Whether your business is big or small, you rely on data. Possibly, you store your important data on computers, digital devices, servers, and the cloud. So, it is necessary to secure company data from all threats in 2024.

Nowadays, data plays an essential role in the operation of your business. Right from market research to customer data to corporate information to industry trends. Keeping data safe bolsters the trust that your customers place in your business.

Unfortunately, we are regularly witnessing news reports about significant business data breaches over the last few years. Hackers compromise millions of records through cell phone providers, online retail stores, financial corporations, and other digital channels. Business data network security is not a joke.  After all, your business depends on this information.

Data is the backbone of a business in the digital world. Hence, it is essential to secure company data from all breaches. That’s where IT support and DevOps experts are your best cohorts.

How to secure Company Data - Best tactics for success
How to secure Company Data – Best tactics for success

Significance of Data Security and Information Safety

Today, data security is essential for every business. Not even the big guns in the technology world are completely safe from it. So, you must not ignore it to avoid information breaches.

As a response, the course of action you must take is employing data security solutions from the outset. This will empower you to secure company data from hackers. Moreover, it will also safeguard the user information of your business.

Top Tips to protect Company Data from threats during 2024

Are you aware of the threats to your company’s data networks? Do you know how to improve the safety of your data? This article discusses effective strategies that help you secure company data from leaks through 2024.

Let’s discuss these information safety guidelines that enable you to secure company data efficiently.

Make use of Encryption

Encryption is a crucial step in any data security effort for your business. Encoding your data scrambles it, making it unusable without the password to decrypt it. Encryption makes it far more difficult for hackers to compromise the data.

Even if the outsiders steal the encrypted data, or duplicate the files. It is useless for them if they are unable to decode it. Since it is a jumbled mess without any decryption code.

You don’t have to be a computer expert in using encryption. Many programs and methods are available to encrypt and decrypt data on computer systems and digital gadgets. For example, PCs, tablets, cellphones, USBs, and emails, etc.

Top Tips to protect Company Data from threats
Top Tips to protect Company Data from threats

Always backup Data

Currently, data breaches are not usually the result of copied or stolen data. If a device is stolen or your network breaks, you can lose all of your data essential to your business. That is why having backup procedures in place for all company data is critical.

Of course, if any at all possible, all of this should be encrypted. As a best safety practice, save your data backup away from your main business location at a secure, remote location. Likewise, using cloud storage for data backup is a safe option for many businesses.

Consider Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing for business has many significant advantages. Some cloud service providers provide robust security features, such as those that encrypt your data for you. Always have at least one additional employee who is knowledgeable with these security procedures on board.

Make sure if any person leaves, you immediately terminate their access to data. It would help if you did not trust the cloud security to a single person. You can secure company data with cloud-to-cloud backup services like Acronis Cyber Protect, etc.

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Perform safe Hardware Disposal

Always carefully discard your legacy computer systems and old digital devices. For instance, never throw away a hard disk in its current state. Because, outsiders may steal it, and use the information on it to cause damage to your business or your clients. To prevent this take these safety actions.

  • Ensure that deleted files are overwritten, making them extra hard to recover than simply removing them.
  • Delete all old files from cloud backups too.
  • Keep a physical hard drive as unreadable as possible before discarding it. Utilize a magnet to clean it, use software to wipe clean (multiple times), disk shredding, or (more efficiently) destroy it.

Make a Data fortress

Speaking of 2024, hackers and fraudsters are clever and sneaky. They can employ a brute force cyberattack or sneak in via a backdoor in your operating system or security. In this case, you should transform your devices and business data network into a data fortress. So, follow this plan of action.

  • Use Firewalls: The most important thing you can do to secure your mobile devices is to connect them. Firewalls are excellent for preventing dangerous programs from entering your devices and obtaining your data. Always prefer hardware-based firewalls over software-based firewalls since they provide an extra layer of security.
  • Update Anti-Malware and Antivirus Programs: Maintain up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software on all of your company’s devices to ensure security. For example, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, etc.
  • Use a U2F Key or Two-Factor Authentication: Passwords are not usually safe enough on their own. Make sure there is a second factor for authenticating access. Whether it is a passcode sent to a different device or a physical device called a U2F Key.
  • Block or Disconnect Webcams and Microphones: If your camera is integrated into your computer, you should disable or unplug it. Similarly, disconnect your camera from the computer if it is a separate device. If possible, put a sticker on your microphone. As hackers can switch on and use these devices without your awareness.

Don’t ignore OS Updates

Operating system updates take time, and sometimes they slow down a computer system while running. However, they are more important than you think. These updates include fixes that generally improve information security and secure company data.

They fix holes in the system’s security and functionality by closing backdoor access. By ignoring updates, you are exposing your devices to well-known cybersecurity risks. OS updates and security patches are important to keep a computer system safe within 2024.

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Mobile Data Safety is a must

Presently, more and more enterprises, small businesses, and startups require workers to access company data on mobile devices. If any mobile device compromises, the risks are as serious as it happens to a desktop computer in the office. So, mobile business data protection is a bigger challenge for companies globally and in the United States. To ensure mobile data security, follow these steps.

  • Enable remote location and device in case the device gets lost or stolen.
  • Check all privacy settings on your mobile phone and in any on-device apps.
  • Set all digital devices to automatically lock after a short period of inactivity.
  • Use passwords to protect all mobile devices.
  • Make a backup of your mobile device’s info.
  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software for smartphones and tablets.

Safeguard your Passwords

You must use two-factor authentication for login wherever possible. But selecting strong passwords and utilizing best practices to secure passwords are still crucial. Use passphrases instead of passwords (and use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols).

Make use of different passwords for different accounts, instead of using the same password for multiple accounts. Don’t save your passwords in browsers and on devices. You can utilize some secure password management software programs to generate and remember passwords.

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Educate staff on best Data Security practices

Employee negligence is a substantial risk to your company’s data security. Nonetheless, you can reduce this danger by educating your employees about the best approaches to information security. Conduct seminars or send out data security information and quizzes regularly to your staff.

This will ensure that your employees understand how to properly maintain data safety. Consequently, the integrity of your business will enhance as your staff learns the ways to secure company data. Make sure they turn off a computer or a notebook when it is not in use. Furthermore, they must disconnect their mobile devices from the company’s internet network when they are not doing official work.

Have a company-wide Data Protection mindset

All employees having a password and a username are responsible for company data safety. IT administrators must regularly remind the managers and staff that they must not share login information with third-party companies. Data security is everyone’s responsibility, not just a few employees of the IT support team.

Defend corporate Website / digital Business from Cyberthreats
Defend corporate Website / digital Business from Cyberthreats

Final Words

Providing extra layers of data security helps to prevent unauthorized access to your company’s equipment and systems. Take all necessary steps to avoid data breaches and information leaks for 2024 and future years. Especially today that most companies are switching to remote work in this new normal after COVID-19.

The majority of people believe that hackers only target big enterprises. But remember that cyber-attackers mostly target startups and small businesses. Because their techniques are simple and they do not have as many data security precautions as large companies.

Realize that cyber-vulnerabilities are growing internationally. Follow the above guidelines to secure company data and protect user information. Shield your corporate website or digital business from cyberthreats for safely running company operations. So, prioritize your data security standards by partnering with Techliance now.