The Internet and business are about providing choices, comfort, and convenience to customers. Why shall the nature of websites deviate from these principles? Therefore, mastering art of custom web development for business is vital during 2024.

Many companies globally and in the United States often consider this concept a myth. Although, websites are essentially the front doors to business operations today. There are several ways of mastering art of custom web development for business growth.

With web and mobile apps gaining constant popularity, the demand for creating products in both areas is ever-increasing. Nowadays, the purpose of any product is to enrich consumers’ lives. That’s why businesses must streamline mundane, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks.

Mastering art of custom web development enables businesses and users to automate several functions. Because they normally require zero to minimal manual intervention to perform these tasks. Numerous companies are offering bespoke website development solutions worldwide and in the USA for automating processes.

Mastering art of custom web development for business
Mastering art of custom web development for business

Addressing the speculation on jobs takeover by automation

Large corporations, small businesses, and startups are already tilting towards automating business processes. Rather than hiring physical resources to do the manual work. They hesitate to appoint contractual employees, as this costs them monthly salaries.

This is the simple question that they ask. Why pay someone to do a task that innovative computing systems can take up thanks to the latest technological trends? So, there is already a growing assumption that several jobs will end by the year 2030.

Deloitte reveals that AI and other automation technologies led to the termination of 800,000 low-skills jobs in the UK. However, this study also found these technologies provide 3.5 million high-skills careers in their place. McKinsey also discovers that lost jobs universally will make way for new careers.

Computers and business automation empower human beings to achieve higher creativity. Remember, digital transformation is for improving productivity, instead of terminating jobs. The pursuit continues, and industrial automation is the impetus that leads the way.

Opening horizons via automated custom web-based solutions

One lesson COVID-19 has taught us is the fact that businesses can have a consumer base anywhere across any region. This brings new opportunities for digital businesses to spread out their online sales. As more and more users are embracing online ordering, this trend will keep snowballing.

Businesses can integrate common payment options to give customers further choices of placing online orders. Expand the mechanism of payments through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. This offers users more leverage in getting what they need, through their favorite payment channels.

Brands have to think over some important questions. Should they hire in-house developers? Whether going for outsourcing your project is better? Which company should they choose for building their product?

For many entrepreneurs and SMEs, subcontracting projects to remote developers or solution providers seems a better choice. Sometimes, due to some unforeseen reasons, few tech providers don’t live up to their expectations. But mostly, the rewards of selecting offshore development companies outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s review how mastering art of custom web development automates some of the very crucial business processes.

  • Application processing
  • Online selling
  • Employee recruitment
  • Financial transactions
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Customer support
Opening horizons via automated custom web-based solutions
Opening horizons via automated custom web-based solutions

It’s time to discuss the opportunities that automation of these business processes brings in 2024.

Application processing

This is strange to thank the pandemic due to its adverse effects on mankind. But it greatly has helped us reduce the amount of paperwork in various types of operations. For instance, customers signing up, or declaring their information in forms.

Consider the example of universities, colleges, immigration authorities, and governments. Now, they all have moved onto online platforms where users can fill out their requests. This importantly eliminates the need for excessive manual correspondence.

Additionally, turnaround time is quite less as everything is now automatic. This is all because of the streamlining of workflow automation between various stakeholders. As a result, users are also able to get quicker service.

All the relevant resources are now connected through a platform. So, they get intimation about the pending tasks at their end. They can complete their responsibilities without having to go back and forth. Furthermore, they don’t have to keep checking for any manual errors or feedback from customers.

Online selling

Today, online buying and thus the eCommerce industry is steadily on the rise around the world. Either, businesses can integrate their storefronts through various existing online platforms. Or they can get custom eCommerce solutions for their websites.

Bear in mind, the main goal is the same. To get maximum purchases from users whether through physical stores or online purchases. While talking about users, the objective is to provide the finest customer experience during shopping.

Technology is emerging as a driving player in the retail landscape both locally and internationally. Mastering art of custom web development allows companies to consider the option of creating their online stores. They can evolve their brick-and-mortar stores and physical inventory for direct connection with consumers across the globe.

The worldwide retail eCommerce market till 2021 was about $4.92 trillion. eMarketer forecasts it to hit $7.39 trillion by 2025. This means a percentage increase of 50.20% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2025.

