In the current competitive world, every company’s racing to survive in the market. Unlike the conventional times, the current global population is highly dependent on the internet and digital devices. So, businesses have to improve customer experience on websites to earn good revenue in 2024.

The dynamics have now shifted to e-commerce websites from in-store shopping worldwide and in the USA. Therefore, every business now has to improve its customers’ online experience to make its way to the top. Moreover, the demands of the customers have also evolved with time.

Companies must go above and beyond their traditional customer service methods to satisfy their online audience. Nowadays, enhancing your consumers’ journey is essential for every business. That’s where skilled dedicated developers can integrate modern technologies to improve customer experience on websites with little fuss.

Top ways to improve customer experience on websites
Top ways to improve customer experience on websites

Benefits for businesses that improve customer experience on websites

Today, customer satisfaction is the key to any business’s success. That’s why two-thirds of the world’s firms are competing based on consumers’ experience. Hence, any company lagging in it would go down the ladder.

Following are the top advantages business owners get who improve customer experience on websites during 2024.

  • Get better search rankings
  • Bring more customers
  • Earn increased sales
  • Boost consumer loyalty
  • Reduce exhaustion for employees

Now, we discuss these rewards for companies that improve customer experience on websites.

Get better search rankings

You may be familiar with Google’s page experience algorithm that ranks a website based on user experience. Launched in June 2021, this new update is the reason why your website must provide an exceptional experience to users. It analyzes signals for Core Web Vitals, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, and no intrusive interstitials.

Page experience update delivers a better experience to users accessing the internet via mobile phones or desktops. Plus, you know that 75% of the searchers wouldn’t even go beyond Google’s first page. Thus, the race is all about making it into the top 10 results.

Bring more customers

Word of mouth still has a significant value in bringing more customers. For example, suppose that your friends ask you about good clothing brands. You will certainly recommend them online stores that you’ve visited and liked previously.

That’s how happy customers will expand your consumer network. Besides, today’s era is all about reviews on social media pages and groups. So, if your customer experience gets you good reviews everywhere, you’ll gain more buyers ultimately without even spending on marketing.

Benefits for businesses that improve customer experience on websites
Benefits for businesses that improve customer experience on websites

Earn increased sales

Did you know that 84% of the firms that strive to give a better consumer experience generate more revenues? Also, companies can make 4-8% higher revenue by just enhancing their customers’ experience. The reason for this is obvious. If you work to make your website user-friendly, more people will stay on it for long.

Consequently, the conversions and sales will increase eventually. Even if you charge higher for a product than your competitor, people would be happy to buy from you. Just in case, customers are happy with your products, hen they will return for more shopping.

Boost consumer loyalty

According to Forbes, 96% of the consumers build their loyalty to a brand based on its customer service. Thus, by improving your consumers’ experience, you’ll win their trust and loyalty. Additionally, this will lead to a better return rate and higher sales too.

Reduce exhaustion for employees

Imagine hearing customers’ complaints all day long or replying to the same questions in an eight-hour shift. That behavior is categorically exhausting. However, when businesses improve customer experience on websites for the users, their employees will bear less burden than otherwise.

Looking at all the above benefits, it’s evident why working on customer experience is crucial. However, you’ll also want to know what technologies to use to make your website more customer-oriented. Well, you can read about it below.

Technologies to integrate to improve customer experience on websites

There’s no end to the different technologies that have already hit the market. For instance, chatbots, voice assistants, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning, etc. Likewise, the future awaits an advent of even better technologies that you won’t want to miss at any cost.

Some of these fantastic technologies that can significantly improve customer experiences on websites are listed below.

  • Responsive Websites
  • Single Page Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AMP Pages
  • Serverless Websites
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Motion UI
  • Blockchain

Next, we see technologically how brands can improve customer experiences on websites by 2024.

Responsive Websites

With more people using mobile phones to access the internet, making your website mobile-responsive is more crucial than ever. Presently, it’s essential to improve customer experience on websites to persuade more users. Also, it enables your websites to rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Now, there are three ways of doing that. Firstly, you can design a mobile-first website and then adapt it to a desktop. Secondly, you can make a mobile-friendly website that looks the same on both devices.

The third way is to use responsive website technology. This technology helps a website to adapt automatically to the device it is being used on. More and more businesses and startups are making responsive websites to appeal to the increasing number of mobile users.

Single Page Applications

Remember the time when clicking on one link led to another page. That was too frustrating for some users, right? Well, today’s users won’t tolerate your website if it happens to them too often.

That’s why major businesses globally now use single page applications (SPAs) to enhance the user experience. For example, Google Maps, Drive, and Facebook, etc. Thanks to the JavaScript frameworks, SPAs help you avoid too much communication with the servers. Usage of SPAs for websites is increasing on the internet due to their fast operation.

