There comes a point in every organization where expansion becomes a necessity. Keeping up with different projects at hand and also trying to expand by capturing new opportunities can be both a challenging as well as a rewarding experience. But there are many pitfalls to avoid considering you are investing so much and also putting your reputation at stake with various customers in the market.

To hire a suitable Custom Web Development Company in a client-vendor relationship can be a smart choice. You should avoid mistakes and risks in making the crucial decision of selecting a perfect website development firm. We are listing out some key points that you should consider.


Company Compatibility with your Business Model

Often overlooked but probably the most important aspect to see is the business model of the company you are about to hire. Is it compatible with the way you do business? Many offshore companies do not prefer to develop a long-term consistent relationship with an organization. In fact, they prefer to choose projects that allow mass production of websites. If this is the scenario, then you are headed towards a collision course. You need to understand how the company operates is one of the first things to assess before starting off any kind of business with them.

A look at the Business Practices

As technology evolves, the emphasis on best business practices in the industry grows even further. Any company can vouch to produce good code but what is their policy regarding licensing and ownership of the final code? Some other questions to address would be the following.

  • How long have they been in the business? Do they offer customized quality work with continuous support?
  • How many customers have they served so far and what experiences have those customers had with the design, usability, SEO and programming aspects?
  • The company that you are interested in has its own team or they also hire contractual staff themselves? If the latter is the case, then the communication will be a big challenge for your projects. Furthermore, how often and easily will you be able to communicate with the company yourself?
  • How many projects similar to the ones you want to get done have been tackled by the company?

Hiring the company who is interested in continuous support of your web application

There is no such thing as a complete web application. If you have successfully deployed and implemented the application, then after a while you will need to upgrade it. This is another key point that you must regard in your decision of hiring a company – are they willing to participate in continuous development, maintenance and support of the web app? Being in a client-vendor relationship implies that you and the company go hand-in-hand in making all the crucial decisions and taking up the responsibility of providing top-notch services to your customers. Only then will you be able to keep a competitive edge and create as well as maintain the niche in the market.

There are also certain checkpoints to evaluate regarding the company’s services, these include the following.

  • Architectural Pattern Development and/or Structured Programming
  • Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • Maintainable / Manageable Code
  • Usability
  • Design, Branding, and Marketing
  • Performance, Load and Stress Testing
  • Version Control
  • Load Balancing
  • Managed Hosting and Server Management


By going through the article, you probably may think that to hire a web application development company is not an easy decision. However, by taking your time and keeping all aspects in your mind; you should be able to make a prudent decision that is favorable in the long-run. Techliance offers all of the mentioned services to its customers throughout the globe. Why not contact us to discuss your further options? Consult with Techliance today for a discussion about your website project and to get a no-obligation free quotation.