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23 12, 2016

Full Stack Development – All you need to know

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The concept of being able to work on front-end and back-end technologies is gaining momentum; making it all the more reason to hire Full Stack […]

9 06, 2016

30 Tutorials Combining Both WordPress and jQuery


Take the most popular CMS, WordPress, and then take the easiest and most versatile of Javscript libraries, jQuery, and you have a match made in […]

9 06, 2016

Form validation with jQuery from scratch

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The HTML form
There’s a pretty diverse opinion on how this should be done exactly, but we’ll make the code flexible enough to handle different markup […]

9 06, 2016

Five Useful CSS/jQuery Coding Techniques For More Dynamic Websites


Interactivity can transform a dull static website into a dynamic tool that not only delights users but conveys information more effectively. In this post, we’ll […]


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