It is 2024 and the competition in the eCommerce market is fierce. There is zero tolerance when it comes to spending as all companies want a higher ROI. Banking on the best eCommerce platforms for the shopping cart solutions helps big time in this quest.

To keep up with modern trends, companies are now shifting towards eCommerce software solutions.

Because these are your one-stop answer to providing means for managing website, marketing, sales and operations all under one umbrella.

Above-all, eCommerce Development remains one of the primary business expanding areas for companies.

Therefore, it has led to the emergence and success of the E-commerce platforms around the world.

Most importantly, we now list down the 10 leading eCommerce platforms for 2024 worldwide.

This listing follows the website adoption rates from the 2017 global eCommerce market share study by Statista.

Best eCommerce Platforms - Spotlight on Leaders
Best eCommerce Platforms – Spotlight on Leaders

Rewards of best eCommerce Platforms during 2024

People like to purchase and sell items from the comfort of their homes, so eCommerce has become essential these days.

Greatest e-commerce platforms are your safest play for running successful businesses without problems.

Through integration of common business tools, they enable centralization of operations in timely manner.

This pack of the best eCommerce platforms are set to remain the top shopping cart software for the decade of 2020.

However, there may be position swapping, here and there.

In essence, the eCommerce platform market leaders are forecast to continue among the chart toppers.

We had written about top 5 shopping cart software in an earlier post.

WooCommerce had been winner in that list, while Shopify was runner-up, and Wix came third.

Now, let’s explore the cream of the crop of eCommerce platforms in detail.


This is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress with clients from small to large scaled businesses.

Popularity of WooCommerce remains in its simplicity and also in the fact that it is highly customizable.

Being a free-base product with round 330 extensions and over 1000 plugins.

Apart from this, there are a vast number of paid addons that can be availed on fixed prices.

Several premium themes are available that offer full compatibility with this eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce also includes extensions for memberships.

Consequently, these can enable companies to restrict access of certain parts of their websites and allow access to other areas.


Being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms across the globe, Shopify lands on second spot.

It allows companies to expand to e-commerce horizons with a quick launch of their online store.

Usually small to medium sized companies prefer Shopify over alternatives.

Because it accommodates their businesses with highly customized features that suit low order volumes.

The monthly pricing for Shopify is anywhere between $29-299.

Cost depends on the extensiveness in features selected by you.


A namesake among chief open source eCommerce platforms, Magento powers some of the awesome-level storefronts.

However, it requires programmer and specialized developer resources.

This is unlike Shopify and WooCommerce, where you can plug-and play for customizable e-commerce platform experiences.

But Magento remains popular for enterprise sellers as it allows offering discounts, supporting recurring payments, unlimited product listings.

Basic version of Magento is absolutely free.

While the enterprise version can cost $20,000 annually.

So, this makes it an ideal choice for large-scaled businesses and retail stores.


A rather popular e-commerce platform for small to medium sized businesses, MonsterCommerce helps them in developing a specialized eCommerce software.

The platform also provides design services for planning the overall design layout for your e-commerce website.

MonsterCommerce also provides SEO, merchant accounts and SSL security features for its valuable clients.


Marketed as a “complete” e-commerce platform, VirtueMart must be used together with the Joomla content management system.

Both of these platforms are free for download and are suitable for companies of any magnitude.

VirtueMart can run as a shopping cart or a catalog – whatever befits the business requirements.

It provides variety of features, while some of these features are very basic.

These include addition of product description, attaching multimedia, gathering customer feedback.

Whereas, VirtueMart also offers some high-level features such as product promotion, coupon codes, SEO etc.


The award-winning open source with open invite e-commerce platform, PrestaShop facilitates companies to run their eCommerce businesses.

Over 300,000 e-commerce stores across the world are witness to its increasing presence.

PrestaShop is on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in Europe.

The company also received the 2016 CMS Critic Award for the best e-commerce Software.

Available in more than 60 languages, it is truly an international platform for businesses to engage, aspire and uplift the retail shopping experience.

PrestaShop has more than three hundred built-in features for managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.

It uses a web template system that allows users to customize store themes and add new features through add-on modules.

The addons marketplace of PrestaShop provides a medium for third-party developers to sell themes and modules to merchants.

Wix Stores

Display your products in stunning galleries, manage your inventory and orders in a professional dashboard; providing customers with secured checkout through Wix Stores.

With it you can create your store by adding products with up to 15 images, prices, and options in terms of the size and color of the product.

You are able to set up payment methods with the storefront’s shipping and tax rules.

The admin dashboard enables you to view orders, and track and manage the orders through the online store.

All this comes with zero cost.

Yes, managing your online store through Wix eCommerce is free.

