The ongoing battle of Android vs iOS never seems to end. The two sides always have had the strongest arguments that make the battle an interesting one to follow. It started out as a huge tilted obvious win for iOS. However, in recent years Android has put on its boxing gloves to come out as the emergent winner in the competition.

Being the two most popular platforms in the market, both Android and iOS have their strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of companies providing custom mobile app development services for both platforms. As a result, the Information Technology industry has divided opinions when it comes to Android or iOS.

Android-powered devices have the highest share in the global market of mobile phones. The International Data Corporation (IDC)’s 2019 forecast of smartphone global market share claims that 86.7% of the global mobile users will possess Android devices. It estimates iOS devices will comprise 13.3% of smartphones worldwide in 2019. DeviceAtlas analyzes that Android and iOS have tight head-to-head competition for mobile market share in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Android vs iOS - Android beats iOS in Mobile Platform Wars
Android vs iOS – Android beats iOS in Mobile Platform Wars

Mobile OS Features: Android vs iOS

Let’s break down the features provided by each of the mobile platforms and how they compare with each other in terms of functionality.

  • Phone assistant
  • Technology adaptation
  • Battery life
  • Screen size
  • User experience
  • Storage capacity
  • Phone accessories
  • Security and privacy
  • GPS navigation
  • Value for money
  • Market resale value

Now we explore these aspects of mobile platforms in detail that truly define the winner of the Android vs iOS showdown.

Phone assistant: Google Assistant defeats Siri in Android vs iOS battle

Nowadays, the concept of your Phone Assistant is nothing short of your personal secretary following you literally everywhere. iOS has Siri battling it out with Google Assistant in this domain. Both have AI and voice interfacing. However, Google trumps this aspect by providing you an assistant that makes life easier.

Backed by the powerful Google engine, Google Assistant has the precision to the core in helping you align your appointments, amusing you, and notifying you about important events so that you stay at the top of your game. Siri is good but not that effective in comparison to Google Assistant. With every update of iOS, Siri gets better but this round is won by Android hands down.

Technology adaptation

We are inching closer to the advent of 5G technology. So, embracing of 4G is extremely important in our device and app experience. Android was smart in offering a 4G LTE experience way before iOS. As a result, Android offered extremely high-speed internet to consumers and capture a huge market share along the way. As a technology torchbearer, Android has always been able to quickly come up with solutions for embracing new trends in technology and has great plans for 5G as well.

Battery life

A smartphone in today’s world is nothing less of a necessity. It is your window to the world and helps you perform multiple operations in one go. We have come a long way from the good old days of the Nokia 3310 and we want longer battery life for your device.

If you are a mobile app developer, then you probably have heard the long debate about coding smartly so that the app performs efficiently in terms of space and consuming resources of the mobile phone. However, the phone’s operating system plays a huge part in how the entire device works and consumes battery life.

In this scenario, Android is once again a winner. Android models offer high-capacity batteries that work longer than their iPhone counterparts. Moreover, Android also facilitates battery replacement which is an impossibility for iPhone unless you take the phone for repairs to an expert in the market.

Screen size

Why did Pluto lose out on being called one of the planets in the solar system? It is only because of its size. Well, we just presented you with a nerd fact here. We now resume our discussion between Android vs iOS where this fact also holds relevance.

Big screens are the biggest giveaway for Android devices. In fact, a new emerging trend is called phablet which is like a hybrid between a phone and tablet device. If you are looking for a big smart screen then Android is your go-to phone as it allows for bigger screens while iPhone has relatively smaller screen sizes for its consumers.

Screen Size matters in Mobile Platform selection
Screen Size matters in Mobile Platform selection

User experience

Mobile development services are heavily reliant on enhanced user experience. Usability is the most important factor that determines how the market perception of the product will be. A positive experience takes the product by storm and allows it to be a market hit while a negative experience makes the product a total miss.

Android devices are all about the customization of the overall look and feel of the device. However, Apple and its iPhone do not allow customizing its default apps like Android phones. But it makes up for this factor by the elegance and highest attention to detail with the device’s overall aesthetics. In fact, consumers of both products feel the user experience is a class apart. In this aspect of the Android and iOS comparison, both mobile platforms are at a tie.

