Web design trends change every year and it is important for business owners to keep their website updated with latest trends. However, different trends emerge during the year, most of them are for limited time. It is important for every webmaster to keep their website updated with web design trends to stay ahead of the competition.

For 2014, we have observed that Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography elements will be important.



The idea of simplicity is to make the user experience extraordinary. It does not mean that your website have to be plain and without images. It means your website should avoid cluttering or excessive information. It does not mean the idea about your business needs to be placed somewhere on the website in shape of text or an element. Similarly, the simple explanation of services is better than cluttering with detailed information about everything.

Remember, your website plays an important role for the customers. You can deliver your message to your customers through your website. Too much cluttered information is hard to digest and customers ignore the details.

The main goal of the website is to convey the message, but not to look pretty. Simple web design have more conversions as compared to image heavy cluttered websites. You can test the efficiency of each design through A/B split testing.

Flat Design

We have seen arise in trend for flat design and Apple set the trend by launching iOS 7 with flat design. Apple is the trend setter when it comes to usability and with the launch of iOS 7 they focused on user experience.

It is expected that flat design elements will dominate web design and mobile design. Flat design elements are more attractive and appealing. Businesses are now using images that are not heavy and are without effects to look more promising. CSS3 allow designers to create flat design elements like buttons, forms, and menus without disturbing the main design.

Responsive Design


Everyone knows about Responsive Web Design and it is not a new concept for 2014. However, it will continue to rise because world is now transforming to everything mobile. Many companies are now realizing the potential of mobile friendly designs. Responsive web design allows a website to adjust according to the screen size of your device.

Remember, responsive web design does not mean to disturb the elements to adjust with different screens. It should display the message more effectively on different devices.

The common mistake in responsive web design elements is that it squishes the content on smaller screens. The perfect design fits to all screen without damaging the user experience of the website.



Storytelling is not a new concept, but it is an emerging trend and many webmasters started using this method. The idea is to display different elements and information about the website as user scroll down the website. As the user scroll down, your website use animations, images and text to engage the visitor by telling the story about your company.

Storytelling is generated from the idea of creating a single page website that provides all the information on same page with engaging user interface. You are likely to get more attention from visitors if you make it fun to scroll down rather than making a visitor to read long paragraphs.



Typography is very important for web design and making the text visible to the audience. It is a perfect combination to adjust the spaces between groups of letters. In 2014, use of typography text elements for visitor retention will be important.

Emphasis on typography cannot be neglected because the content on your website is effective when you chose the right font and the style. Perfectly placed typographical elements allow you to describe your message more effectively.

Creating a Website Following the Trends

You can create a website using these trends Simplicity, Flat Design, Responsive Design, Storytelling and Typography altogether to make an impressive web design.

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