A premium plan of Wix Stores is also available that offers more features for a cost of $23 per month.


As a top e-commerce platform, BigCommerce allows you to create an ultimate shopping cart software.

It gives you variety of options for setting up your store, adding products, and making money through your website.

With tons of built-in features and data tools, BigCommerce is best for large or fast-growing businesses.

It also allows them to utilize the full power of social media exposure.

On the other hand, BigCommerce can be difficult for beginners, due to the complex terminology and advanced feature-set.

It provides free trial but starting price of BigCommerce is $35 onwards.


Providing an easy forum for merchants and customers to freely interact, OpenCart is an open source platform with a user-friendly interface.

It has highly capable SEO features to help companies expand their horizons in the retail world.

OpenCart is free under the GNU General Public License with support for different languages and currencies.


The last eCommerce platform on our list, osCommerce has over 300,000 stores under its umbrella.

With over 9000 add-ons, it allows companies to have complete control of their online store and data.

osCommerce is completely free and companies of any size can take up the challenge of developing their online store through this platform.

Emerging eCommerce Platforms of 2024

The following eCommerce platforms are the upcoming players, that are powering online retail and related storefronts.

Now, we discuss these emergent eCommerce contenders briefly.


Standing out among other distinguished eCommerce platforms, 3dcart delivers complete freedom.

Namely, it gives merchants the liberty to precisely build the kind of online store they want.

The software comes bundled with a comprehensive selection of features, which all enable extensive customization and optimization.

Another way in which Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) provides freedom is in scalability.

Businesses of any size can benefit from utilizing the platform, from single-person operations to industry giants.

Its scalability even allows businesses to grow from the former to the latter without any artificial inhibitions, unlike many other eCommerce platforms.

Users can test-drive the software with a 15-day free trial.

If they like what they see, they can sign up for one of five major payment tiers offered by 3dcart.

They range in monthly price from $19.99, for the Startup Store, to $229, for the Pro Store.

Anyone interested in 3dcart may also want to watch out for their frequent holiday promotions, which may offer discounted prices for several months.


Similarly, as a feature-packed online marketplace platform, the fully scalable eCommerce solution Yo!Kart fulfills the diverse requirements of the entrepreneurs.

This eCommerce platform has been curated with top most market research and development skills.

Yo!Kart is an entirely customizable e-commerce marketplace that allows business owners to make changes as per their requirements.

It is a licensed based and self-hosted eCommerce platform, that provides a high level of security and flexibility for scaling your business.

The functionality and feature-set of this eCommerce marketplace offers a seamless experience to the users, consequently letting them grow globally.

Yo!Kart comes bundled with benefits like separate vendor storefront, abandoned cart recovery, product catalog, multiple payment gateways, multi-lingual, and much more.

It drives thousands of e-commerce marketplaces all across the globe, with clients primarily from SMBs and large enterprises.

The base package of Yo!Kart starts from $999.

A special startup package for budding entrepreneurs with several functionalities is available at $500.

Besides, all packages include free technical support for one year.

Quick eSelling

The turnkey e-commerce software, Quick eSelling helps in launching online stores with quick and simple setup.

It is a hosted eCommerce platform that comes with a single dashboard for the website and mobile apps.

Benefits are installation in 10 mins, wide range of features, support for third-party APIs, and dedicated marketing dashboard with automation.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Quick eSelling has helped 15,000 businesses come online.

Its target audience are startups, small and mid-size businesses.

Moreover, Quick eSelling provides a free plan to set up an e-commerce store on sub domain under itself.

Free package has features like – 1000 product catalog, a native android app, and a responsive website.

In addition, Quick eSelling has three different pricing packages starting from $199 to $599 per month.

Want an eCommerce Website to be Gateway for large Audience?
Want an eCommerce Website to be Gateway for large Audience?

Wrapping Up

To sum up, there is no denying to the fact that eCommerce software solutions are most sought-after software services in the tech industry.

These allow businesses to put themselves in front of the shoppers.

After-all, higher ROI drives businesses at the present time.

Finally, businesses strive to find innovative ways for selling, that boost return on investment.

Through internet, it has become possible to have a higher reach of consumers, by allowing people from any geographical location.

Nowadays, users can browse through catalogs and order for products, that they can receive at their respective locations.

Do you want a powerful eCommerce website to be your gateway for larger audience in 2024 and future?

In short, you will be looking for finding ways to gain more user traction. However, you need to do it in the right manner.

What other way than to let experts do this job for you?

Talk to Techliance, a renowned name among the eCommerce development companies in USA, in detail today.

In conclusion, let’s start a brainstorming discussion about your eCommerce business needs.

A complimentary free 1-week trial awaits you.