The value of original content is undeniable in any online medium, especially brand websites. Google, Bing, and other search engines restrict websites possessing duplicate content from prominently appearing in organic results. That’s why plagiarism checkers are very important for ensuring unique content in 2024.

But, steering clear of plagiarized content isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to strive for unique content and write something that stands out in a crowded niche. Mainly because content has become monotonous in the online world and because of the audience’s demand.

Nowadays, having a web presence is compulsory for businesses worldwide and in the United States. Websites put your business in front of online users. Whether, you are creating a new website, or finding ways to improve the customer base for your existing website.

Original content is a major reason that ranks websites in search engines and brings organic traffic. On the other hand, plagiarized content can get a website penalized by search engines. You can get rid of duplicate content by checking plagiarism.

Search engines help people in finding relevant websites. Content is among the main factors that enable websites in getting good rankings in search results. If the content is unique, fresh, informative, and answers user intent; then it performs well.

Plagiarism checkers to make unique websites for business
Plagiarism checkers to make unique websites for business

What is plagiarism?

Fundamentally, plagiarism means presenting the work of others as your own, without giving proper credit. By plagiarizing content, you are stealing the intellectual property of someone else. You are using their work without referencing their ideas.

This work can include whole content, ideas, and concepts. Plagiarized content can contain sentences, phrases, sayings, quotations, and some words. Google noticeably forbids duplicate content creation in their webmaster guidelines.

In case, the content is not original, and not up to standard for the users and search engines. Then, just creating valuable content is not enough to yield great search rankings. Content duplication detectors are essential for websites and blogs to know if their content is unique or not.

Why is Plagiarism checking important?

Just as in a robbery, the penalties for plagiarism are severe. The real problem is that many people are not even aware that they are doing it. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.92 billion websites, as of February 2022.

Content, user experience, mobile responsiveness, and search engine friendliness are vital for the success of a website. Plagiarism detectors help in confirming the uniqueness of content, and thus the originality of websites. Fully dynamic IT services firms can make your website stand out from the crowd now and in the future.

The research finds that 29% of websites and over 30% of the web pages on the internet feature duplicate content. Can you overcome such a challenge undermining websites? How do you create unique content for websites and other online mediums?

Today, many people try to find the easy way out for content creation. They just copy and paste the content from popular websites or blogs, and publish it as their own. Though, some people do it unintentionally by reposting great information on their web properties, without attribution to the source.

We strive to spread awareness about content plagiarism. Therefore, we are trying to explain to the website owners and users how to prevent it. You can find endless real examples of plagiarism to help you identify them in the future.

Realize that the plagiarism checking tools are perfect to detect duplicate content. Thus, they help you to verify the integrity of your written content. Millions of people globally and in the USA trust these tools and use them daily for their work or studies.

What is plagiarism
What is plagiarism

How do plagiarism checkers work?

Searching for plagiarism in a text is a relatively difficult task. Some people even feel that detection of content similarity is impossible. This is why anti-plagiarism tools are very important to automatically check plagiarism.

Duplicate content mostly results in a lower rank for your web pages. If you publish an article that is not a hundred percent unique. Then, Bing, Google, and other search engines may blacklist it.

For those who are not very familiar with the technology, the problem may seem strange at first. After all, the car’s starter starts the car and a dishwasher washes the dishes. In reality, plagiarism checkers do not detect plagiarized content.

They essentially identify snippets of identical text. The text that you submit to these plagiarism detectors is carefully scanned. Then, you will find some red parts in the result or underlined sentences.

This may be the consequence of the usage of common phrases in the text. Let’s say that there are complete non-original phrases in the text. Then plagiarism checkers will find the source, from where this text is originally taken.

Anti-plagiarism programs check phrases of content one by one in various online destinations. Also, they compare them with content already published in online forums. Also, they check the content in heaps of files hosted in the cloud.

Businesses, writers, and SEO specialists all use free or paid plagiarism checker tools. So, this ensures that their written articles are a hundred percent unique. You can check content on your website to make sure no one has stolen from you.

