Nowadays, it is all about being productive to the core. People want to get more out of their time. Productivity apps are best for improving work efficiency in 2021 and for the upcoming years.

Time management is a vital aspect of anyone’s routine who wants to properly utilize and manage the day. You need to bring your a-game to a certain aspect of your work, personal, or overall life.

Applications that help in maximizing potential, by giving you the most out of your day are called productivity apps. They are also known as employee productivity tools, personal productivity software, and workforce productivity apps.

IT firms worldwide offering mobile development services are coming up with state-of-the-art applications for the business sector. Whether products or custom solutions, leading software companies are also making apps that enhance productiveness and efficiency.

A lot of such apps are available in the market to enable you in capitalizing on your potential. Accordingly, they assist you in getting the most out of your workday.

Top Productivity Apps for Best Performance
Top Productivity Apps for Best Performance

Counting down on Top Productivity Apps for 2021

The digital revolution has brought many productivity applications to the forefront. Nowadays, getting the best out of yourself as resourcefully as possible is the need of the time. The decade of the 2020s is all about efficiently managing your day-to-day tasks.

Do you spend a lot of time in surfing on the internet? Are you making no progress at all with your daily workload? Do you keep using your mobile phone unnecessarily during work hours?

Distractions and time-wasting activities can end your workday with less or no performance. Whether they are entrepreneurs, startups owners, or white-collar employees; everyone suffers from diversions from daily tasks. Productivity apps come handy in getting rid of these interruptions, and keep you on course to accomplishing your goals.

We list down 10 top productivity apps that are useful for you throughout 2021. These applications are either available on iOS or Android platforms to enable users to get the maximum benefit. The best productivity apps include the following.

Let’s have a brief overview of the hot productivity apps in use for the best performance and boosting output.


It is all about collaboration with others to get the job done. Thanks to Trello, both iOS and Android users can enjoy working together through customizable boards, lists, and cards. The visual features of the app make it a great way to organize tasks on both personal and professional fronts. Trello helps everyone stay up-to-date with the progress of the project without the need for sending out emails.

Task allocation and sharing notes are some of the other features which make the app super cool for its users. Through a progressive workflow, you can create and prioritize tasks that make it easier for users to know what to do next. Tasks can also have deadlines that make it crucial for the users to complete them within the assigned due dates.


Save time while working on the recurring tasks through Zapier that lets you create a customizable automated workflow for things you usually perform manually. Manage time by downloading all email attachments to Dropbox etc. through Zapier, to avail your best time to work on other tasks to achieve more productivity.


2021 is all about going to be a way to enhance the productivity of the projects, tasks, and chores people want to achieve over a certain period of time. ToDoist is based on the same idea – keep track of everything including errands (imagine a shopping list) and even big-sized sophisticated projects between teams. It helps people achieve more.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, the app is an essential item for remembering crucial deadlines, delegating tasks to others in shared projects, overviewing a duration’s accomplishment and even allowing real-time sync between multiple devices. For better management, it even has integration on over 60 platforms.


This Artificial Intelligence (AI) led productivity app is always learning and helping you save time and effort along the way. The value and significance of the Calendar application increase with its continued usage. It provides other users to see your availability for booking a convenient time for a meeting with you.

Imagine you are stuck in a lot of tasks in parallel and are hard to get hold of by certain people. They no longer have to run after you as they can check your availability through Calendar and book a slot when you are available. Featured in CNN, Inc., and Forbes, this is the must-have scheduling app that helps you maximize your productivity and save you time along the way.


There is no denying the power of social media for established and upcoming businesses. However, updating your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages can require a lot of time which can be utilized into doing something else.

Thanks to HootSuite now you can update all these social media sites in one go without logging into each of the individual platforms. This is an amazing social media management app that helps in scheduling every post you plan for next week, month or even 3 months. The software automatically posts content at your specified time.

Mind Meister

Get your creative juices flowing any time of the day when you can brainstorm and work on a viable idea whenever your mind comes with something great. Mind Meister helps you gather your thoughts through a mind map.

This is an easy-to-use customizable app that encourages free thinking, jotting down ideas and creating a mind map to help you organize your thoughts into a substantial idea. Most of all, it helps you collaborate on your ideas so that others can also contribute and help you refine your thoughts.


Let’s admit it. A lot of us have this problem thanks to the digital age we are at. We all want things done faster without the intervention of the manual/paper-based system. Document signing is always a problem especially when you have to take a printout, sign on the document, scan it and then attach it to the document again.

HelloSign makes document signing easy without having to go through this hassle again. Your signed contracts are inside the secure HelloSign system so that you do not need any space in storing documents.


One of the most popular productivity apps, Evernote is among the best apps for taking notes. It is highly customizable and easy to use which makes it a favorite for the majority of entrepreneurs/owners, business executives, and employees around the world.


Stay connected with your team members through a messaging service which makes instant communication handy. You can create multiple communication groups and broadcast a message with a click to help everyone be on the same page regarding an important announcement, discussion, and many things. Slack is your go-to platform for collaborating and resolving problems in a jiffy.


