With the majority of businesses focusing their attention on customers online, the concept of having an attractive website is an important aspect for any company. For example, having a responsive, easy to navigate and user-friendly website helps businesses capture a wider segment of the consumer market. This is because a retail store can reach out to customers only in the vicinity, but a website can help expand the boundaries to anywhere across the world. As a result, many companies prefer to hire professional custom web development firms for crafting their websites.

Top Web Development Firms in the USA
Top Web Development Firms in the USA

What to consider while analyzing custom Web Development agencies for a Website project?

Most importantly, making a website is no easy job nowadays. It has many aspects that need to be carefully planned. A website is like the front door to your business; it is your online brand in the literal sense of the word. It is important to consider several aspects such as:

  • What tools and technologies will be used for developing the website?
  • What type of theme, colors, and graphics to add?
  • How will the content for the website be created?
  • Would an online blog be part of the website?
  • Is the design responsive?
  • Should the website have a minimalistic look and feel?
  • What is the age bracket for the customers? Is it appealing for that specific age group?
  • Does the website allow interaction through a chat or push notifications?
  • Does the website allow single sign-on (SSO) so that the preferences of logged in users can be saved for the next time they return to the website?
  • Is the website conforming to the existing image of the business?
  • Is the website code optimized? What is the page loading time?
  • Does the hiring party provide any analytics to improve the website and overall user experience?

Therefore, these are some of the questions that are a good starting point for any company as they venture off towards Bespoke Web Development Solutions for their website needs.

A third-party company that is hired for this purpose takes up sole responsibility in developing a website that checks all the right boxes for the company’s requirements.

Top 10 Web Development Companies in the United States

Above all, we now round up the 10 best Web Development firms in the United States of America:

  1. Techliance
  2. WDG
  3. Blue Fountain Media
  4. Oxagile
  5. Lullabot
  6. DotcomWeavers
  7. End Point
  8. Orbit Media Studios
  9. Hashrocket
  10. Black Bear Design

So, let’s explore the competitive advantage that these leading Web Development firms offer.


A fore-runner in website development services in the USA, Techliance has been catering to companies from varying industries since 2008. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; Techliance has a fully operational Software Development office in Lahore, Pakistan. It has mastered the art of developing high-quality websites for its customers.

Techliance has a wide pool of talented resources in various web technologies including PHP, .NET, Laravel, Yii, WordPress, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, React.js, and CSS3. With holistic knowledge about both front-end and back-end platforms, Techliance delivers a seamless solution. It also provides SEO/SMM and content writing services to its customers so that the developed website conforms to the business requirements.

They provide a quick solution to any business, while never compromising on quality. They also accommodate non-functional requirements such as website optimization, page loading time, code efficiency etc.


Web Development Group (WDG) is a web design and development firm with capabilities in Drupal and WordPress. It provides solutions to customers through the engagement of designers and the drafting of a thorough strategy that is then executed by the development team. Its main focus is on the development of a Drupal-based content management system.

Blue Fountain Media

Serving many B2C and B2B companies, Blue Fountain Media provides commendable website design and development services. They believe in providing human-centered digital experiences to their clients. They have worked with clients such as CDK, Peterbilt and Service King to name a few.


Having competencies in IP video services, Oxagile is a custom mobile and web software development company. Its expertise lies in real-time communication solutions and online video tools. It also provides solutions pertaining to IPTV, OTT, and VoD.


A distributed US-based company, Lullabot has employees that are virtually working from other parts of the world. Their main strength is in Drupal and they offer various other features such as the e-commerce package, the URL aliasing system, TinyMCE, sIFR, numerous fixtures, and bug fixes, videocasts, extensive documentation, and a weekly podcast.


This company has expertise in website and e-commerce solutions. DotcomWeavers is a prominent Magento Solution partner. Because of this reason, it plays a wide-spread consultancy role in understanding customer’s main business. Hence it delivers a specialized solution that best fits the customer’s business requirements.

End Point

Being an eCommerce consultancy, End Point has expertise in front and back-end development. It also provides operations support alongside server-side development. Their core competencies lie in Ruby on Rails, Interchange, and Spree. They were the driving force behind Piggybak, a former modular e-commerce platform developed in RoR.

Orbit Media Studios

Situated in Chicago, Orbit Media Studios has core strength in strategy and analytics, web design and UX, web development, and analytics and optimization. The company follows best practices that have enabled them to become an award-winning firm in the US.


Software solution provider Hashrocket has expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, Elixir and React Native. It has been considered as one of the top custom website development studios in the US. It believes in providing customer-centric website solutions to its customers.

Black Bear Design

Located in Atlanta and Charlotte, Black Bear Design is famous for the development of mobile-responsive and user-friendly websites. They believe in creating websites through extensive brainstorming and coming up with the most seamless and robust solution for their customers.

Considerations before Website Development project
Considerations before a Website Development project

Choose the best among US-based Web Development Firms

Bespoke web development in the USA is certainly provided by a huge number of companies. However, the distinction of the best from the rest is important. The top ten website development companies presented in this list have the highest possible level of attention to detail. They take care of both functional and non-functional requirements to create top-notch websites, for instance. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, your quest for the top Tech Website can be fruitful, if you commission one of the leading Web Development firms for your next project.

Consequently, the solutions provided by these companies are holistic. It is not just about creating a website but also understanding that the website is going to be the first point of contact for customers. They will interact with the website for their queries, finding information about products and learning what is best suited for their needs. The USA based Software Development firms like Techliance can be a perfect solution for your next Website project.

Similarly, by listening to what is being said and reading between the lines, these companies are able to provide a flawless user experience. The customer-centric nature of the business is the highest factor for custom web development solutions.

To sum up, if you are looking to have a website that makes your customers feel they are put above everything else. Then it is time you got in touch with Techliance, in short. Speak with Techliance today to get one step closer to a dream website for your business.