We are at the brink of data explosion where we all have immense amount of data on our phones, laptops and even on cloud systems in the decade of 2020. The data has no meaning unless it is translated in an interpretable form. Being human, we are always looking for the simplest answer to everything. After-all, what does it really mean if it can not be comprehended by us? To make sense of things around us, we need machines and computers to perform better and faster. This is what artificial intelligence (AI) is all about: making machines think like us but with their exponential computing capacity they have a higher precedence in creating logic that surpasses human capabilities.

What is Artificial Intelligence - Common Uses of AI
What is Artificial Intelligence – Common Uses of AI

Artificial Intelligence is Partner in Disease control

In the times of a global pandemic, we are just confined to base level safety measures of staying home. But technology is still there to aid and comfort us in the wake of Coronavirus.

Let’s apply AI to the COVID-19 situation, and all those crafty super computers have ensured humans know about the spike of the pandemic in each country, and the overall spread. AI is also helping in the prediction of how much time it will take for the nightmare to end, or at least come under effective control.

The medical staff is able to devise medicines that are going through human trials with the anticipation of a cure by next year. The world of science and technology is playing a vital role alongside humans as artificial intelligence solutions are being incorporated for the cure and prevention of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is just one of the prominent examples of how machines are made to think like humans. With a wide spectrum of allowing diverse functionalities, AI can help us in high quality of life on various dimensions.

Basic Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence Software

Let’s face it, mankind has its limitations. We get tired, we have emotions, we have to consume food and drink to retain energy and we also need to socialize and unwind. Humans cannot work tirelessly like machines. However, until the concept of AI was not fully evolved, machines had to be run by humans through a set of commands and programs.

This meant that human intervention was an absolute essential trigger for machines and devices. However, now that machines have human-like capabilities; artificial intelligence software has become one of the most useful inventions of the century.

Basic Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence Software
Basic Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Phone Software

It is to quite a surprise that we do not even know the extent of AI embedded software in our lives that we daily interact with for getting our tasks done. It is that flawless, rather an innate spur of the moment thing that happens without us even thinking about it. You have Siri or Alexa that constantly interact with you on your mobile phone.

Then Google Maps help you navigate to your destination and even suggest you alternate routes based on any impediments, traffic jams or road blocks along the way. This is the marvel of science that you bypass without thinking the amount of data that your machine has computed and given you an intelligent response in less than a second’s time.

The Future is Artificial Intelligence

As part of the Software Development Services, the primary objective of any AI software is to allow accelerated research and discover of information. However, the interaction with the machines has also become more sophisticated and enriched. We have all marveled at the most human-like machine bots that are usually shown in sci-fi movies.

Although, we are quite far from having such robots interact with us on a one-on-one basis for now. However, when we talk to Siri and Alexa; we already feel that they are as human in their voice and conversation as possible. We are not far from the day we will be having more intimate interactions with chatbots and other AI-embedded software.

Another aspect of the artificial intelligence systems is to recommend with confidence certain choices based on the data that they already have collected. This allows customization as per the behavior of the user they have interacted with.

AI software even is able to detect liabilities and mitigate risks. One of the most crucial aspects is to allow machines to care and recommend choices that best conform to safety standards. Ultimately, it is about giving humans the necessary comfort without exposing them to any safety hazard.

The Future is Artificial Intelligence
The Future is Artificial Intelligence

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Need trailblazing AI embedded Software solution
Need trailblazing AI embedded Software solution


Innovation is the key force for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital world. In 2020, AI powered solutions will continue to remain as one of the most sought-after software in the world. Apart from the most obvious factor of ease of use, these solutions also provide users with an enriched experience by providing numerous choices as per their requirements.

With time, human beings want to simplify their transactions, daily tasks and various operations they have been performing manually. The concept of automation is further driven by Artificial Intelligence that not only automates mundane tasks but takes it one notch further by being in an advisory position to produce more efficient results.

In future, we can all anticipate AI to be an active participant in our daily lives as it presents us with ease, flexibility and customized choices. Eventually, AI will be a game changer once it is incorporated in VR/AR solutions. This will further drive the industry towards integrated software for common usage.

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