Significance of plagiarism checkers for online businesses

You need to understand the significance of plagiarism discovery tools to audit your content. So, let’s start with the importance of content duplication detectors in online businesses. The role of plagiarism checkers for ensuring the non-duplication of content is undeniable during 2024.

  • Making original website copy
  • High website standings
  • Prominent search rankings
  • Credibility with online audience
Significance of plagiarism checkers for online businesses
Significance of plagiarism checkers for online businesses

Allow us to dive in to grasp the idea of using plagiarism checkers to generate unique content.

Making original website copy

Your website’s copy is the first contact you make with your customers. This is an essential tool to generate awareness around your business. Also, it helps your users understand the specialty of your brand.

However, if your website’s copy contains plagiarized content, all that potential goes to waste. Search engines do not tolerate even 1% of plagiarism in any content. For a good website copy, you need to scan it thoroughly, and that’s where plagiarism checkers step in.

High website standings

Original content helps you stand out against your close competition. If competitors are using good content, you need to produce something that surpasses their website copies, blog content, etc. That is unachievable if there’s even a tiny percentage of plagiarism in your content.

So, to achieve high website ranks, you need to ensure the originality and integrity of every word you write. If you’re unsure and wish to avoid accidental plagiarism, you need to scan your content through plagiarism checkers. Then, reword the duplicate content to save your website from such a mishap.

Prominent search rankings

Web pages with absolutely unique and innovative content win the leading organic positions in search engine results pages (SERPs). Is it impossible to write 100% original copies of content? No, but it is difficult considering the monotonous condition of online content today.

However, using a plagiarism checker to avoid any unwanted similarity between your writing and other existing content can help you. Businesses want their websites to perform prominently in search engines. So, make sure you thoroughly analyze your content before you post it.

Credibility with online audience

Just in case, searchers happen to find a similarity of content between your website and some other. Then your brand’s reputation will go down the drain. Thinking that you are duplicating someone else’s content, users will avoid your website and blog in the future.

Therefore, it’s necessary to avoid plagiarized content to create a unique website. Don’t worry about writing too many words. Instead, make sure you write original content. Then, if you’re still not 100% sure, use a plagiarism checker to ensure its originality.

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Plagiarism detection works over a large database

Behind this process of plagiarism detection is an important computer task. The plagiarism checker works with a crawler or an online database. It contains a huge amount of data from different sources, literally billions of web pages.

These can include documents from other participants in the platform, live academic articles, databases from different publishers, etc. Once the plagiarism checker finishes analyzing content, it produces a report with a percentage of plagiarism. It highlights those text parts which are not unique. Duplicate phrases also contain links referring to the content source, with a ratio of plagiarism.

Best plagiarism checkers to remove content duplication

Without further delay, here are the top plagiarism checking programs through 2024.

  • Copyscape
  • Plagiarism Checker by PrePost SEO
  • Grammarly’s plagiarism checker
  • Softo’s plagiarism checker
  • Website SEO Checker’s plagiarism checker
Best plagiarism checkers to remove content duplication
Best plagiarism checkers to remove content duplication

Now, we explore these high-performing plagiarism checkers in detail.


The leader among plagiarism checkers is Copyscape surely. It has a basic level free feature, that can detect if there is any copy of a web page online. By using Copyscape premium, you can analyze the originality of fresh content, and batch check your complete website for duplication.

Similarly, the Copyscape WordPress plugin by integration of Copyscape premium through Copyscape API checks the plagiarism of content. This plugin adds a “Copyscape check” button to your WordPress website or blog. So, you can check the plagiarized content whenever you want.

You can also set the plugin to check the content automatically when you “Publish” the post. When the plagiarized content is found, a report is generated against the matching posts or pages. It also presents a detailed comparison by highlighting the plagiarized text.

Scan your content with just one click, utilizing this plagiarism checker tool by Prepost SEO. The tool checks sentences of your post against trillions of web pages. It shows the plagiarized sentence with a hundred percent accuracy.

PriceFree, $0.03 per 200 words + 0.01 per every 100 words search
Trial/Free UseYes
Premium Plan(s)Per usage basis
Other FeaturesAPI, Compare Content, Copysentry Protection, Plagiarism Protection Banners, etc.

