This is 2020 and it’s all about giving users choices. When it comes to design themes nowadays, dark mode is one of the prominent UI structures.

You want products or services that add value to daily lives of consumers. And customers want style, and elegance in the products that they use.

Web-based solutions and mobile apps are driven by users and their “urges”. The concept of usability has become a norm where any company who ignores that can say goodbye to their chance of being successful.

That’s why dark mode is becoming the “must-have” factor in websites and mobile apps. Its usage in web designing and development will keep increasing in the decade of 2020.

What is Dark Mode - Why use it for Theme Design
What is Dark Mode – Why use it for Theme Design

Progression in Design landscape

Let’s rewind to 1990s when dial-up internet and static websites were the only way to communicate with customers. There were very few search engines. And Google was something that was just unveiling itself.

This was the time when the website and design aesthetics were not that great. In some cases, these were even shameful.

Nobody bothered about what the website should look like. Most websites were unappealing and no standards were really used.

Then came a time when websites became such a viable source of business and everyone wanted a responsive minimal look.

Now, website and even mobile apps come in different options of being viewed. You have the light and dark theme options where users have the discretion of choosing the way they want to view the content.

Definition of Dark Mode

A color arrangement in web design and user interface design; dark mode makes use of bright colored text, icons, and other graphical elements on a dim background.

This light-on-dark color scheme is also known as dark theme or night mode. It is also referred as theater mode or cinema mode.

Why go for Dark Mode at all?

Dark UI has turned out to be an essential factor and now everyone is doing it. This has become something that you would automatically want for your website or mobile app.

So, the dark mode can help you in many ways.

  • Reading made easy
  • Night visibility enhancement
  • Dark is not Black, but Dark Gray
Why go for Dark Mode
Why go for Dark Mode

We now explore these aspects of dark theme briefly.

Reading made easy

Some people have reading issues and this mode can help them read words better. Although this is not a scientific fact, but it does help in a way to enhance their visibility.

There are a lot of visually impaired people around the world. Nowadays, with everything online, you want to make sure that the content has better readability for its intended audience.

That’s why dark mode can help your users even in dim lit environments.

Night visibility enhancement

A lot of people consider this as incognito or night mode where even keypads or displays get in darker shades.

This improves their visibility especially when there is no other light but from the mobile or monitor itself.

Dark is not Black, but Dark Gray

When it comes to style, black has always held its prominence. It adds a certain substance and element of elegance on the design front.

A lot of images can look powerful and so does the light-on dark color arrangement is helpful.

When a lighter font on a darker background is used, the effect is powerful and helps draw attention.

It also automatically brings attention to the content especially when majority of products are showcased on a white background.

One important point to mention in this regard is that no savvy designer would ever advice you to go for complete black. It is always a couple of shades lighter than pitch black. In essence, it is dark gray color, that is utilized as background in dark mode.

After-all, by creativity in design, you are not going to make a black-hole in the name of the website or mobile app.

Knowing what to do with Dark Theme

When as a company you decide to include both modes, it is important to understand that both light and dark themes have separate requirements.

This means you need to understand that the color scheme for buttons, fonts, images etc. will be different for both themes.

You cannot use the same colors in design arrangement for the light theme as you do for the dark theme.

A lot of companies make this crucial mistake which implies that the purpose of having dark mode is completely defeated.

Similarly, adding shadows to elements in the dark theme is a big no.

You also need to understand that both iOS and Android platform have different visualization aspects that need to be taken care of.

It is best to know that you have to pleasantly surprise users with the additions or subtractions in either design mode.

Do not let the design themes be destructive to liking of users. You do not want to shock them, because that would mean an instant switch off from the website or the mobile application.

For this reason, it is always best to test the dark UI. Get expert advice by hiring quality assurance staff who tests it and gives you viable advice which should be paid heed to by your designer(s) while laying out the design.

Want to Expand Horizons with Dark Mode design
Want to Expand Horizons with Dark Mode design


In the digital era, trends in website design and user interface design are witnessing constant transformation.

Nowadays, companies focus on customer-centric strategies from the moment business requirements are captured and design is developed.

The emphasis is towards increased user attention and ultimately build up for a higher user retention.

As time advances, every business is moving towards giving more options to users, when it involves web and UI design.

These options are not only directed towards what consumers can buy but also enriching the medium for the purchase.

Design is not just what meets the eye but also the purpose it serves in regard to its appeal, aesthetics and likability.

With the inclusion of dark mode, you are furthering your interaction and conversion chances.

The majority of web-based and mobile solutions offer this design mode to users as an add-on.

So, the users are happy with choices on the kind of display for the product.

Are you looking to expand your horizons with dark mode design? Why not go for expert-level advice from Techliance to help you get what you need? Contact us today for perfect Design and Development services through 1-week trial.

Dark Mode FAQs

What is dark mode used for?

Dark mode is a supplemental design theme that can be used to display mostly dark surfaces on the UI. This design theme reduces the light emitted by device screens It maintains the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

What color is dark mode?

A dark theme uses dark gray, rather than black, as the primary surface color for components. Dark gray surfaces can express a wider range of color, elevation, and depth. Because, it is easier to see shadows on darker gray background (instead of black backdrop).

What does dark mode do?

Light mode (dark text and UI elements on white background) is the best in terms of readability. Whereas, dark mode (light text and UI elements on dark background) is better for reducing eye strain in low light conditions. With the majority of the screen dark, the screen glare is reduced. Therefore, it minimizes flickering and blue light.