We rightfully associate jam with sweetness. But before you think of this article about confectionary, wait no. The concept of Jamstack in technology is all about making website architecture sweeter – meaning more efficient and faster.

JAM in Jamstack comprises of: JavaScript, APIs and Markup. So, it is literally a jam of these three technologies together which makes the overall online experience so enriched.

Jamstack is a web application architecture where the app consists of pre-rendered and static HTML. Because of which the client-side APIs and JS is able to provide interactive elements.

In a nutshell, Jamstack applies the concept of pre-rendering and decoupling. This helps websites and applications to be more robust and provide a greater output to users.

Businesses relish such website development solutions amidst 2024 that are future proof and user centric.

What is Jamstack
What is Jamstack

Advantages of building Websites using Jamstack

Now, we round up on the features that a website architecture can have through the concept of Jamstack.

Here we discuss the benefits of creating websites in Jamstack briefly.

Enhanced Web Experience

This advantage comes in form of reusing the APIs that link users with the system. APIs help in better interaction between the system screens, components, modules and the users who are extracting the information.

When we have eCommerce platforms as websites in the market, these websites themselves are complete holistic products. They offer various kind of functionalities including products, shopping carts, payments and governance through administrative dashboards.

It’s all about having everything under a single platform making the overall experience of all user personas worthwhile. With so many functionalities working in parallel, the website architecture becomes complex. As a result, the load on the database of the website becomes strenuous.

To counter this problem, APIs within Jamstack manage product listing in the database. So, here is no way that users will get a degraded experience from the website.

Best Industry Practices

There is a reason certain trends in the tech industry become hugely adopted by the developers and tech gurus. And that reason is simple: it brings ease and simplicity. The trend is an ultimate industry-wide practice because it has mass preference by developers.

In terms of industry adoption towards a framework, ReactJS is one of the most dominating frameworks for website development. It also has a higher satisfaction ratio from the developers as well.

This should not come as a surprise for web developers. Because, React itself is a huge advocate of Jamstack incorporation.

It makes the overall experience faster for the end-users. This allows greater room for creating more compliant websites that just “click” in the market.

Fast Websites

Nowadays, websites are working as complete products or solutions for users. Consequently, it has become increasingly important for websites to be efficient.

In experience, that leads to websites working slow due to trying to provide multitude of options. Subsequently, this hampers companies and puts them in danger of being overlooked.

It is estimated that companies suffer about $2.6 billion loss per year owing to slow-loading websites. So, as a stand apart business in 2024, you need faster loading websites. Another aspect is the design, and here, it is all about the user experience (UX).

If the bounce-rate is primarily because users can’t stand the wait time, then surely something isn’t right. Jamstack allows companies to eliminate bad loading experience with websites loading and working faster for users.

This is very important aspect as majority of companies prefer having a website put to place in the market first. Because, this enables them to test the waters and capture the interest of users in the market.

Speedy Content Delivery

This comes to our earlier point in understanding why faster loading websites is a possibility. It’s the high speed all thanks to using JAMstack run web apps, as static files directly from a CDN.

This makes the overall website experience super-fast. Because you bypass the concept of server in the middle, that works out the logistics for rendering and building webpage.

Instead your page is served as plain static HTML or with some type of client-side hydration. This is particularly witnessed in React which makes the framework so much like “butter and jam” with the JAMstack.

Advantages of building Websites using Jamstack
Advantages of building Websites using Jamstack

Website Scalability

It also greatly aids the concept of website scalability. As you can accommodate huge number of users on your website without causing service interruption or slowing down the experience.

Talk about breaking the internet! Jamstack is very much on your side to make it possible. It lets maximum users enjoy your website without having to feel left out.

Budget Friendliness

Who says making safe websites need to cost you more? When you skip server-side from your rendering, it enables you to have cost-effective websites. That helps you in achieving more out of your website.

Consider this: now you are hosting a static asset / website pages that are being served at the same rate. This is the best situation for majority of businesses – in fact for all if you think about it.

No Website Maintenance

Did you read that right? Yes, you did.

Since, this is a static site without a server as it’s foundation. It means it doesn’t need any maintenance.

This is such a comfort especially for small-scaled businesses who cannot afford maintenance charges. They get a website providing more or less the same features as proper server-side based web solutions in the market.

Secure & Reliable Websites

Does the concept of lack of server boggle you? Should it mean that there will always be concerns about infiltration and lack of security? Does it imply your website is not reliable for users to continue with, if they are providing their personal information?

The answer to all these questions is: A big NO!

In fact, it’s a very simple approach where you decide on access and permissions to data on your website. Once, you have decided on the public and private content, then everything is sorted out.

Remember, your website is way powerful, speaking of 2024. You have complete discretion to make it the safest place for users. So, let them come together and get desired products and services.

Considering to generate dominant Website backed by Jamstack
Considering to generate dominant Website backed by Jamstack


Businesses consider speed, reliability, user experience, cost, endurance and maintenance as some of the top-most desired aspects for websites. Because, these factors play big role in ensuring that our fruit of endeavors comes to be as per our requirements.

Jamstack is a valuable concept powered by various JavaScript frameworks and JS libraries essentially. Thus, it empowers websites with amazing features at less cost and high speed.

Are you thinking of forming a powerful website backed by Jamstack?

Let’s begin our discussion on how we can help you with the needful. We at Techliance are just a click away.