When we talk about ReactJS vs VueJS, it is definitely a battle between the two most popular front-end JS frameworks. Everyone knows that JavaScript and its frameworks are the most used tools for web development. The competition in the market is getting tight as there are several options for front-end development tools. However, the choice remains on the project requirements and expertise of the development team.

There are a lot of companies opting for outsourcing and getting ReactJS development solutions and other website services from the best information technology firms. However, it is best to stay abreast of various technology platforms and find out which of the web frameworks will provide you the best web product in terms of your business needs.

ReactJS vs VueJS - Which Web Framework to Choose
ReactJS vs VueJS – Which Web Framework to Choose

ReactJS vs VueJS – Common factors to consider

In a face-off like React JS vs Vue JS, it is also important to understand the common aspects between the two frameworks. For starters, both can be considered as JavaScript libraries or frameworks that are widely used for front-end development. Both Vue and React are based on the virtual DOM model which implies higher efficiency and output for single-page web applications.

React.js uses virtual DOM to make a virtual replica of UI and store it in memory for synchronization with Real DOM. While on the other hand, Vue.js also uses virtual DOM for faster execution. In terms of the application/platform, React is a JavaScript library used for developing interactive web and mobile applications.

Plus point of ReactJS is that it is also used for native application development, while VueJS is only used for developing web-based solutions. React and Vue have a component-based structure and intend to work with the root library while all the additional tasks are transferred to other libraries.

Features of React JS

If you are opting for React JS development, that is probably because React is ideal for almost any platform. It covers all corners including mobile, web, and native development. ReactJS developers are easily able to manage various contexts in UI development. React has even made its way into artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality. Some other reasons that make ReactJS popular are the following.

  • Simplicity
  • Reusability
  • Data flow
  • User retention
Features of ReactJS
Features of ReactJS

Let’s explore the causes of the popularity of React JS now.


In comparison to other front-end frameworks or libraries, React is simple with a well-defined lifecycle with a component-based approach. You use both JavaScript and HTML in React through its unique syntax known as the JSX (JavaScript XML).


When you hire ReactJS developers, they are able to reuse code components of various levels while working on the project. This allows for a lesser turnaround time in project development as well.

Data flow

The data flow in React JS is in one direction i.e. downloading. This aspect allows the larger data to remain unaffected. The changes are seamless enabling higher output in the product.

User retention

Any web application is incomplete unless it allows taking advantage of the Search Engine Optimization for higher user capture, engagement, and retention. ReactJS is SEO-friendly which is something that is usually unheard of in other JS frameworks.

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Features of Vue JS

Gradually moving towards native solutions, VueJS will eventually have native rendering comparable to React Native. The following are some other reasons that are making Vue famous.

  • Small size
  • Easy integration
  • Less development time
  • Two-way communication
Features of VueJS
Features of VueJS

Let’s elaborate on the hallmarks of Vue JS that are making web developers switch to this JS platform.

Small size

With a size up to 30 KB, Vue 2 applications are extremely lightweight. As a result, programmers are able to segregate the template-to-virtual-DOM compiler and even the run-time. VueJS solutions are smaller than the React and Angular applications.

Less development time

If you are looking for custom web development services in Vue, then you have to be happy to know that Vue.js has large-scale templates that save a lot of programming time. With its uncomplicated structure, you enjoy spotting errors in the code without any additional hassle or difficulty.

Easy integration

Use it for developing single-page applications or contributing to components for existing apps. VueJS works seamlessly as it includes component logic and structure which are contained in a single file.

Two-way communication

Vue JS has two-way communication that speeds up the handling of HTML blocks. In addition, it also supports a one-way flow for working with different components.

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Final thoughts

React JS and Vue JS are popular with a lot of aspects in common. Both are lightweight, fast, and flexible with the usage of virtual DOMS and quick synchronization with the real DOM. Both have their advantages and disadvantages as narrated in this article.

The choice between the two is dependent on your business use case. If you are looking for something with a faster turnaround development time and an application with less complexity then Vue is a good choice but React has more diversity as it allows the development of highly complex applications.

If you are looking for custom web development services or you are looking to hire a resource in either of these platforms, then Techliance has full end-to-end capabilities in React and Vue frameworks. Consult with Techliance today for a discussion about your website project needs.

Bring on a Secure and Business-friendly Web App
Bring on a Secure and Business-friendly Web App

ReactJS vs VueJS – FAQs

The following are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for which companies and web developers seek answers while doing a comparison of React JS and Vue JS.

What is the difference between React JS and Vue JS?

In a nutshell, React JS is a JavaScript library used for developing front-end user interfaces. It has been developed by Facebook for handling the view layer for both web and mobile applications. Vue JS is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used for developing front-end interfaces.

Which is easier to learn React or Vue?

Vue is easier to learn because its guide, property names, setup process, etc. all feel very familiar with HTML, CSS, and ES6 standards. While React has a steep learning curve, its documentation and terminology around certain concepts are a bit unconventional and messy. Both have a huge developer community which makes learning either of the frameworks a lot of fun.

Which is better Vue or React?

As a company or IT firm, you may be confused about what to pick between React JS and VueJS. Then it is all about your specific business need. Go for React if you are making a complex application with support and the potential to hire more front-end developers with experience.

If you are looking to build a product that has less complexity, with less turnaround time at hand, then VueJS is your first choice. As it provides template support, that is easier to learn and code with.

In case you have a business need requiring a website and a mobile app, then opt for ReactJS, as it has React Native in tow to develop the mobile application.