ReactJS is a component-based JavaScript library that is popular globally and in the US. It is a powerful way of creating user interfaces for mobile and web applications. Businesses must know about leading cloud destinations for React apps during 2024.

It all started as an internal JS library at Facebook. Social media giant used ReactJS for Instagram stories and the News Feed section for Facebook. By 2013, it became public, and as they say, the rest is history.

Today, deploying the built react applications is no longer a cumbersome task. Businesses don’t have to hire in-house teams or purchase heavy infrastructure. Instead, hosting your product online has become a relatively convenient option to scale up as you expand your business.

Top cloud destinations for React apps for businesses
Top cloud destinations for React apps for businesses

Incentives of cloud hosting for React applications

There are several benefits of using cloud destinations for React apps in 2024.

  • Hassle-less deployment
  • Information protection
  • Backups and data recovery
  • Greater network coverage
  • Integration with other platforms

Now, we elaborate on the rewards of choosing cloud destinations for React apps here.

Hassle-less deployment

In today’s world, not many companies have the budget and web hosting infrastructure. So, they can’t manage servers and other hardware vital for hosting apps. As more and more businesses come into play, the importance of cloud computing turns extremely relevant.

Deploying the React applications is easy and cost-effective for businesses. Just select a cloud platform that has convenience and greater bandwidth for growing. Read till the end to get aware of some great options in our list.

Information protection

The majority of cloud destinations for React apps and other software have great security measures. So, businesses don’t have to put up internal security policies and guidelines. Rather, companies can focus on other important aspects of running the business.

Almost all modern cloud platforms allow data storage in multiple locations with great emphasis on security. So, outside intervention or cyber data breach is nearly impossible. This gives companies the relaxation and margin to keep all their information secure without having to worry about any loss.

Incentives of cloud hosting for React applications
Incentives of cloud hosting for React applications

Backups and data recovery

Your business data is the most coveted collateral your company can possess. That’s why it’s important to have several backups and crafty data recovery measures in place. All of this is for one reason — because once you lose data: there is no going back.

You don’t want to be in a situation that puts you in an awkward position in front of your customers. Cloud hosting platforms have great backup and recovery features. So, it ensures that you are all buckled up for smooth sailing.

Greater network coverage

The majority of cloud hosting platforms have a worldwide network of data centers. Many of them have network edge locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other areas. Consequently, hosting products/services makes delivery highly efficient so that end-operations are quick for users.

Integration with other platforms

One of the greatest advantages is the fact that the majority of vendors integrate with others. So, code in one platform can be migrated to another cloud environment. This turns easier for users to pick and choose what they require, how they need it and make it work.

Best endpoints for hosting React apps for business

Let’s take a look at the chief cloud destinations for React apps on the web through 2024.

  • Amazon S3
  • Firebase
  • GitHub Pages
  • Heroku
  • Vercel
  • Back4App
  • AWS Amplify

Next, we briefly discuss these leading cloud destinations for React apps.

Amazon S3

We hear this name and get super excited. And truthfully why not? Amazon web services have got us going around with S3 — the most simple storage service of AWS.

Initially launched in 2006, Amazon S3 is the go-to name for providing cloud computing solutions. This is applicable for businesses of any magnitude and nature including startups. Moreover, it provides free hosting solutions for platforms including React applications.

Sounds cool, eh? And most of all, Amazon S3 has great plans that help you scale up and down as per your needs. So, you can manage your costs along the way.

What’s in Amazon S3 for you?

  • Users can log into AWS and add their source code as a bucket into AWS S3 for React applications.
  • It helps in setting the limit of users who can access the application. Also, you can set the level of access they can have. Some can have view access, while others can have edit access.
  • Although the process may feel more complicated than other cloud platforms. But, the flexibility gives a wider capacity to businesses for user access management.
  • This is in continuation of the first point. Presently, AWS S3 covers the varying kinds of complexities that a lot of businesses have. It is not only just easy to use but it also automatically deploys codes at a tremendous speed.


This has become quite a brand for developing and hosting React apps, thanks to Google’s patronage. The simplicity and ease of use make Firebase extremely popular. Because it allows you to build categories and proceed with hosting the webpage.

It has two pricing structures namely: Spark (no cost) and Blaze plans. Both have a variety of features available to choose from. Subsequently, pricing is dependent on the features that you would pick from the plans.

What’s in Firebase for you?

  • SSD support to help you in backing up React applications.
  • SSL certificates can be costly, but with Firebase they come without any charges.
  • You can preview any changes before the application goes live.
Best endpoints for hosting React apps for business
Best endpoints for hosting React apps for business

GitHub Pages

If you are a developer or even remotely associated with IT, then you must have heard about GitHub. It’s heaven for any developer who uses GitHub extensively to keep an updated version of their code. Similarly, businesses and programmers consider GitHub Pages among the most popular ways for deploying React App and hosting web services.

It’s high quality, dynamic, and consists of various kinds of customizable tools. The best part: GitHub Pages is free of cost. Using packages for some programming languages and customization can cost you some amount though.

What’s in GitHub Pages for you?

