Nowadays, this is increasingly getting common for brick-and-mortar stores to aspire for their own branded mobile apps. It has become a popular trend since the COVID-19 caused lockdowns in the majority of countries. This proved online ordering and doorstep delivery as the only lifeline for the survival of millions. So, companies globally and in the United States want to add value to business with mobile apps in 2024.

Today, some businesses consider mobile apps as something specific to big brands. Essentially, they are equally important for small businesses. Remember that creating a mobile app offers your business a competitive edge over brands with no mobile presence.

If your traditional retail business already has an eCommerce website. Then, a mobile app will open a second door to online users. And, you will not have to craft a mobile application from scratch. Because you can easily turn your website into an app.

Add Value to Business with Mobile Apps - Tips to follow
Add Value to Business with Mobile Apps – Tips to follow

Strategies to achieve Business Growth through Mobile Apps

In 2020, app store ecosystem‘s billing and sales hit $643 billion worldwide, a 24% year-over-year growth from 2019. Similarly, 2020 saw the app store spending cross $143 billion internationally, which was a 20% year-over-year increase from 2019. Hootsuite’s Social media trends report 2023 reveals 92% of the time users spend on handheld devices belongs to mobile apps.

Moreover, smartphone stats clarify that mobile apps are the primary avenue for digital interaction with businesses across all niches. Large brands, small enterprises, and startups desire to add value to business with mobile apps during 2024. You can take benefit of several tactics to achieve this goal.

Let’s explain the way these approaches help you to add value to business with mobile apps for more success.

Grow Brand Visibility

A business brand comprises many constituents. For instance, logo, color scheme, design elects, and the value propositions offered through services and products. In this respect, a mobile app can play a significant role in enhancing brand visibility.

Currently, this is why building an app is so indomitable a necessity for business brands. Because mobile apps offer an engaging way for users to interact with the brand. So, this helps a business stay ahead of the competition.

Presently, a lot of small businesses are jumping on the mobile technology bandwagon. With this, they aim to ensure wider customer outreach through 2024 and for future years. Skillful mobile application developers catering to large and small-to-mid-size enterprises build unique brand value with a sophisticated customer experience.

Thanks to mobile apps, you can continue updating your brand presence with new features, content, and design elements. In this way, an app can also improve the credibility and authority of a business brand. But, most importantly, mobile apps ensure easier access to a brand.

Personalize Shopping Experience

Mobile apps open up the incredible scope of personalized shopping and customized user experience. This ensures higher user engagement and business conversions. Mobile apps powered by robust analytics engines and AI algorithms can detect customer intent and user preferences. Therefore, they can personalize certain user expectations accordingly.

Mobile apps can deliver highly personalized recommendations based upon in-app behavior. Also, they can send push notifications based upon individual user intent and context. Accordingly, mobile apps can offer a more personalized customer experience than web apps and desktop applications.

Strategies to achieve Business Growth through Mobile Apps
Strategies to achieve Business Growth through Mobile Apps

Deliver Interactive User Experience

One of the most important ways mobile apps satisfy the users is context-aware interactions. For example, push notifications and in-app messaging, etc. The push messages continue to update users about the latest happenings and offers. They help users to track the services and products with the latest updates sent through notifications.

These days, mobile apps have become more interactive thanks to chatbots. As they facilitate easy conversation and communication with the users. With the help of chatbots, a mobile app can streamline customer support and significantly reduce customer waiting time. Also, chatbots are highly effective in promoting products and services.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Although, web apps resemble mobile apps to a great extent. But, mobile apps, thanks to their easy-to-access interface, allow for any interaction to ensure higher customer satisfaction. As a result, mobile apps always help to complete tasks more efficiently.

Mobile technology helps improve customer satisfaction through smartphone-centric features. For instance, Wi-Fi, GPS, touchscreen, camera, easy-to-connect Bluetooth, and many others. Thanks to all these integrated device features, a mobile app can help us to interact more easily.

Apart from integrated device features, mobile apps are part of a greater digital ecosystem. So, this allows for easy interactions with other apps. Thanks to interconnected apps and integrated device features, mobile apps enable more efficient multitasking than their web and desktop counterparts.

Tactic: Strategies that enable Mobile Apps to drive Business

Increase User Retention

The web apps are non-committal as they are accessed through web browsers. So, they are not visible unless customers access them through internet browsers. In contrast, mobile apps are consciously downloaded and installed by the users to use them frequently. Hence, mobile apps signify far higher user retention compared to web apps.

Mobile apps offer greater privacy as they are accessed as close-in-hand tools from mobile device screens. Additionally, they come with integrated biometric features such as fingerprint scanners and Face ID detection. So, mobile apps enjoy more robust security and more data privacy than web apps and desktop software.

On top of everything, mobile apps take advantage of secure payment through mobile wallets offered by the device OS platform. For instance, iOS apps can allow users to pay through Apple Pay. Likewise, Android apps can process payments through Google Pay.

Apart from ease of making payments, mobile apps ensure optimum transaction security. So, mobile apps have more benefits than websites and desktop apps. Ultimately, all these security benefits and comfort of use result in higher user retention for mobile apps.

On-Demand Apps and Doorstep Delivery

Now, on-demand apps have made a whole economy of their own globally and in the USA. There is increasing popularity of such services and doorstep delivery of products. Starting with aggregator apps like Uber, this concept continued to extend to many other business niches.

At present, on-demand mobile apps are available for every business market. For example, food delivery, grocery delivery, professional services, and almost everything in between. Even, a rental marketplace like Airbnb has also spread the phenomena.

On-demand mobile apps have revolutionized the way people interact with mobile apps. These apps have become more or less virtual shops, service tools, personal transport, and professional equipment. So, we use them to get things done without budging our feet from the comfort of our homes.

Foster Business via Mobile Application
Foster Business via Mobile Application


Talking of 2024, everything you do or engage with in life is presented by mobile apps. How can your own business stay aloof from it? Act upon guidelines in this write-up to add value to business with mobile apps effectively.

You have a banking app to deal with all your banking needs. Equally, you use a payment app to make instant transactions. You have Uber for a cab and Grubhub to fill your stomach. You have Airbnb for booking a cost homestay and Netflix to watch the latest movie or TV show.

All these apps are fantastic brands, thanks to what they offer. People are their fans, owing to the helpful mobile shopping and incredible user experience. What about yours?

Do you want to nurture business through a mobile application? We hope you start now since it is wise to start later than never. Connect with Techliance to transform your app idea into reality.