Open-source and high-level computer language, Python supports object-oriented and other common procedural programming paradigms. Its syntax is excellent and simple to understand to code, even if you are a beginner. There are many resources to learn Python, including several online ways through 2024.

Python was created by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum in 1991. It has a huge sprawling programming library as well as a wide range of built-in modules. This is incredibly important if you need to solve any problems that the standard offering features can’t resolve. So, it generally makes your time programming in it a lot easier.

Another important feature of python is its portability. You can run its code anywhere and on any platform. That’s why the usage of Python in the United States and globally is huge across all industries.

Python is powering general software development and advanced website development solutions. It is serving many use cases in North America, Europe, and the world.

Moreover, the developer community of Python is growing rapidly in 2024, just like the previous years. The good news for businesses is that it will keep budding in the future times. So, plenty of Python developers will be available to serve you.

Best Resources to Learn Python
Best Resources to Learn Python

Top Resources to Learn Python during 2024

Python’s developer forums are great at sharing resources. Similarly, you can consider learning from Python experts, having exposure to multiple business domains.

Here are some of the top resources to learn Python, that can help you get started in your programming journey.

Let’s discuss these finest resources to learn Python right now.

Basic concepts to Python libraries, the official website covers everything. Freshers to Python can begin from authorized documentation of Python. It is even handy for established programmers because of loads of reference materials.


Yes, Google has a Python class of its own. This is a great way to have experts’ opinions on how you should learn the Python language.

The class includes stuff like lectures, written down materials, and a ton of code exercises. So, you can practice what you have learned in Python.


The leader in web programming education, W3Schools have a tutorial for Python (with quiz and exercises). A big draw here is that they are completely free to learn. Though drawback is that it doesn’t have the interactivity and ease of use that some others on our list have.

Nevertheless, the learning track is extensive and covers pretty much everything regarding Python coding. W3Schools also has a course for Python. Obtaining a certificate costs money though.


For an affordable fee (relatively speaking) you can choose from many Python courses at Udemy. The most popular one is Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python. It is considered best for both beginner programmers and professional developers.

You get a certificate after you are done with learning and have completed the course. This improves your skillset and can boost your career.


Online learning platform edX offers some great free courses and programs for Python. You can also take benefit of more in-depth stuff. But if you are chasing complete certification, then you will have to pay.

The beginner course is called Introduction to Python programming. It has a ton of articles and worthy on-demand videos. You can access any of this either on your PC or your smartphone, which is a huge advantage.


Envato Tuts+ is an amazing tutorial website that provides you with a ton of valuable information about Python. This will help you in your quest to learning Python.

Furthermore, Tuts+ courses have a syllabus so you can keep track and know what type of resource to use where. It is great for both beginner and veteran Python coders.

A Byte of Python

This is a completely free Python eBook that is great if you are just beginning your programming journey. A Byte of Python is not as comprehensive as some other things here but is a good kickstart. This amazing book covers a lot of the language features a mint fresh programmer can pick up on early on.


Evolving eLearning portal Codecademy provides several esteemed resources & courses for the Python language. It also has a sorting quiz that enables you to decide where to start. Equally, you can discuss problems with other members in the community forum to seek solutions.


As we mentioned in the beginning, free and the low-cost resources of the Python communities are vast. They come both from new and seasoned software developers. That said, there are a lot of great podcasts that you can listen to. Some of them are Talk Python to Me, Podcast.__init__, Python Bytes, Django Riffs, PG Podcast, etc.

Statistics of Python for 2024

Python is the driving force behind many cutting-edge data science applications and IoT systems. It is also running forward-looking artificially intelligent systems and machine learning (ML) solutions.

It is among the leading programming languages worldwide. These stats prove the popularity of Python amidst 2024.

Build innovative Web-centric and smart Data-backed solutions
Build innovative Web-centric and smart Data-backed solutions


Python is the programming language of the future, there is no doubt about that. We have listed leading resources to learn Python here. Hopefully, this will make learning Python as pain-free as you like. Because it is no accident that programmers use and the available content and online tools to transition to Python.

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