Software development solutions have always had the intent of helping in greater good for mankind. However, there are some instances where there is hindrance in the natural routine of human beings causing disruption in daily lives of everyone. One such outbreak known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken over the world where majority of countries are battling this pandemic at the moment. There is major concern as Coronavirus disrupts tech industry worldwide.

What started as the viral outbreak in China has spread out across all continents, affecting lives and routines of people all over the world. The only way to stop the spread is isolation, lesser interaction, going out and breaking away from our normal routines of work and leisure. Novel Coronavirus is an unfortunate reality that can be fatal if not taken seriously, consequences of which have been faced through deaths of thousands of people across the globe.

In order to shut the effects of Coronavirus; it requires complete isolation – people are encouraged to stay home and avoid any gatherings of any sort. This also causes issues for tech industry where collaboration, solution development and software development services are the only way forward for the IT companies.

Coronavirus disrupts Tech Industry - Solutions for IT Firms
Coronavirus disrupts Tech Industry – Solutions for IT Firms

Events Cancellation, Postponement or being held Online due to Coronavirus

Almost all companies have decided to limit their business plans including travels, launches and any kind of projects that require extensive 1-1 collaboration between various units and departments. This includes Apples, Amazon, Cargill, Salesforce and Twitter as the big guns to taking serious precautions against the Coronavirus.

As a result, technology companies are cancelling major tech events such as Mobile World Congress (held in Barcelona). While some technology industry events are now being held as online events only such as Google Next and Adobe Summit. Some events are being indefinitely postponed such as Game Developer Conference.

Mobile Phone can spread Coronavirus

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the only way to combat the virus is by regularly washing hands in the standard way. However, one thing that is totally overlooked is your mobile phone that is continuously held by consumers around the world.

In a way, your mobile phone has equal chances of contagion, leading on the virus and bacteria to remain in contact with you. As a result, there has been several posts and awareness messages on proper cleaning of your mobile phone screens. This can ensure that you remain safe from the Coronvirus and its harmful effects.

Tech Giants troubled by Coronavirus

The major IT guns that are on the receiving end of big blows as Coronavirus disrupts tech industry are the following.

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
Tech Giants facing the Heat over Coronavirus
Tech Giants facing the Heat over Coronavirus

Let’s explore what repercussions these big names in the technology industry have faced in the wake of Coronavirus.


Since its origin in China, any of the companies associated with Chinese export market have faced the hardest blow. For example, Apple has extensive hardware and factory establishments in Shenzhen, China. So, the supply of iPhone around the world became extremely poor because of the direct exposure to the Chinese market.

This is why Apple’s investors have faced severe loses during this quarter. In fact, Apple has closed all 42 stores in China. Apple is projecting lower than planned sales numbers for the first time in 16 years, mostly due to declining sales in China.


Personal computing is one third of Microsoft’s revenue which is severely affected thanks to the hardware products such as laptops and surface tablets that are usually manufactured and assembled in China. Since, China has been the center point of the outbreak, which has resulted in major closing of all sort of operations within the country, Microsoft has faced major loses in their revenue stream for this quarter.


Coronavirus fears have forced Facebook to cancel one of its advertising events as well as its annual F8 conference. The conference is one of the most pinnacle events for the company and is hosted by Mark Zuckerberg himself. It is the signature meetup where Facebook’s latest product and future road-map is unveiled to the world.


There are some of the stringent measures taken up by Amazon to ensure that its employees remain safe and away from the Coronavirus outbreak. Amazon has strictly made no travel policy whether it be domestic or international travel for its employees. However, being one of the largest online retail stores of the world, the company has faced loss in revenue because of various logistics and operations constraints that were consequences of this policy.

Information technology services globally have been shaken up Coronavirus. However, the companies with hardware and logistics as primary services have faced more issues in comparison to software companies.

As a result, software development services rendered by IT companies have been able to see high percentage of substance, partly because of the work from home facility provided by companies to their employees. The only simple rule is: have a stable internet connection and your laptop plugged in to ensure it stays on power without any interruption.

Resolutions for Tech Disruption sans Coronavirus

The following are the remedies for the IT work environment related problems as Coronavirus disrupts tech industry throughout the world.

  • Work from Home for IT Workforce
  • Outsourcing the IT Operations
Resolutions for Tech Disruption amid Coronavirus
Resolutions for Tech Disruption amid Coronavirus

We now go over these solutions for the technology firms haunted by Coronavirus briefly. These steps can also benefit B2B and B2C companies that require tech solutions.

Work from Home for IT Workforce

The show must go on, there is work to be done and people need salary in order to keep themselves afloat. Because of the severity of this pandemic, tech industry is greatly suffering. However, by taking all kinds of precautionary measures, the virus spread has been curtailed through discouraging of hand shaking and keeping a minimum distance of 3 to 6 feet between people.

As already mentioned, a lot of IT companies are now encouraging their employees to work from home. A leading example includes Twitter which has published a company-wide policy for employees to continue their jobs by staying online and working from home.

Outsourcing the IT Operations

In some cases, a lot of companies also may want to venture out after Coronavirus by hiring offshore IT resources. This can speed up the software development process which may be suffering because of the unavailability of the existing staff.

Losses in Tech vertical by Coronavirus

Majority of hardware products will be delayed in the market as Coronavirus disrupts tech industry. These include IoT products, wearables such as smart watches, Bluetooth ear phones with stringent decline in production during first quarter of 2020.

Notebooks and LCD monitors can undergo a predicted shipment fall of 27.5 million USD. Notebooks will be short by 35 to 30 million units in Q1 2020.

Smartphones production is expected to decline by 12 percent year-over-year in 2020, to have the lowest output for a quarter in the past five years.


Coronavirus is a serious viral outbreak that must be dealt with extreme caution and application of instructions as published by WHO. However, it is also important for all of us to take extreme precautionary measures on an individual basis to remain safe from this outbreak. As a result, majority of businesses have also taken a hit which is undeniable in the latest statistics from various companies from the Tech sector.

Need expert Software Developers for IT Solutions to serve Tech Industry
Need expert Software Developers for IT Solutions to serve Tech Industry

It is important for all of us to remain on same stance for eradicating COVID-19. It is our civic responsibility to stay safe and ethical in these stringent times. Techliance promotes a healthy and safe environment for its staff involved in software development and IT services.

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