There are 1.5 billion websites on the internet. This comes to show the importance of putting your brand out there and increasing the possibility of sales. With new technological trends constantly taking over, the web development frontier has exciting prospects. As a business owner, you have the option of in-house development or offshore web development of the project. The year 2020 and coming decade are set to witness the continuing supremacy of remote website development over in-house web solutions.

The latter option may seem difficult with a lot of risks along the way. This article aims to address the various benefits associated with the remote website development process. Outsourcing Web Development projects can help companies put more focus and time in establishing their online businesses or brands.

Advantages and Takeaways of Offshore Web Development
Advantages and Takeaways of Offshore Web Development

Key Benefits of Offshore Web Development

The following are the salient gains of outsourcing website development projects that client companies get.

  • Less Project Cost
  • Short Project Turnaround Time
  • Wide Pool of Development Resources
  • Focus on Other Aspects of Business
  • Holistic Product Development
  • Higher Risk Management
Offshore Web Development: Key Benefits
Offshore Web Development: Key Benefits

Let’s discuss the rewards that offshore web development offers in detail.

Less Project Cost

In-house development has many costs that need to be managed by the company. Apart from hiring resources; there are additional costs related to maintenance of on-site facilities, various other benefits enjoyed by the team including medical insurance, gratuity, etc.

All these costs need to be managed and if you are hiring for a short-term project then you cannot free the resources abruptly where you have to continue their payment until they can be properly released from the contract. By outsourcing the entire web development efforts, you don’t have to look into these aspects where you just provide a lump sum amount to the contractual party and not worry about these logistics.

As a general rule, outsourcing costs 20% less than the same product built locally. The percentage goes higher if you are able to strike luck in hiring the right resources with lesser compensation demand. The only pitfall to avoid is to ensure that while finding ways to lower costs, the overall quality of the product is not compromised in any way.

Short Project Turnaround Time

Managing the entire web app development project can be cumbersome. In fact, in most cases, the time to complete an in-house project usually takes longer than outsourcing the same project to a third-party company. This is because you have to start from the very basics of gathering requirements, hiring the resources, conducting the industry research and then coming to a point where you have done your starting homework for the project launch.

By outsourcing web app development, you rid yourself of all these aspects where you only have to conduct thorough industry analysis to find the right mix of resources, agree and sign on the contract terms and then sit back as the project takes off. Hence, the overall product turnaround is a lot lesser.

Wide Pool of Development Resources

In-house product development has its limitations in context to the range of resources available to you. Imagine you are part of the tech hub in your city, the maximum reach you can have for resources is more or less limited to the city or its whereabouts. So you have to make do with the resources available in that diameter only. However, with remote web development, you literally have a global reach as you can find resources from any part of the world and attach them to your project.

You can hire expert level professionals from the industry and gain a competitive advantage from the very beginning. Another advantage of hiring the right resources for your project is that many expert developers keep on learning about new tools and technologies so they can offer you an insight into what should be the direction to take for product development.

By having resources with varying experience, you gain insight into the market and the current trends prevailing in it. For example, which web platform is being used the most for web app development. Should you develop your product on the same platform or would another technology suit your requirements. Such challenging questions can only be tackled by industry experts and by hiring resources with overall command in their domain; you get to develop a product that is sound and scalable.

The best part about getting resources from literally anywhere from the world is that you get to have resources under your budget who work round the clock (or in a different time zone) so that the product does not halt even during local holidays. You also get to learn about different cultures and norms by having a multicultural team, that can be an interesting experience for all parties involved.

Focus on Other Aspects of Business

With web development outsourcing, you can focus on other aspects of the product. For example, how you plan to launch it in the market, what kind of marketing strategy would you be applying, what would be the budget for product advertising, etc. By taking the focus away from web development, you have a lot of time in your hands to ensure that the product is well received in the market.

Focus on Other Aspects of Online Business
Focus on Other Aspects of Online Business

Holistic Product Development

By hiring a reliable third-party company for your project, you are not just outsourcing web development but the entire product development including testing, documentation, project management, etc. These are all very important aspects of your product development lifecycle and without any of these, your product is incomplete. Therefore, the end product is holistic without any bugs or issues. The third-party ensures that the product is developed as per the decided requirements, well under the budget and within the decided timelines.

Higher Risk Management

By outsourcing web development to a third-party company, you are transferring the product development risk to them. This way, they bear the responsibility of developing the product with the agreed terms and conditions. You are in better control of the overall project dynamics with better manageability of risks in the project. By having the backseat, you gain complete control to predict product risks and devise ways for mitigating and managing risks throughout the product lifecycle.


All these benefits emphasize opting for remote web development as it can provide you a complete product solution that meets the best industry standards and is a sure recipe for success in the market. However, it is important for you to do proper and thorough research to ensure that you find the perfect resources that meet your project requirements. Without this condition, your web project is likely to suffer and may be prone to failure.

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