  • The services offered by GitHub for React applications are tremendous. It includes a straightforward protocol where users download, create a repository, and deploy their pages through a command-line interface.
  • Users can take advantage of its open-source library that helps them in developing their web pages or adding features. GitHub Pages can emerge as your biggest ally in creating a powerful React app.


Free deployment and Heroku is your hero. Heroku was launched in 2007, and it became a subsidiary of Salesforce in 2011. Some platforms aren’t just designed for commercial purposes but also to help upcoming businesses grow and excel in their domain.

Heroku’s owners had a similar approach. They have always put convenience, ease of use, and service delivery above everything. So, these are some of the points that are greatly addressed through the platform.

Most of it all, Heroku is cost-effective and even free until users reach 5 project limits. Its great paid plans retain the majority of companies on it. Heroku supports multiple languages — Ruby, Go, Java, Python, NodeJS, PHP, Scala, ReactJS, Clojure, etc.

What’s in Heroku for you?

  • Integration with GitHub is a great feature where users can create a repository on GitHub and add their code. Heroku will pull that code once a user creates an account and deploys it by clicking the Deploy Branch button. The finished project can be delivered to you instantly.
  • Heroku is a container-based setup where services are synchronized. Security remains a top factor where users get a secure platform with an enriched experience.


Launched in 2015, Vercal was developed to empower users to develop their web presence. Vercel has become a reckoning force for building and hosting React apps. Thus, it persuades a lot of emerging entrepreneurs and businesses to consider opting for this platform.

Vercel comes with 3 pricing packages.

  • Hobby: It is for starting users who want to try the platform. They can make and deploy applications without any commercial purposes.
  • Pro: This is based at $20 per member with various features. For example, up to 1TB of bandwidth, unlimited requests, and 1000 GB-hours of execution.
  • Enterprise: It is perfect to meet your business needs including SSO/SAML, scaled bandwidth, and isolated infrastructure. Also, dedicated support managers and SLAs can boost developer productivity.

For all these years, Vercel has kept up with its vision. It remains approachable to its consumer base which has grown in number. Also, users find it very easy to use Vercel as the platform only requires the source of integration.

What’s in Vercel for you?

  • Vercel offers integration with GitHub, yes you read that right. This makes it a collaborative and enriched experience for users.
  • If you are working in a team, then using Vercel can provide a great experience. It helps teams in functioning together to bring the best version of the webpage forward.
  • Vercel has great customer support that is available for Pro and Enterprise plans. It is extensive to ensure that customers can get the solution they require.


Developers and businesses consider Back4App as one of the best platforms for crafting and hosting React apps. Back4App allows deployment and also helps in building applications on its low-code backend platform. So, it is very beneficial if you are a startup company or a small enterprise.

Back4App has a free plan that makes it easier for startups to get going with great convenience. For instance, the free plan does not even require you to input your payment information. Back4App has two more pricing plans. The basic plan starts at $15/month. Whereas, the silver plan is for dedicated hosting at an annual price of $200/month.

Using Back4App is a great way to start coding your React app and then eventually hosting it. Also, they share extensive information on building, deploying, and testing a React app under their Docs section. Need we say more?

What’s in Back4App for you?

  • Back4App provides proper backup and data recovery solutions so that they are easily accessible to you at your convenience.
  • Blockchain is the go-to technology and Back4App has recently added this storage so that it gives an additional option to programmers.
  • Having data centers across the globe provides greater coverage across the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.
  • Its cloud support is extensive. Thus, you can get support for integrating other vendors including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, etc.

AWS Amplify

Amazon again makes it in the list and this time with their tool AWS Amplify. This is a rather recent addition that was launched in 2018. It is hugely known for having highly cataloged libraries that help users in developing customizable hosting solutions.

AWS Amplify is an all-powerful yet easy-to-use platform that enables users to deploy web pages and applications without any hassle. The created app can be easily downloaded and accessed using the command-line interface in Amplify. Likewise, the project can be added easily and exclusive authorized personnel can easily access the project.

The only downside that can be pointed out is that AWS Amplify has no custom settings. This makes it cumbersome for users to build customizable end-products. Though, new programmers may not feel it is a negative point. However, Advanced-level users may see this as a limitation in creating apps with higher complexity.

What’s in AWS Amplify for you?

  • Being cloud-based, AWS Amplify provides fast synchronization of apps and pages.
  • As an open-source library, AWS Amplify aids in developing, modifying, and deploying web-centric products.
Seeking a robust Cloud-based Tech solution
Seeking a robust Cloud-based Tech solution


Businesses are finding ways to sustain their ever-growing online business through cost-effective means amid 2024. Upcoming and growing companies need to find a cloud-based platform that can help in nurturing their businesses. Also, they must achieve that goal without any extra or hidden costs.

The majority of these cloud-based platforms help users in developing performant React apps. Furthermore, you can deploy these applications without charges sometimes. When it costs you money, the expenses remain low, thanks to close competition among cloud providers.

Businesses are becoming ever-competitive to find unique ideas in getting noticed. Hence, you are not just due but overdue to take groundbreaking steps in the right direction. Try to find innovative ways to establish and spread out your wings in the IT world.

Are you seeking the best possible match for developing and deploying your React app? The skillful team of experts at Techliance can guide and navigate you on the track. So, have a brainstorming discussion with us to get set go.