Users’ admiration of online shopping is enabling all types of retail businesses internationally. Consequently, they can get users to browse through catalogs, select items, and checkout. Moreover, there are various kinds of payment methods to facilitate transactions.

Modern technologies like AR/VR are also playing a great role in giving users an innovative shopping experience. By creating real-life avatars that are similar to yourself, you can imagine how the outfit will look on you. Brands can take this concept to the next level with metaverse and NFTs as well.

There are also suggestions to mix and match clothes in your existing wardrobe. You also get relevant recommendations according to your purchase history on apparel websites. This all can assist you to turn into the next fashionista around the block.

Global Retail eCommerce Sales (2021 - 2025) - eMarketer
Global Retail eCommerce Sales (2021 – 2025) – eMarketer

Employee recruitment

Companies now use websites and forums to advertise and then allow candidates to apply online. This completely streamlines the staff recruitment process. As, it aids companies to shortlist candidates according to a set of questions, making it easier to judge their eligibility.

Besides, HR can even automate collecting documents, onboarding employees, and training staff. This enables happier candidates who don’t need to be hustled for information all the time. Similarly, you can also systematize employee leaves planning and logging-in processes.

Gartner disclosed in 2019 that 37% of organizations utilize AI in some way. A 2018 US Census Bureau survey of 583,000 businesses discovered AI implementation skewed towards big enterprises with 24.8%. Due to drivers like COVID-19, IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2021 sees 74% of companies exploring or deploying AI.

Financial transactions

The automation of processes significantly benefits the banking and finance sectors. For example, account opening, money transfers, balance inquiry, and similar functions. Banks and financial institutions deliver users with the ease of operating their accounts with great emphasis on security.

Users get the confidence that only the relevant hands have access to their funds. The concept of online banking has made 24/7 banking the biggest advantage for users. They can actively perform transactions without having to wait out for any processing.

Digital banking provides consumers with instant cash flow and transaction processing. Especially, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, more consumers are now opting for hassle-free services. Thus, online or mobile banking, and trading applications have become popular choices.

Juniper Research’s study discloses 2.4 billion digital banking users globally in 2020. They expect this number to surpass 3.6 billion by 2024, meaning a 50% increase in digital banking adoption. The digital transformation of conventional banks and the emergent digital-only banks are fueling this growth.

Business Insider measured digital banking consumers in the US at 196.8 million (75.4% of the population) in 2021. They project this number to exceed 200 million in 2022. This percentage relates to the Forbes survey unveiling 76% of Americans using bank’s mobile apps in 2021.

Ideally, customers must straightforwardly input their data in the fields. To further help users, the majority of banks’ websites even allow them to remember their money transfer history. Even, they permit storing payee information to save customers from repetitive steps on the website and banking apps.

Consumers gain reward points for performing transactions through online banking. They can redeem them for various gifts. Also, banks offer discounts on purchasing items from different brands through debit or credit cards.

Digital Banking Users Worldwide (2020-2024) - Juniper Research
Digital Banking Users Worldwide (2020-2024) – Juniper Research

Supply chain and logistics

This is the ideal example of how business automation can allow companies to grow. That too without having to worry about procurement, supply, and delivery of goods from one place to another. The link between business, suppliers, distributors, and customers needs to remain intact.

Any breakage in communication causes companies to lose out on considerable revenue. Presently, businesses need to procure a lot of supplies for the manufacturing of products. Customers like to order hot selling items, as they don’t want to miss out.

The chances of these products running out of stock are likely. So, the brands need to decide in advance for attaining the material for continuous production of items. That’s where AI-driven demand and supply analysis can help businesses big time.

Insider Intelligence measured B2B eCommerce sales in the US at $1.58 billion in 2021. Together with eMarketer, they estimate the market size to increase to $2.44 billion through 2025. This will see a CAGR of 9.08% in the forecast period from 2021 to 2025.

Trends such as home delivery, COD, and same-day delivery are budding these days. So, businesses need to ensure the bought items land at the consumers’ doorsteps within 24 hours or less. Self-serving customers want to avail facilities like take-out, drive-through, and curbside pickup.

Mastering art of custom web development solutions provides effective ways of constant collaboration between the demand and supply for business. Also, it enables the key decision-makers to use crafty tools, dashboards, and statistics. Together they all highlight business needs that brands can then maneuver at the right time.