Plagiarism Checker by PrePost SEO

This tool is one of the top results in search engines, and for a good reason. Prepostseo’s plagiarism checker allows you to scan your documents through copy-pasting mechanism or by importing the file itself. You can use this online tool to check duplicate content straightforwardly.

Scan your content with just one click, utilizing this plagiarism checker tool courtesy of PrePost SEO. The tool checks sentences of your post against trillions of web pages. It shows the plagiarized sentence with a hundred percent accuracy.

Also, it shows you which sentences are unique. The tool doesn’t let any content duplication slip through, as it shows you a percentage of plagiarism in your content. Then, as you make changes, it offers you the percentage until your content is 100% plagiarism-free.

PriceBasic $10/month $50/year, Standard $20/month $150/year, Company $45/month $350/year
Trial/Free UseYes
Premium Plan(s)Monthly, Yearly
Other FeaturesParaphrasing Tool, Domain Authority Checker, Article Rewriter, etc.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker

These days, Grammarly is the undisputed king of writing programs in the world. While the plagiarism finder is not on par with PrePost SEO’s, it fixes all the duplicity ailments. Moreover, it provides an additional set of remarkable features, solidifying its top writing tool.

PricePremium $12/month, Business Annually $12.50/month/member, Business Monthly $25/month/member
Trial/Free UseLimited/Yes
Premium Plan(s)Monthly, Yearly
Other FeaturesGrammar Checker, Content Goal Adjustment, Tone Correction, etc.

Softo’s plagiarism checker

The plagiarism detector by Softo is another one of the leading names in plagiarism checkers. It performs a remarkable plagiarism detection service for free. Also, you get an additional 214+ tools without having to pay for any of them.

Trial/Free UseYes
Premium Plan(s)Monthly, Yearly
Other FeaturesGrammar Checker, Content Goal Adjustment, Tone Correction, etc.

Website SEO Checker’s plagiarism checker

This is the best friend of both professional writers and students. You get an astounding plagiarism-checking service without any cost. Also, you can avail other companion tools like paraphrasing tool, etc.

Trial/Free UseYes
Premium Plan(s)Monthly, Yearly
Other FeaturesChrome Extension, Sitemap Generator, Spy Keywords, etc.

There are different alternatives also to using these types of programs. For instance, you can install them independently on computer equipment. Or even you can host them on a cloud server too.

Content scraping is not always bad

Right now, while you are reading this, someone in the world may be copying this content. The algorithms of Google search are very intelligent. Mainly, its Panda algorithm detects when an original article first appears online, and when its copies go live.

You must take care that your content is original. This will make it attractive and effective to do well in Google search. Therefore, you must recognize the value of not committing self-plagiarism.

Plagiarism can come in two types. Conscious plagiarism and unconscious plagiarism. The first type is quite obvious to understand.

The second type can remain unnoticeable. To fulfill the growing need for content, you opt for curating content from other websites. Unintentionally, you get to copy text from them without attribution.

Give proper attribution to sources of content to overcome this problem. Yes, you can reuse information from other websites or blogs. But add value by giving your perspective to build on the content.

Once you publish original content, use the “Inspect URL” feature of Google Search Console and request indexing. This way you can help Google in the indexation of your valuable content. Also, submit your XML sitemap in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools from time to time.

In the event, you republish your original articles through content syndication. Then do so after Google indexes your posts. This will avoid repurposed content from performing better than your original content.

Want to develop a content-powered website
Want to develop a content-powered website


A work is considered plagiarized if it has a high percentage of coincidence with the effort of somebody else. It is true for both cases, whether it is literally, or with different semantics. By using the above-mentioned plagiarism checkers, you can evade content duplication very easily.

Search engines, particularly Google and Bing will consider your content as good. A thorough content-focused SEO approach will help you in branding as well in the long run. As a result, your content will likely rank in top positions in the search results.

Your website will increase the chances of getting highly relevant organic traffic. This will bring qualified leads and boost sales. Hence, your online business will acquire the growth that you are aiming for within 2024 and the future.