Coming before iCloud and Google Drive; Dropbox gave users the concept of storing everything online in a secure mode that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have Internet and a device for accessing the data. Even now, Dropbox has a lot of popularity and following around the world for remaining as one of the top productivity apps for users as it allows instant access to your data for performing any type of tasks as you deem fit for the moment.

Emerging Productivity Apps for Efficient Work

These are the emergent productivity apps that can help in getting effective work yield amidst 2021.

We now explore these growing productivity apps in detail.


This is important to have a clear understanding of how you use your time in order to be more productive. Hubstaff is a powerful time tracking app that shows you all the tasks you worked on. It also keeps account of how much duration you have consumed in achieving these tasks.

Once you’ve setup your projects and tasks, you can easily track time to them through the desktop and mobile apps. With Hubstaff, you won’t have to worry about missing hours again.

It lets you see the apps and websites you spent time on while you were working. Hubstaff also has tabs on your activity rate over time.

You can customize the dashboard to display various time tracking statistics from you or your team members. GPS tracking capabilities allow you to monitor the work of mobile teams when they’re in the field.


This solution enables teams seeking ways to ultimately remain in control of the work. ProofHub is loved by users for its easy-to-operate user interface. The app brings together the various aspects of project management and team collaboration in one central place.

It has got all the bases covered from file sharing to time tracking, group chat, real-time discussions, third-party integrations, etc. Available for iOS, android and the web, ProofHub is all you need to take your productivity to the next level.


As a free cloud-based e-signature platform, Signaturely helps you get legally binding signatures on electronic documents and contracts. Save time and money by getting your documents signed online instead of in-person signing. It offers a free plan so you can get up to 3 documents signed each month at no cost.

Productivity Apps Statistics

It is number crunching time to shed light on increasing usage of mobile applications, business tools, and productivity apps internationally.

  • Business apps are second among the most popular Apple App Store categories with a 10.11% share as of August 2020.
  • The top category on Apple’s app store, games have 2 times more share with 21.86% of all mobile apps.
  • Business applications rank third among the most popular Google Play app categories with a 6.91% share as of Q3 2020.
  • Games are the leader of the pack in the Google Play store as well with a 13.44% share.
  • Education apps are the second most famous among Android apps with a 9.43% share.
  • Productivity apps have got 3.08% and 3.54% share respectively on the iOS and Android fronts.
  • Education applications are the third popular among iOS apps with an 8.68% share.

By August 2020, time spent worldwide on mobile year-over-year increased partly due to COVID-19, in comparison to August 2019. ComScore’s global state of mobile report witnessed a rise in mobile usage in the United States, Mexico, and India. This signals that mobile usage will keep growing in 2021 and future years.

This is in line with the 2017 US mobile app usage report by ComScore. 76 percent of millennials said their phone is useless without mobile apps, while 74 percent open an app when bored. This stat itself is the biggest giveaway to provide users with something useful.

Want to build high performing Productivity app
Want to build high performing Productivity app

Wrapping up Things

Users must feel motivated in performing their tasks with the best capabilities. Because productivity apps are not something boring with only a single facet of use. If utilized properly, they extend your game plan by letting you perform tasks in an efficient manner.

Your day-to-day tasks require planning, attention, and most of all proper execution. You can accomplish all these through productivity apps. For example, the breakdown of tasks for your team, plan for getting healthier, and shopping list with your partner.

Similarly, collaborating with your book editor upon the next book idea, and working together for writing the next song. Best mobile app development companies help in transforming a productivity application idea into reality.

Are you looking to create a productivity app that is the next sellout in the consumer market? But do not know your way of going about it, then contact Techliance today.

We are mobile app development experts that provide a seamless solution to your app needs. Discuss with Techliance to start on your next mobile app creation journey now.

Top Productivity Apps: FAQs
Top Productivity Apps: FAQs

Top Productivity Apps – FAQs

The following are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people seek answers for while searching for top productivity apps.

What are some productivity apps?

Some of the productivity apps include Trello, Zapier, ToDoist, Hootsuite, Slack, Toggle, HelloSign, and CloudApp.

What’s the best scheduling app?

Some of the best scheduling apps are (Android, iOS, Web), Google Calendar (Android, iOS, Web), Apple Calendar (iOS, macOS, Web), Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows), Cozi (Android, iOS, Web, Windows), My Study Life (Android, iOS, Web), Fantastical 2 (iOS, macOS), and Thunderbird Lightning Calendar (Linux, macOS, Windows).

What is the best app for to do list?

Some of the best apps for a to-do list include Todoist,, Trello, Google Keep, ToodleDo, Wunderlist, Things, and TickTick.

What are the best organizational apps?

Some of the best organizational apps are Todoist (Android, iOS: Free), (Android, iOS: Free), Drafts 5 (iOS: Free), 1Password (Android, iOS: Free), Otter Voice Notes (Android, iOS: Free), and Just Press Record (iOS: $4.99).

What is the best productivity app?

Some of the best productivity apps for better personal output involve Evernote (Android, iOS: Free), Dropbox (Android, iOS: Free), OneNote (Android, iOS: Free), Basecamp (Android, iOS: Free for subscribers), Pocket (Android, iOS: Free), LastPass (Android, iOS, Windows Phone: Free) and Fantastical 2 (iOS: $4.99).