This is 2024, and it’s all about providing a perfect design to compliment your business and the user flows. Nowadays, web or mobile design is not about colors, aesthetics, or the overall look and feel of the solution. But it’s about providing smooth user flows so that everything adds up together. Read along about 2014’s top web design trends that are leading now as well.

Think about that perfect-looking button, or the font, or the images. They are all part of the website design. But the broader canvas demands knitting a great user experience by having a bird’s eye view of your requirements.

Techliance had already covered 2014’s top web design trends back then. We also predicted how the rest of the decade will be. Not to harp our tune, the predictions have remained prevalent through 2024.

So, we have updated the article with the latest thoughts. These trends are so pertinent, they are set to remain applicable for the coming few years. Plus, we bring to you 3 fresh trends for 2024.

2014's top Web Design Trends that are yet Valuable
2014’s top Web Design Trends that are yet Valuable

2014’s top Web Design Trends still Beneficial in 2024

Now, we round-up on 2014’s top web design trends that are relevant amid 2024 and the future.

Let’s discuss these 2014’s top web design trends which are still dominant during 2024.


Not just a trend, simplicity is the way for keeping things minimal. This is about doing just enough to give the coverage required for the design. It doesn’t mean you make the website look bland with nothingness. Instead, it implies adding value as required and not going overboard.

At times, the majority of businesses want to do the opposite. They upsell their brand by giving an overwhelming experience. This makes the design look gaudy, overbearing, and cluttered.

You want to trim it down, make it simple yet intuitive so that the users remain engaged. Simple web design has more conversions as compared to image-heavy cluttered websites. You can test the efficiency of each design through A/B split testing.

Flat Design

iOS 7 and Apple have headed this concept to purely focus on user experience. Flat design elements are way more attractive. So, they have dominated both web and mobile design concepts globally and in the United States.

Flat designing allows companies to use images that are not heavy. Use graphics without too much effect. This makes the representation of ideas without any gimmicks.

Responsive Design

This one is probably going to outlive us all. Responsive design is the one trend that’s been there for quite a while. It is here to stay because we are constantly moving on to various gadgets and screens.

There is no surprise that the developed products then should beautifully showcase on any screen size. This is why we use the term responsive subtly when it comes to product design.

Here is probably no way you will design a web or mobile app without not having it be responsive. It is the first litmus test that your product must pass and thou shalt be responsive.

2014's top Web Design Trends still Beneficial now
2014’s top Web Design Trends still Beneficial now


So, what’s the story again? Today, designers are called conceptual artists. Because they have the leverage to create or spin out magical stories about businesses.

Anything without a concept means it has no story and no theme. So, it has no way to tie up all the dots together.

Nowadays, the majority of websites are single-page applications (SPAs). They contain engaging elements that form the part of the collective thought. That’s why it’s essential to knit everything down to the core and make it as holistic as possible.

Anything that’s out of element is probably a disjointed page. This doesn’t go with the entire collective effort. So, you want it to be connected, and what other way than to have storytelling to make it work.


Texts and fonts are a cool way to capture user attention. This is why typography (and text elements) are still very much the in factor for web design trends.

Emphasis on typography cannot be neglected. Because the content on your website is effective when you chose the right font and style. Perfectly placed typographical elements allow you to describe your message more efficiently.

New Web Design Trends to make User Captivating Websites

Hopefully, you like our take on 2014’s top web design trends and find these advantageous through 2024. Here we present three recent website designing trends as a bonus.

New Web Design Trends to make User Captivating Websites
New Web Design Trends to make User Captivating Websites

Now, we briefly deliberate over these trends.

Dark Theme

This is something super cool. Because dark theme does look amazing. Moreover, it’s also something that calms the eyes and makes the colors pop.

A lot of times, websites have both light and dark modes available for better readability. This is especially useful when lights are dimmed out by users.

The dark mode is also preferred by users with visual impairment. So, it has its user base which makes it a necessity for a lot of companies.

Hand Drawn Icons

This is something new because it gives icons an emotional aspect to the drawn icons. Another plus point of hand-drawn icons is the fact that designers can personalize icons. They are no longer fixed to certain dimensions or rules.

This concept of free-hand and artistic licensing makes it cooler to be a designer. So, are you up for this one?

3D Technology

Making sure that design is not just something flat, 3D makes it more fun and appealing. 3D technology enables this by using elements, images, and graphics to elevate the overall design.

Designers are constantly pushing it further to make websites stand out more. Utilizing 3D technology makes design smarter and cooler.

Want to craft attractive Website having appealing Design
Want to craft attractive Website having appealing Design


In today’s world, consumers are constantly dictating how products work. It is important to build a product on a design that helps elevate your business. User interaction with some key elements of design that are well catered for can make all the difference.

Chances are that you are following the leading technology companies for a while. Then you will know how crafty they are in predicting the market pulse and the trends in IT. This vouches for our great insight at Techliance into creating products that are sound and succeed in the market.

Do you need to build an enticing website with a tempting design? Talk to Techliance about your product idea and we will make it worthwhile your time and money. Contact us today for getting to market early.