Today, businesses use push alerts to carry personalized, appropriate, and timely communications with users. If done properly, push messages can increase your conversions and improve your bottom line. So, you can effectively promote business with push notifications during 2024.

Internationally and in the United States, online businesses utilize push alerts. Push messages have use cases for various purposes in all industries. For example, gaining new users, promoting new products or offers, engaging customers, getting feedback, and driving repeat purchases.

This article discusses five ways to promote business with push notifications efficiently. Before that, let’s discuss the basics. We start with defining push alerts and then look at their benefits.

Top ways Push Notifications promote Business to grow Sales
Top ways Push Notifications promote Business to grow Sales

What are Push Notifications?

The push notifications are short, alert-style, and clickable messages that flash on the screens of users’ devices. Push messages serve as quick communication channels for digital businesses. They use these to convey information such as offers, updates, etc. to their customers.

Push technology has its roots in the 1990s. Blackberry brought this concept to email communications with push emails in 2002. Apple Inc. was the first company to introduce it to mobile communications with Apple push notifications (APNs) in 2009.

Google followed by launching Cloud-to-device messaging (C2DM) for Android 2.2 in May 2010. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) replaced C2DM in June 2012. Its successor Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) substituted GCM in April 2018.

Microsoft embraced the revolution by expanding Windows Notification Services (WNS) to Universal Windows Platform architecture in November 2015. Firefox incorporated web push notifications in January 2015 and extended support for mobile devices in August 2016. Chrome provided support for web alerts in April 2015 and introduced rich web push notifications in January 2017.

What are Push Notifications
What are Push Notifications

Best advantages of Push Notifications for Businesses

Globally and in the USA, push notifications usher in the following rewards through 2024.

  • Offer opt-in choice for receivers
  • Capture good quality leads
  • Increase return traffic
  • Improve outreach
  • Connect at the right time
  • Eliminate dependence on mobile apps
  • Facilitate customer retention
  • Encourage engagement
  • Enhance conversions
Best advantages of Push Notifications for Businesses
Best advantages of Push Notifications for Businesses

Top strategies to boost Businesses with Push Alerts

We tell you five ways to promote business with push notifications by boosting your marketing in 2024.

  • Regaining abandoned cart sales
  • Apprising consumers with updates
  • Triggering alerts on user activities
  • Reminding customers to complete actions
  • Sending notifications on a geo-location basis

Let’s briefly have a look at these tactics to improve business through push alerts.

Regaining abandoned cart sales

Sometimes, customers leave a cart without buying the things they have added to it. This can happen due to different reasons like payment failures, long delivery time, complicated checkout process, or unexpected shipping fees. You can retarget lost sales because of abandoned carts using push notifications.

Automate the sending of a series of notifications using optimized intervals till they complete their purchase. Establish an entry trigger for each campaign, with a set of pre-set rationale and conditions. Afterward, come up with different campaigns to send to different groups of customers who abandoned their carts.

Each campaign can target specific audiences, based on their platform, location, devices, etc. Also, don’t forget to keep track of the metrics such as the number of notifications delivered, the click rate, and more for each campaign. Fortunately, several marketing automation solutions have features to facilitate all of these.

Apprising consumers with updates

Customers love the businesses that inform them with the latest updates. Therefore, they want you to report the relevant and necessary information to them. Transactions are one of the vital areas where they look for updates. For instance, payments received, details of their order or product shipments, subscription statuses, etc.

Transactional push notifications serve as personalized and tailored communications with your target users. Other than transactional messages, you can also send updates about anything else that is specific to your industry. Such as travel news alerts, updates in their field of interest, brand level changes, stock updates, current weather reports, etc.

5 strategies to boost Businesses through Push Alerts
5 strategies to boost Businesses through Push Alerts

Triggering alerts on user activities

Triggered push notifications are relevant, personalized pushes automated to be sent based on user activity and behavior. Businesses can create, visualize, and deploy alerts with a push alert tool like NotifyVisitors. Thus, you can send these alerts at specific impactful moments of the customer journey.

You can automate push notifications with messages for abandoning customers. Just like when users showing interest in a product leave the page without adding it to the cart. Similarly, you can send triggered pushes when an out-of-stock product which the customer has been looking for becomes available again.

Identify the critical points of the customer journey where you can engage users with customized messages. Set up predefined rules and use real-time customer data (web push factors) to enter users into the campaign funnel. Accordingly, they will receive your series of automated pushes.

Reminding customers to complete actions

Push notifications are also ideal channels to send reminders to your customers. Consider these example use-cases. Applicants leave their profile on your job hunt portal incomplete. Users don’t open your app for a week. Customers leave filling your form halfway through.

You can send reminder pushes to such abandoning users. Moreover, you can remind your customers about an upcoming event or an exciting opportunity. Always send personalized, timely, and actionable reminders to your loyal consumers.

This continuously jogs the memory of users. Subsequently, it delights them and gently encourages them to stay loyal to your brand. Reminder pushes are great for eCommerce stores, job portals, nutrition sites, fitness enthusiasts, educational portals, and more.

Goal: Establish a business that engages users through tempting offers

Sending notifications on a geo-location basis

Brands can send push notifications in real-time when a user enters a specific geographic location. You can know it if the users share their location through their mobile devices. So, these are increasingly becoming today’s digital marketing trends.

Businesses promote using geo-triggered pushes when users enter the neighborhood of their retail store, a pop-up short, or an event. Beauty brand Sephora sends push alerts offering free service to users when they enter a specific radius of a nearby store. Starbucks uses push promos based on geo-location encouraging users to visit a nearby store or use the app to place an order.

Geo-located pushes are also great for shopping brands, making weather-based promos, and more. Your business can benefit from geo-targeted push notifications if done properly. Correspondingly, you can utilize modern BLE technologies like iBeacon for geo-location promotions.

Fashion Brands create alerts and notifications for Customers
Fashion Brands create alerts and notifications for Customers

Practices for efficient push alerts promotion for business

If done improperly, push notification marketing can end up causing adverse effects. Therefore, privacy-conscious users can consider it interruptive and annoying. So, take note of the following effective tactics while crafting and marketing your push alerts amid 2024.

  • Get your users opt-in by embedding permission requests.
  • Write engaging messages and make them stand out with personalization.
  • Optimize your pushes with data. A/B test push notification content and timing to know what works the best for your brand.
  • Send an optimum number of push notifications. You can even enable users to choose how frequently they’d like to receive your pushes.
  • Attract their attention using special rewards or discounts.
  • Use kill-switches. These are fail-safe techniques that prevent you from sending messages that won’t apply to specific users.
  • Use eye-catching elements such as images and emojis.
Launch a Digital Business that alerts users with offers
Launch a Digital Business that alerts users with offers

Parting Thoughts

Push notifications are wonderful channels to engage your audience and retain customers. Hence, this blog discusses five strategies to promote business with push notifications. We have also provided tips to help you find success in push alert marketing.

Start your push notifications for your brand at the earliest. Consequently, you will not miss the benefits numerous other businesses are enjoying. If you find this write-up helpful, then share it with your circle.

Do you want to come up with a digital business that smartly serves users? Providing customers irresistible products and appealing to them through alerts about tempting offers is the path to go. Techliance can join hands with you to make your transformation as smooth as butter.