Storage capacity

This one is also under Android’s win simply because the iPhone does not allow upgrading the storage space. However, Android has regard for allowing its users to upgrade their device’s storage capacity. But the trade-off is that the Android devices are not as elegant or stylish as iPhone or iOS smart devices.

Phone accessories

In the next round between the Android versus iPhone battle, we discuss the phone accessories. A smartphone needs to have some accessories such as speakers, battery cases, or extra charging cables. Android has a huge number of accessories to choose from because it allows USB ports for connecting with other devices such as laptops, other phones, chargers, monitor devices, etc.

Apple has a limit in this regard as it has a proprietary lightning port that connects with accessories. This means that there are not many accessories that work with the iPhone.

Phone Accessories play a role in choosing the Mobile Platform
Phone Accessories play a role in choosing the Mobile Platform

Security and privacy

If you want to hire a mobile developer for your app development, then you have an idea about what is needed. The top-most priority for developing any software is security. Android devices are not as secure as their iPhone counterparts. However, this does not mean the iPhone is less prone to security attacks. It only means that Android devices are more vulnerable to data breaches and privacy concerns. Android makers are continuously working on removing vulnerabilities and making devices secure.

GPS navigation

Both Android and iOS devices have built-in GPS and map apps that are supported by third-party GPS systems. Consumers are happy with Google Maps and Apple Maps apps that are accurate to the core by providing directions. In fact, Google Maps is also available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms with almost identical experiences.

Value for money

When the iPhone came into the market, it was branded as a stylish elegant phone that brand-conscious people want to have. It has always been in the market with a higher price range in comparison to its Android counterparts. Android phones are a lot cheaper and mostly cover the same kind of features as provided by the iPhone. However, there are some features that may not be available on Android devices. But what would you rather have as a trade-off?

Some high-fi feature-set that is only exclusive to your device or a relatively cost-effective Android handset that has some great features? Moreover, as part of custom mobile application development services; many companies are now developing Android apps that have extensive par-level features to give competition to iOS devices.

Market resale value

This one is a no-bummer; iPhones keep their resale value while Android phones tend to lose out their value from the day you buy them. But this again is a trade-off as you pay more for an iPhone than you do for an Android device.

Android vs iOS – FAQs

Mobile users seek answers to the following frequently asked questions (FAQs), when doing an Android vs iOS comparison.

Which is better iOS or android?

iOS is a more secure operating system while Android has a fragmented OS which makes the development harder. As iOS is consistent across all Apple devices and easier to update whenever a new update is released, iOS is better than Android in this aspect. If you engage an expert-level mobile application development company, then you can be guaranteed of developing a product that is more viable to provide a full-front defense against security breaches.

Why is Android better than iOS?

In a nutshell, Android beats iOS because it provides more flexibility, functionality, and freedom of choice.

Is Android or iOS more popular?

Android phones are more famous worldwide as compared to iOS devices. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that Android has an 86.7% share of the global mobile market versus a 13.3% share by iOS. The two have a neck-to-neck competition in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Any dip in iOS popularity is capitalized by Android. For example, in the UK, there’s now just a 0.32% difference between the two mobile OS giants. In Canada, it’s also tight with only a 1.41% market share between them.

Want to make a robust Native App or PWA
Want to make a robust Native App or PWA

Final Remarks

There is a reason behind Apple’s market prominence – it is all about branding. Apple has created such a positive market image that its converted market segment refuses to go to other devices. However, in the last few years, Android devices have picked up on the market pulse by allowing highly economical solutions in parallel.

They are equally appealing in terms of usability, user experience, and many other factors. Top Android App Development Companies can craft a mobile application that can appeal to a large user base. As Android has more market presence globally than iOS.

It is a personal choice to either go for Android or an iOS device. The points mentioned in this article advocate the many reasons why the Android versus iPhone battle has many wins for Android devices in the market. To make the most of the potential that mobile applications can offer a company, you must create smart apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Are you looking for flawless mobile application development for Android, iOS, or hybrid platforms? Then worry not and contact Techliance today. Together we can make this happen and get success.