A befitting Chinese proverb: “Don’t listen to what they say, go see” sums up our theme for today’s blog post: travel. In today’s fast paced lives, travelling not only presents opportunity to visit a new place but it also has immense capability of allowing an individual to unwind and relax as well as get in touch with their inner self at the same time. In order to plan your vacation right from the comfort of your home, there are many types of travel mobile apps that allow you to explore various vacation spots under your time and budget constraints.

Some of these vacation apps help you book for your trip as well. However, many travelers don’t just want to have a vacation if they can’t share their priceless moments with their friends and family on the go. You want to be able to make important connections with your loved ones so that they are also part of the journey as you explore a new destination.

The primary objective of travel app development to create the mobile apps that allow users to browse, book and share their recreation tours. The following are some travel mobile apps that are useful for preserving and sharing your tour memories with the family and friends.

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • PhotoRocket
  • Group Travel Videos
  • EntourageBox
  • Cluster
Travel Mobile Apps for Sharing the Tour Memories
Travel Mobile Apps for Sharing the Tour Memories

Let’s take a look at these travel memory sharing apps in detail now.


This app is all about sharing photos that can be done either for a private audience or a customized group of people. Flickr is completely free but it is one of the best travel memory sharing apps as it’s easy to use with a convenience of sharing pictures after every trip. By specifying your target audience, you can create a special segment of pictures only for your close friends and family.


No travel mobile app list can be without Instagram. Although its primarily for uploading pictures but since it’s a very popular app that can be used even for capturing your entire travel experience through pictures and videos that you make on the fly.

A lot of pictures trend through Instagram thanks to the unique hashtag you can create for uploading your picture. A lot of celebrities and their pictures go viral thanks to Instagram and it gives you the chance to do the same for yourself without costing a dime.


The biggest social media platform even after more than a decade, Facebook is all about sharing content with the world – be it your friends, followers or even users on your fan page. It enables you to tag pictures so that relevant people are part of your photo and even get a notification that they are tagged.

You can even check-in the time, date and location information of a picture to encapsulate your picture memory. Facebook even extends itself a travel mobile app with Moments that allows you to do the same in the easiest manner.


A lot of times we want to be able to connect a social media platform to your travel app, this is what PhotoRocket allows you to do as you are able to add photos from your hard drive or Facebook account. This app prompts users to create an account so that you can easily share photos with other users. It also allows users to contribute to an existing album so that all users are able to add pictures collectively and make the most out of the captured memories.


This app is all about connecting Amazon, Dropbox or Google Drive with your user account so that sharing pictures with the right audience is hassle free. EntourageBox does not even require users to open an account. You just need an email address and some basic knowledge of transferring your photos from a DSLR, smartphone and laptop.

Group Travel Videos

This travel app is all about creating videos from compiling your travel pictures into a movie. So, thanks to Group Travel Videos, your pictures tell your story of the entire travel adventure. You can stream your videos on any device as the GTV app has both iOS and Android versions available.

This app also has facility of getting your own personalized DVD of your entire trip to keep as memento. Group Travel Videos is an ideal tourism app for tour operators who can customize DVD with their branding for free promotion and marketing of their company for future tours. This is a cool mobile application for students and travelers who get to share pictures with their friends and family using the free app and website.

Group Travel Videos is all about making connection on a personal level. Techliance stands proud of being the Software Solutions Provider for GTV website and mobile app.


The last travel app on this list, Cluster is all about collaborative photo-sharing front where you can create albums based on photos shared on your device – which are simply called as clusters. These clusters are created according to a very precise time and date. Hence you can pick out the friends that were with you at that particular time.

So that your buddies are part of the album along with any possible pictures they may have uploaded on their account too. Talk about taking travel collaboration to the next level.


Often, travel companies want to create travel apps that are only pertaining to singular aspect for users. Some apps are very good in providing travel resort ideas, while some are very apt in hotel bookings and then there are some that allow collaboration between various users to plan vacation. However, most of these vacation apps lack this common aspect: sharing memories and moments.

Have stellar Travel App Idea for Tourism industry
Have stellar Travel App Idea for Tourism industry

At day-end, it is important for users to celebrate their moments with their loved ones. Imagine going on a vacation where you are missing your friends, or having had to go on an official trip leaving your spouse behind. Although your loved ones are away from you, but having a credible photo sharing app at your convenience can be a big help for users.

You might have a stellar idea to expanse your travel and touring agency with a mobile app. However, it is all about perfect execution of your app idea. At times, you are working in parallel on day-to-day operations, logistics and sales.

It becomes cumbersome to look onto the bigger picture of having a mobile app. This can put you at par with your competition, and can eventually hand you an advantage in the consumer market.

In such a situation, it is always best to seek help from a seasoned IT company that can help you in creating the required mobile app. It not only positively reflects on your existing business but also allows you to engage, encapsulate and capture your target audience. That’s where Techliance comes into the picture. Talk to us today for flawless execution of your travel app idea.