Across the world, IT services providers are taking serious measures to fight the severe affects of the pandemic outbreak Coronavirus. We all collectively, have to play our part to stop the spread of the viral COVID-19 outbreak. Ensuring the Coronavirus staff safety will help IT firms in continuing business operations through the pandemic.

For now, a few directives have been suggested by World Health Organization (WHO) that are being broadly used as the Coronavirus diagnosis and prevention measures. “Social Distancing” is the foremost principle among the COVID-19 precautions.

This concept is now being widely practiced by countries all over the world. Consequently, the idea of carrying out work activities from home is being highly encouraged globally as means of the Coronavirus staff safety measures now.

Coronavirus Staff Safety and Work Continuity
Coronavirus Staff Safety and Work Continuity

Working from Home

There is wide-scale Tech Disruption due to Coronavirus all around the world. “Working from Home” and “IT Outsourcing” are two solutions to continue business operations in the technology industry.

Similarly, Techliance has also ensured their employees’ protection from COVID-19 by devising a company-wide policy of working from home. This calls outs for employees to remain connected via Internet and continue working on their relative assignments.

Techliance has taken many Coronavirus staff safety steps as the saying goes “the show must go on”. It is relatively easier for Techliance to transition to this model of Coronavirus work continuity, because of many factors such as the following.

  • Cross Collaboration
  • Communication Management
  • Supporting IT Services

Let’s zoom on these aspects in detail now.

Cross Collaboration

This is one of the strong points for Techliance as it is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States with a full-fledged Development Center in Lahore, Pakistan. Having two branches, the concept of collaboration across different continents and time zone has always been a forte.

Moreover, Techliance has a customer blueprint spanning to countries all over the world. As a result, the units, teams or resources working with various customers are always engaged on different assignments, teams, and projects that require collaboration over the Internet.

Techliance is able to formulate a workable project plan and assign tasks on a timely manner that are then discussed and concluded over daily/weekly or ad-hoc calls as per the requirements.

Working from Home
Working from Home

Communication Management

One of the Coronavirus employee well-being factors is to allow users to remain safe but at same time develop protocols to ensure that communication is maintained and properly managed. For this reason, Techliance has developed certain protocols to ensure transparency, fluidity and recurrence of communication on various levels including internal and external stakeholders.

We stay connected with stakeholders through various tools such as Skype, Chat software, Zoom, Slack, Jira, Flock etc. to ensure that they are comfortable with the communication tool on basis of which the model for communicating is established.

Some communication requires written collateral which can be established through emails, documents, presentations etc. we ensure to conduct meetings as per client’s comfort zone and timings so that our resources are the one taking responsibility for remaining aligned with the client and project objectives.

Supporting IT Services

Techliance is not just a Development and Solutions provider, we believe in integrating our services with our clients to become a Technology partner. As a result, we have a variety of services to allow customers to utilize their maximum potential. These services include: IT Consultancy, UI/UX Design, Quality Assurance, IT Support, SEO/SMM, Content Writing, DevOps & IT Infrastructure Management, Live Chat Assistance to name a few.

In today’s crucial situation where COVID-19 response has been to stay safe but connected, all these services have a huge part to play in bridging gap between struggling businesses to boost and expand their sales. If you have a mobile or web-based solution but you are facing crisis on getting the attention now is your chance.

Majority of consumers nowadays are home-bound, which makes online purchasing the most natural progression. You should bank on it by getting promoted through SEO/SMM channels. When you get noticed, it’s far likely that customers would want to give your products a try.

Why a Mobile or Web-based Solution is “IT”?

A lot of companies have been hesitant in taking the plunge on whether they should develop a mobile or a web-based product. But now the need of the day is to keep your business afloat which makes it important to explore these dimensions and have a quick turnaround in product development.

The best way to go about is to hire expert-level services like that of Techliance that can give you the entire landscape of product in small scalable feature-set as we religiously practice the Agile methodology. Through this way, you can start off by launching an MVP in the market – get noticed and continue launching more features as you go along the way.

At day-end, everyone is waiting with their breath held but we have to make do with the given circumstances and continue afloat. That’s why the Information Technology Services will have an upper edge to keep companies hold their ground by providing various kind of solutions.

The newest IT trends including AI, IoT, VR, AR, Blockchain etc. are being integrated in these IT solutions. So that the normal lives of human beings, although confined to their homes, but still get a certain level of uplift and comfort without feeling isolated and depressed.

Towards Greater Good of Humanity

Techliance has always been big on humanitarian causes, which is why we are offering most cost-effective services that are at par level with highest industry standards. Our starting rates for Development of any mobile or web-based solutions are at the lowest in comparison to our competition. It is because we believe in having a moderate approach so that all kinds of businesses are able to make use of our expertise by hiring some of the best resources from the industry.

As part of our Coronavirus staff safety plan, we implore any company to contact us for a mobile or a web-based solution idea that can help in easing the challenges faced by people around the world. These challenges can be pertaining to getting diagnosed, able to spot the symptoms, getting initial guidance on prevention or isolation from crowd/family etc.

These problems can also include what to do if you are tested positive, finding a medical practitioner and connecting with them online for further counselling or help etc. All these are important aspects that can help in fighting the outbreak on various levels.

Need a Mobile or Web based IT Solution
Need a Mobile or Web based IT Solution

Finishing Up

Do you want to create a mobile or web-based solution that can be used in response to Coronavirus? Feel confident to contact Techliance in this noble cause. You can hire us to develop tech solution for COVID-19 or any other disease. We will help you deliver the IT solution in most prompt manner so that together we serve others for the benefit of humanity.