Nowadays, modern technology has made it simpler for people to connect virtually regardless of geographical boundaries. Live streaming is serving as a popular alternative to face-to-face communication during 2024. In this write-up, we discuss the way to create a live streaming website to facilitate better communication.

People are not able to physically connect and collaborate during COVID-19, globally and in the United States. As the whole world is fighting the pandemic, so personal relationships have been greatly hampered. Thus, a live streaming portal is a lifeline for business collaborations and activities to thrive on.

This paves the path for exciting business opportunities. Companies and individuals can pursue the incredible idea of developing video streaming sites. Therefore, they can leverage the growing potential a live streaming website offers now and for future years.

How to create Live Streaming Website - The Complete Guide
How to create Live Streaming Website – The Complete Guide

Important features for Video Streaming Website in 2024

The global video streaming market was valued at $50.11 billion by 2020. The live streaming segment accounted for 61% market share. So, you can also join as a part of the billion-dollar industry.

Formulate a business plan for launching your live streaming website. The most significant thing to consider is the features your website will have. Let’s take a look at the key elements to building your live video streaming website.

Now, we briefly discuss these features.

User Accounts

Users must be able to register to your live streaming platform in the simplest way possible. Integrate social logins that allow users to sign up easily with a button click. Once logged in, allow them to add personal details, preferences, and social media links, etc.

Users must be able to search for relevant content in your live streaming platform. So, add appropriate filters that help your users to make their search easy. Moreover, adopt a smart content recommendation algorithm to offer recommendations based on the watch history and user preferences.

Live Chat

Incorporate internal chatting or messaging systems so that your users can communicate with each other during live sessions. This helps to create a real-life conversation experience online. Either, you can develop a custom chat, or integrate a third-party solution to power live chat on your website.

Important features for Video Streaming Website
Important features for Video Streaming Website

Admin Panel

This is a necessary addition to your video streaming website to manage your users efficiently. Admin panels help with user-related functions. For example, managing user profiles, offering insights into user behavior, moderating content and comments, and tracking monetary transactions, etc.

A well-built admin panel is not just limited to user-related tasks. It can also display business metrics and analytics. Additionally, it can export weekly data to create reports, for quickly modifying or deleting data.


Analytical tools are an essential feature to track the performance of live streams, user engagement, traffic spikes, and viewership. You can also use the analytics data to compare the traffic of different live broadcasts. So, this helps you to understand which type of content performs better.


Can you make money through live streaming? Yes. In case you are planning to monetize your live videos. Then, you can either give access to users for live videos through paid subscriptions or donations. To power monetary transactions in your live streaming website, you must integrate a payment gateway to enable secure payments.

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Process of Building a Live Video Streaming Website

Live streaming service offers video content in real-time facilitating users to record and broadcast videos simultaneously. Start with choosing a technology partner with a blend of expertise to create a live streaming website. Your collaborator must create a solution based on your unique requirements and customizations.

Process of Building a Live Video Streaming Website
Process of Building a Live Video Streaming Website

Let’s briefly explore the stages of the process to build a live streaming website.

Planning – Domain, Hosting & SSL

To start with, proper discovery and planning are necessary. Do thorough market research and competitor analysis. So, this will help you to decide on the desired product features.

You need to select a unique domain name for your live video streaming website. So, pick a simple domain name, as it is easy for your audience to find you online. Domain registration can cost you anywhere between $10-$100 depending on the uniqueness of the name you choose. You can look for domain names in Godaddy,,, Google domains, etc.

To live stream videos to your audience, you must leverage the support of a hosting provider. This enables you to upload, host, organize and deliver real-time content online. You can choose popular cloud hosting solutions and this would cost you around $20 every month.

Today, securing your live streaming website with SSL certificates is very important. Subsequently, you must make your website authentic and trustworthy. So, choose 128/256-bit encryptions from sites like Wildcard or GoDaddy which would cost you around $50-$80 every year.


Create an engaging design for your live streaming website by visualizing the vision of your site layout and elements. By using such inputs, you must create a wireframe for every page of your streaming website. Then, the next step is to convert wireframes to prototypes. Upon the approval of the prototype, you start developing the site.


Building a live streaming website from scratch involves dividing the development and implementation procedure into different parts. For instance, planning and investigation, front-end development, back-end development, and deployment, etc. You need to hire an expert team of project managers, designers, and developers, etc. to complete the customized project.


Next, you move to the testing phase. An expert QA and testing team is necessary to ensure the quality of the solution. So, this will assist you in executing proper use tests to validate the performance of the video streaming solution.

Launching Apps

To make it easy for your users to broadcast live, consider programming a mobile application for your live streaming website. Therefore, you must create developer accounts on the Apple app store and Google Play. This facilitates you to submit your live streaming apps to these stores.

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Alternate approach: Customizing Video Streaming Scripts

Creating a live streaming website from scratch is an extensive, time-taking, and costly method. However, there is an alternate approach that helps you save time and costs at the same time. You can craft a fully functional live streaming website to make money through live video streaming scripts also.

Using a readymade script is another way to build a live streaming website with all the essential functionalities. For example, social sign-on, seamless video streaming, security, real-time chat system, multi-device compatibility, monetization, paywall integration, admin panel, notifications, etc. Choose video streaming scripts that offer complete customization over the features you require in your live streaming website.

Launch a Video Streaming Platform
Launch a Video Streaming Platform


Video streaming websites are becoming new social platforms where people connect and build communities. Being a prospective technology, you can apply live streaming almost in all areas. For instance, entertainment, education, gaming, online retail, and so on.

A unique live streaming website that will bring you money. Hence, combine a well-planned business vision with advanced technology. Resultantly, you can provide users a high-quality live video experience.

Do you want to come up with a video streaming platform? Connect with Techliance to bring a robust live streaming site to the market. Because from ideation to deployment, we keep you get going.