As more and more companies understand the importance of bringing business online, website making is a sought-after area in the tech industry. Businesses always emphasize on certain aspects that must be catered for as you embark in your journey to reach a broader consumer market through your own website. A lot of IT companies have expertise in providing website development solutions. They can help you in taking the plunge of website creation. It is important to know what exactly are the web design trends for 2020 that you can also incorporate in your company’s website.

In today’s connected world, Website Design and Development Services are enabling businesses an online presence. The following are the web design trends that are in high demand.

  • Accessibility for All
  • Dark Mode
  • Animated Elements and Motion
  • Bold and Beautiful
  • Video Headers
  • Split Screen
  • Retro is Back
  • Tailored Illustrations
Web Design Trends - Popular Concepts for Cool Websites
Web Design Trends – Popular Concepts for Cool Websites

Let’s explore these highly sought-after web design trends in detail now.

Accessibility for All

People with disabilities have lost out on the look and feel of websites but 2020 is the year to make websites usable to everyone. In 2019, United States Supreme Court upheld the notion that all sites must confirm to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility guidelines. This means that websites should work for users using screen readers or those who can’t use a mouse.

This puts up challenges for web designers to come up with website design constructs that work for all kinds of users. A lot of times, companies want a very sleek and elegant design. But the conformity to this conception may make website accessibility overlooked.

The ideal web design themes will be the ones that are classy but at same time welcoming all kinds of users to freely access the content without any hindrances. A lot of web designers have already put up their thinking caps on to brainstorm for that perfect web design.

Dark Mode

Dark on the Internet means elegant and classy. That’s why, dark mode is a good-to-have feature and is widely supported in many websites. With it, you can have easy to spot colors with a dark background which makes all your website elements pop.

Usually considered as incognito mode for variety of mobile apps, dark mode enables higher visibility of elements on your website. It comes alongside neon glow and dystopian styles that can be part of your website color scheme in the decade of 2020.

Animated Elements and Motion

Majority of websites have text that dance into a frame with a box that spins around to unveil additional info when hovered over. Now in 2020, websites will take this web design concept further for providing a more dynamic experience. You will encounter a lot of scroll-generated websites which use animated elements and motion. Incorporating this web design idea will help in presenting loads of content on one page that runs continually down or sideways.

Bold and Beautiful

The concept of minimalism is taking a whole new direction by allowing websites to have prominent elements such as bold typography to full-screen images, videos and even large sized menu icons. The primary intent in such a website design is to allow users to capture the essence of your business. Most of all, such over-sized type and elements suit all kinds of resolution and screen size.

However, it is important to note that you have to understand the difference between what’s right and overdoing it. Make sure you find the right balance and don’t go overboard in adding too many elements that make the entire experience of bold become too loud for users.

Video Headers

Websites are a collection of content and images. However, 2020 is witnessing video headers in web design mix that is hugely embraced by a lot of websites. After-all, videos are a perfect way to get your message across without having to go the extra mile.

The majority of the online users already have great internet speed. So, getting a movie-style experience for a company’s homepage is a great way to capture users into exploring your website. You can engage users more with a few seconds of the looked upon video or even add in a full-length preview clips with audio.

Split Screen

Although this website design is difficult to explain, but in terms of look and feel, it’s really elegant. Split screen design gives the best impression to users when you have more than one idea to convey through your homepage.

The safest bet is to split your screen down the middle which allows giving equal spotlight to both ideas. In such cases, clever web designers are able to find a way to even make the two ideas work together by unifying them with a common element.

Sometimes a common element can be a contrast, have both sides of the screen behave differently or use asymmetry through scroll effects. It’s all in your imagination that can make a perfect website. Seeking inspiration from the popular web design trends can make this website programming journey simple.

At times, you can even place an additional element at the center of the screen. It could be your logo, a CTA button or even a menu header to balance out the screen.

Retro is Back

Cliched as it may sound but 2020 is literally taking old is gold as a web design concept. The theme of nostalgic and retro web design has comeback to mainstream. It all depends on which year and time-frame you want to take your website back to.

For some companies, they want to use bright colors and imagery of 1980’s. Web designers are not just taking inspiration from the past but also presenting new ideas bundled in past themes to make things more interesting for their users.

It’s not just about having color schemes for the past but also using typography, styles and various other elements to give a very classic look and feel to the overall website design and aesthetics. The primary idea behind such themes is to help users connect with a certain time period which can be quintessential unique selling point for the business.

After-all, it’s all about connecting the dots to give users the best imagery and visual experience so that they become the “brand” themselves.

Tailored Illustrations

Websites are like story tellers for your business. You want to tell users everything about your company, your journey, the products and services users can avail and the brand that makes you unique. All these things need to be told in a way that is compelling.

What better way than to go for a website design with tailored illustrations? You can use various type of vector art collections to come up with some illustrations, icons and badges that can help you convey your story to users. The best way to go about is by looking for really good quality images and media that can then be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Need a Web Design that Resonates with Users
Need a Web Design that Resonates with Users

Finishing Up

Web design trends prevail to ensure that companies are able to remain up-to-date by providing best possible representation of themselves through their websites. After-all, websites are a professional window to your prospect users.

So, if you keep up with the modern trends; you have higher chances of user engagement and possible means of a sales breakthrough. By following, these web design ideas you are able to draw positive impression on user’s mind and it helps you in remaining at the top of your game.

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