Technologies to improve customer experience on websites
Technologies to improve customer experience on websites

Progressive Web Apps

Recently, progressive web apps (PWAs) have gained more popularity worldwide and in the United States. PWAs let users visit their desired websites on their mobile or desktop browsers to get the same experience. Also, customers can enjoy this phenomenon without downloading any plugins or applications.

In addition, PWAs offer push notifications to interested users. Also, they let customers access the website offline with the cached content. PWAs are normally written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ReactJS, VueJS, or AngularJS) etc.

AMP Pages

Forbes states that 2 billion of the world population accesses the internet via mobile phones today. Above and beyond, this would increase to 3/4th of all the internet users by 2025. Hence, it’s pretty clear that improving the users’ experience today requires befriending websites to cellular phones.

For doing so, one solution is to use AMP (originally accelerated mobile pages) based pages. These pages are similar to PWAs, but they’re faster due to the open-source plugins introduced by Google and Twitter. Introduced in 2015, AMP is just like Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.

AMP pages only display basic features that load more quickly than a full-fledged products’ website. Plus, they fit perfectly on a mobile screen with content that is easily readable. Realize that majority of today’s users don’t wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load.

So, an AMP webpage is the best solution to improve your consumers’ experience. Besides, AMP pages can even bring you up on Google results. Because of their fast speed, mobile-friendliness, and better user experience.

Serverless Websites

With the advent of cloud technology, the future of websites may become serverless. That’s because most businesses want to avoid system overload, data theft, or pricey development. However, advancement in cloud services can replace regular web hosting servers that regulate machine resource utilization.

For instance, you can utilize providers like Google, Microsoft Azure, or AWS, etc. The plus points of serverless websites can go on, but some of these tend to be on top. So, these web trends in serverless app architecture aid in the following purposes.

  • Minimizing development and ongoing support expenditures
  • Consolidation of apps with flexibility potential
  • Sustainability of the Internet ecosystem


Back in time, hiring employees to answer your customers seemed fine. But now, if you hire someone for a 9 to 5 shift, it won’t do any good. Your customers won’t wait for a whole day to get your response.

That is why chatbots are the new necessity for any online business website. This relatively new technology is an AI-based tool that converses with your consumers online. Also, it even makes their experience personalized.

Chatbot applications can help your online business with many tasks. For example, transactions, providing answers to everyday questions, and even directing your visitors to products based on their previous history. Also, it would even save you the labor costs.

Virtual Assistants

Voice searches in Google App occupied 20% of all mobile-based searches in 2016. Global Web Index’s voice search insight report 2018 stated 27% of the online population uses voice search on mobile. By 2024, digital voice assistants are forecast to reach 8.4 billion worldwide, from 4.2 billion units in 2020.

With virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa; consumers are becoming more accustomed to using voice searches. That is why integrating this technology into your website has now become essential. Subsequently, the world’s getting busier with each passing day, most buyers are in a hurry.

Therefore, they use voice assistants for a faster shopping experience. As well, Google also favors websites with voice input technologies. Accordingly, to climb up its list, voice assistants are worth your investment.

Motion UI

An aesthetically appealing website always grabs the attention of internet users. However, most companies have shifted focus from aesthetics to user experience. In this regard, motion UI is a relatively new way out for websites.

On the frontline since 2018, Motion UI helps firms display their products or services in a memorable and eye-catching way. This trend uses custom animation integration and CSS transitions to make the website more engaging. That’s the reason it is trending in the UI/UX designing scene through 2024.


When everything’s going digital, currencies have also jumped into the race. With blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have created new hype in the global market. Thus, gaining huge investments from the entire world.

New businesses cannot ignore the cryptocurrency transactions that may soon become the norm. Some of the major payment systems have already started accepting bitcoins and other leading cryptocurrencies. Moreover, some of the central banks are also working to improve the security of the crypto network.

Soon the crypto world may become more trustworthy and reliable. Hence, your eCommerce website will then have to adapt to it. Otherwise, you may lag in the race to influence more customers.

Want a website to provide a perfect user experience
Want a website to provide a perfect user experience


Today’s evolving digitization of the globe makes it necessary to improve customer experience on websites. This will get you not only good sales but also increase consumer loyalty and your rank on Google. Therefore, every online business must invest in the latest technologies to enhance their website for the users.

Moreover, making your website mobile-friendly with PWAs, AMPs, responsiveness, and SPAs is also vital for running in the survival marathon. Plus, with new constantly evolving technologies like blockchain, you’ll always have to keep your website up-to-date to move forward.

Do you need a website to deliver a seamless user experience? Techliance can join forces with you to achieve this goal. Let’s make your website the one that customers like to come to time and again.