element for ensuring sales in the system.

A good tactic to gauge mobile responsiveness of website is to test it as a first-time user who would be checking out their items.

In such a scenario, you will test how easily a user can add a payment method and then use it for making the purchase.

If this scenario is being properly run through a mobile device then it means that the website is a pass.

Prelude to a Mobile App

A mobile friendly website is a precursor to a mobile app.

Once, users have gone through the website, the product catalog and made a purchase – it means that they are hooked to the company’s business.

Therefore, they are far likely to use it further and even go on to downloading the mobile app.

This is the main objective of your website which would be served once the user downloads the app on their phone.

To go that far, you need the website to have all the mentioned elements and all of them need to be working in a top-notch condition.

Need an under budget Mobile Friendly Website
Need an under budget Mobile Friendly Website


Companies today want holistic websites that serve multiple purposes, so web programming process has greatly evolved.

Hence, a website is not like a Plain Jane, but it has a lot of elements that help in capturing wider segment of audience.

This calls out for serious planning, analysis and development of websites that are mobile-friendly on various levels for users.

By having a mobile friendly website, you are allowing users to explore your products and services, without having the hassle of exclusively downloading a mobile app.

It also helps you save a lot of money and time in developing a mobile app.

Because you are able to test the waters through a website first.

This too facilitates you in expanding your client-base and increase sales.

Are you are looking to develop a website that is mobile-friendly, and also at the same time remains under your budget?

Then contact Techliance today for evaluating your possibilities.

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