You must have heard about the very famous movie quote: “With great power comes great responsibility”. The life of a CEO is exciting but at times requires the person to remain cutting edge and pave way for better opportunity avenues. CEOs need to remain updated and constantly in touch with the market as well important people within or outside the company.

This demands for dependency on certain Productivity apps for CEOs in today’s busy life. Mobile applications crafted by a Custom Software Development Company enable owners and higher management officials to have a bird’s eye view on various aspects of their business. Mobile apps for CEOs help you lead your organization from the front and make your daily tasks easier.

We now round-up on 10 compulsory android apps for owners and CEOs.

  1. Cab4me
  2. Scatterslides
  3. Tally CEO Dashboard
  4. Expensify
  5. MindJet
  6. Evernote
  7. Bump
  8. Document to Go
  9. Throttle
  10. Airport (All)+Flight Track Pro

Let’s discuss 10 best mobile applications for owners and c-level executives.


Time management is an important aspect not just for a CEO but for every business-oriented person. For CEOs, the stakes are higher because you have to make it a point to never be late for a business meeting as you are the ultimate decision-maker and you have to ensure that you lead by example.

In the list of Productivity Applications for Founders, Cab4Me is our first app on the list. It allows CEOs to book a cab/taxi instantly to make it on time for an important meeting. You can use the quick mode to select the cab company to order a cab. The app allows dialing a cab company for making an instant cab booking as well.


CEOs look for ways to expand their business. High-end presentation delivery is one such aspect covered by the Scatterslides app that allows CEOs to deliver presentations on a fly.

This application allows you to run slides with your Android device using the WiFi to large displays. Scatterslides works as a remote control for your slides to be controlled with your cell phone. You can buy this app at just $9.99.

Tally CEO Dashboard

Cloud computing is another dimension that is being widely incorporated in business domains. Being a CEO, you have to be able to access all your important data as well as get vital insights about your business on the move.

These insights would help you make important business decisions that would allow you to grow your existing business. Thanks to Tally CEO Dashboard, you can access key data on your Android mobile device. You can connect and configure data residing on different servers via Tally CEO.


Top-notch entrepreneurs need to be prudent when it comes to financial matters. Being a CEO does not mean you have to go overboard in accommodating the company’s expenses, especially if you are a startup company. Like they say “a penny saved is a penny earned” so it’s important for the CEO to efficiently manage the company expenses.

Thanks to Expensify, you can manage your expenses, receipts pertaining to time or mileage and business travel as well as expense reports. Expensify is one of the best Custom Productivity Solutions as it is also named as “The Best Business Travel App” by Business Insider.


Brainstorming is an active part of a CEO’s job as it allows employees to be creative and imaginative in bringing workable ideas to the table. One of the demands for Custom Productivity App Development is to put across an app that allows freedom in visualizing ideas. Mindjet is just the app that you are looking for as a CEO to use during meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions. You can create a visual representation of your ideas and present them when needed. This application fulfills the concept of mind mapping for generating ideas.


One of the most popular apps when it comes to productivity app development, Evernote is your go-to app for taking notes. Whether it be important business points, or random thoughts at 2 am; Evernote makes scribbling notes easy and fun.

Being an award-winning app, it helps synchronization across all devices. The app has both freeware and paid versions to allow users to try certain features and upgrade to the paid version for more features.


CEOs also need to build upon corporate relationships. Especially when meeting new important people, its important to connect and have contact details exchanged. With bump, you can share business contact details with another person by bumping the phones together. This is where this app gets its name, bump.

Now you no longer have to manually enter contact details on your phone which sometimes can be cumbersome during conferences and retreats where you meet many people in large numbers. This app also works with iOS devices. This application essentially reduces your wallet weight. It is your personal digital business card that can be shared with other users.

Documents to Go

Documents to Go is one of the Productivity Apps for CEOs that application allows you to edit and access Microsoft Office files. It works with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and you can also view PDF files. The free version allows you to view email document attachments and the price of the application is $30.


Locale is a free application that does miracles. It can put your mobile phone on silent when you are in the office. No more annoying ringtones during the meeting and it can raise the ringtone volume when you are at home. You can also turn on the power saver feature to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth to save battery life.


CEOs receive a huge bulk of emails every other hour or so. Keeping up-to-date with emails of important people is a huge task as sometimes an email may get overlooked because of spam or unimportant emails.

With Throttle, CEOs can control the email senders for their email. This way, any time wasters stay away from your inbox allowing you to concentrate on only the important emails. You can mark certain email accounts as spam, which helps in getting rid of the cluttered email inbox. Throttle also allows automating emails like email subscriptions, package tracking, and more.

Airport (All)+Flight Track Pro

CEOs need to travel quite a lot so planning your trips, accommodation, and related travel plans can be difficult. Most CEOs rely on personal assistants to help with this need. However, not all CEOs can afford the luxury of a PA. One of the best Productivity Applications for Founders is this app that helps you find Food/Restaurants, Parking, Ground Transportation, terminal maps and directions for every airport.

This app can be your guide in helping you get directions from the airport to immediately attend a seminar or a meeting. It has 2400+ arrival and departure boards to check the flight schedules. At only $0.99 it also allows you to access Check-in, flight status, baggage, seats, for your flight all at your fingertips.

Final Words

Productivity apps can serve as powerful tools right in the hands of the CEOs. These applications enable owners and CEOs to manage and conduct business more efficiently. Are you looking for a way to start off on your Custom Productivity App Development project?

The top-rated Bespoke Software Development Firms like Techliance can help you build a custom application for your app idea. This leading IT Services company hails from Draper near Salt Lake City in Utah, United States. Get in touch with Techliance to convert your productivity app and other software ideas into reality.