US B2B eCommerce Market (2021-2025) - Insider Intelligence
US B2B eCommerce Market (2021-2025) – Insider Intelligence

Customer support

Any business cannot simply do without customer support. Such a service is your first line of response in interacting with users. It is necessary for making sure that their inquiries, requests, and complaints are catered to timely.

Zendesk reports that about 50% of customers shift to other brands after one bad experience. This percentage rises to 80% in the event of more negative experiences. Salesforce research finds good customer service persuades 78% of consumers to again do business with a company after a mistake.

However, as businesses expand; it’s not possible to have a large customer support staff purely for this reason. Consider if large businesses like eBay, Walmart, or Alibaba can cope with this challenge. How can they manage such a huge volume of transactions and cater to customers around the clock?

The best answer is automation. Some of the simplest solutions require users to engage through online customer services. This allows them to fill out a form and generate a ticket as per their specific requirement.

Usually, this helps in getting customer feedback, which businesses can filter according to what they need. Some websites even embedded real-time chat or have AI-built chatbots for customer support to increase user engagement. Even, they can route the consumers to their specific products/services, thus boosting user satisfaction.

Factors to focus for making scalable web-driven solutions

Primarily, mastering art of custom web development plays a pivotal role in providing user-friendly interfaces for consumers. Owing to this, customers can easily perform any operations through web platforms. Users must carry out their functions without any confusion.

Grasp that mastering art of custom web development enables you to power online businesses. Also, you can make them lucrative from the very get-go. These are some of the phases/areas to concentrate on for creating performant websites or web apps for business through 2024.

  • Analyze business needs
  • Get the best solution
  • Market your product
Factors to focus for making scalable web-driven solutions
Factors to focus for making scalable web-driven solutions

Next, we look into these aspects that mastering art of custom web development turns more fruitful for businesses amid 2024.

Analyze business needs

As a first step, you should analyze what you want to do and then build your requirements. Many times, entrepreneurs get excited about doing something and lose their ground somewhere in the middle. Before investing time and finances in a venture, the best idea is to get your homework done.

Figure out these things during the ideation and requirement analysis phase. Is your product idea viable? What are your expectations of the end product? How do you want to execute the overall plan?

Even though this stage may seem trivial and at times even boring. But this will serve as the very foundation for your project. So, make certain you do all the rounds of planning and analysis before starting with anything else.

Consider conducting proper market research for your product. You will also be able to figure out the total investment and time needed to launch the product. Accordingly, take care to run a thorough analysis.

Get the best solution

When companies start looking for Tech resources, they prefer picking up cheap candidates. If they opt for outsourcing projects, then they favor getting cost-effective solutions. This seems like a good move in the beginning, particularly for SMBs.

But in the long run, you will realize this was a compromise to the overall quality of the product. When it comes to your product, go for the best solution. Right from ideation to design, and then development to deployment. Even if it means paying a little more than the average market rate.

This does not mean going beyond your pre-set budget. But hiring cheap resources that affect the standard of the product is the pitfall you must avoid at all costs. In case, you outsource projects, keep a balance between the price and value of the online solutions also.

Market your product

Many companies forget that creating a good product is not just enough. Correspondingly, you have to advertise it to the potential audience also. With a good SEO and social media strategy, chances of forming the much-desirable buzz for your product are pretty high.

You can’t ignore the worth of powerful content in the success of your product. Don’t forget to include these expenses in the project budget. As they will help you in selling the product to the right customers.

Craft web-powered solutions to modernize business
Craft web-powered solutions to modernize business


In today’s world, companies need to incorporate technology at every level in their business decisions. Be it a simple web interface, a way for interacting through customers, higher revenue or plans to expand their coverage/business. Mastering art of custom web development as a guiding light gives you a tailor-made solution that befits your needs.

Thanks to business automation, some very common business use cases are now brilliantly performing without manual intervention. This scenario is making it possible for businesses to grow by using modern technologies. AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, cloud, IoT, Web 2.0, Web3, and Metaverse are some of these technological advancements.

Businesses can utilize these evolving technologies in their workplaces and products. Consequently, they can further impart ease and innovation in their solutions. This makes the web-built solutions ever more interesting with a keen eye on how they will progress.

Do you want to know how you can start a great business modernization journey? Talk with Techliance now as our team of consultants is just a click/tap away. From website/web apps to mobile applications, towards digital transformation, we cover everything for you.