In today’s time, one of the most popular or useful ways of application development is cross-platform development. As the name suggests, cross-platform is the practice or process of creating software products or services for multiple platforms. Cross-platform development saves a lot of time for the developers and also provides a more futuristic approach to the businesses. There is no doubt that React Native is best for cross-platform mobile apps in 2024.

Now, it is time to choose the right platform for creating cross-platform applications. The first and foremost name that clicks in mind is React Native. Yes, React Native is an ideal solution for building cross-platform mobile applications. It is one of the most preferred frameworks utilized by developers for delivering creative apps.

Developers like this framework because it comprises various unique features and benefits. One such benefit is that the framework allows developers to write the code once. They can use the same code for both iOS and Android mobile applications.

Why React Native is best for Cross-platform Mobile Apps
Why React Native is best for Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Benefits of Cross-platform App Development during 2024

In case you are planning to design a mobile application for your business growth. Then make sure that it is designed to work efficiently on cross-platforms. Some of the key benefits to choose cross-platform app development include the following.

Now, we briefly discuss these benefits.

Native like Performance

Cross-platform development provides a native app-like experience to the users. Several tools and techniques are available under the cross-platform development domain. For example, Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin, etc. They allow developers to build applications that look and feel like native applications.

Faster Development Time

Usage of single source code for multiple platforms is a major benefit of cross-platform app development. This enables developers to reduce the development time to a great extent. So, they can easily create a feature-rich and robust application in no time.

Affordable Solution

Cross-platform app development facilitates a reduction in development costs. Because the developers only need to write the code once and run the same code everywhere. The code reusability and agile app development further lead to reduced development costs.

Benefits of Cross-platform App Development
Benefits of Cross-platform App Development

Simple Deployment & Maintenance

As we said earlier that a single app is developed to run on all the platforms. So, it becomes much easier for the developers to deploy and maintain the code. Even updates can be synced quickly on various platforms and devices.

If there is a bug in the common code, it needs to be fixed only once. All this helps in deployment and maintenance. Moreover, it plays role in saving a lot of time and money.

Easy Access to Audience

Choosing cross-platform development allows developers to create applications and deploy them on assorted platforms including the web. It means that with a single mobile application, businesses and startups can target both iOS and Android platforms. They can reach broader audiences without investing much time and effort.

Reasons React Native is perfect Cross-platform App Development Framework

All the above-mentioned benefits of cross-platform development can be achieved easily with the help of React Native framework. It is a perfect choice for cross-platform application development as it provides steadiness to an app and facilitates compatible architecture. The framework utilizes native components from the API, thus looks a lot like a native app for that specific platform.

Its growing popularity has created a huge demand for React Native developers in the market for mobile application development projects. For instance, custom app development, UI development, plug-in development, server-side API integration, and app support & maintenance. Similarly, thanks to the same technology, ReactJS web development is also highly desired.

Few key reasons that prove that React Native is best for cross-platform mobile apps are the following.

  • React Native provides a more stable app as compared to any framework
  • When compared to other cross-platform development systems, React Native offers a superior coding system
  • It comprises a modular architecture
  • React Native provides optimal performance
  • It comes loaded with various key elements that make coding easier and efficient
  • React Native offers utmost flexibility in application development

Advantages of React Native for making Cross-platform Apps

This is important to note that the React Native code is initially written in JavaScript (thanks to the ReactJS framework). It is changed to native views at run-time. This is helpful for the developers while live-updating the code as it makes UI redundancy faster.

Given below are some of the prime advantages that show React Native is best for cross-platform mobile apps amid 2024.

Advantages of React Native for making Cross-platform Apps
Advantages of React Native for making Cross-platform Apps

Now, we deliberate over these rewards in-depth.

Hot Reload

This is an excellent feature of React Native framework. Hot reload allows developers to make changes and refresh the app during the development process itself. It further helps developers to see the changes instantly while changing the code.

Third-party Plugins

The framework lets developers integrate third-party plug-ins. This assists in creating practical interfaces. Furthermore, it provides customization options for changing themes and templates as per the requirement.


React Native framework allows developing cost-effective cross-platform applications. Additionally, it takes less time for debugging as compared to other frameworks. Because the developers have to fix the bugs which are in a common codebase only once.

Wider Reach

The framework allows developing performant cross-platform mobile applications. This enables the companies to access a wider audience with less effort. They can target both iOS and Android users with just one application.

Developers Community’s Support

As React Native is an open-source platform, it has the support of a huge developer community. This can help developers in resolving any issues quickly and efficiently. Even developers also share their experiences about their work with other community members. This helps them to get feedback and they can improvise and write better codes.

Make a dominant native-like Mobile App in React Native
Make a dominant native-like Mobile App in React Native


So, these are some of the vital benefits of choosing React Native for cross-platform mobile application development. When it comes to hiring React Native programmers, make certain that they are skilled enough. Likewise, they should have deep knowledge of React Native framework. Experience in creating various customized solutions to meet the specific business requirements is a plus point.

Do you want to craft a dominant near-native mobile app? React Native is your best bet for making it a reality. Join hands with Techliance to help you from ideation to development to deployment.