Nowadays companies want to employ scalable solutions to address problems of their businesses and end-users. As a result, a lot of web development is taking place, to facilitate them in serving their customers in a better way. Machine learning has always been considered as part of software solutions that are used extensively by a broad range of consumers. Thus, machine learning is altering web development for the collective benefit of companies and their customers in 2024 as ever.

All businesses are going online with the desire to put up solutions, that improvise as the needs of customers grow.

Take the example of Google search, the program grows on basis of users, and the elaborate search they conduct, through the simplest of interfaces.

However, all the complexity takes place inside the code which in a nutshell can be termed as an ML powered website.

Its brilliance combined with elegance – giving you a powerhouse solution in a form of a website.

Access it anywhere from your tablet, phone or a laptop and you are thriving to get results at a lightning speed.

So, ML driven website development solutions are set to remain a dominant trend in 2024 and future.

How is Machine Learning altering Web Development
How is Machine Learning altering Web Development

Stats of Machine Learning usage in Websites

The following are some statistics about incorporation of ML in websites, and its use in software generally, in the decade of 2020.

  • 75% of users on Netflix choose movies suggested by machine learning algorithms of the company.
  • The global machine learning market was valued at $1.58B in 2017. It is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024. It will grow at a CAGR of 44.06% between 2017 and 2024.
  • The worldwide market of machine learning, will have a worth of $30.6B in four years, from 2018 to 2024. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.8% in this period,
  • Tractica predicts annual global AI software revenue will grow from $10.1B in 2018 to $126.0B by 2025, achieving a CAGR of 43.41%.

Future of Web Development is in Machine Learning integration

With passage of time, companies are understanding how web development is not just about hard coding a program to perform certain tasks.

As users evolve, so do the needs of consumers.

That means constant reinvention of the code.

For the reason that you want to give out your customers the best look and feel of your product.

In addition, you want to be able to capture all their requirements.

Consequently, this means having a constant development and support team, that’s working to tailor the code as per business requirements.

How about having the software do that on its own?

It’s like magic but in a guided way.

With ML enabled websites, the concept is to allow the code to evolve.

It’s improvisation – a beautiful orchestration of how code builds itself based on what the user patterns are.

So, the code changes with constant tap on what the user wants and how it can be delivered.

Just the same thing you see online, that little checkbox of remember me.

But it’s only better, because the software remembers you alright, and it makes sure you are catered for.

Future of Web Development is in Machine Learning integration
Future of Web Development is in Machine Learning integration

Machine Learning studies Website Users for serving them better

Now, current trends in web development are all about creating dynamic websites and customer-centered online business solutions.

If users can be given a customized experience, they are far likely to continue coming to your website, or web-based solution.

For example, consider YouTube.

You start viewing a video, and the program suggests to you a number of videos, that are similar to your selection.

Every time you click on a video, you get plenty of related suggestions alike your selection.

In addition, the program learns about your choices, giving you a customizable experience.

It learns about you from you and serves you in a way, where you never feel the need to even exit from the application.

For instance, same experience is prevalent on Netflix, which is popular for binge watching TV programs & series, films and more video entertainment.

Websites use Machine Learning to give users the options that they want

So, now apply the same logic to your website.

You are showcasing your product catalog to the users.

They click on an item.

Then instead of making them go through the entire catalog on a snail’s speed, you jump-start it for them, by showing them options based on what they click.

You showcase them what they like, and what they really spend more time surfing and taking a look at.

This helps users in what they really need, and gives them complimenting choices to consider.

Therefore, you will save them from feeling that your website doesn’t have anything that they actually want.

Hence, you are giving them exactly what they need, without them having to go to the moon and back looking for it.

Who says web development is boring, when it can be taken to the next level, thanks to some cool ML principles?

This all can be neatly implemented, to make the entire web experience personalized for the users.

Most importantly, the best part is that each user gets the same customized behavior, as per their liking.

Broaden your horizons with ML driven Website
Broaden your horizons with ML driven Website


In short, we are learning from users, who are the ultimate game changers in the web programming practices, in the decade of 2020.

Gone are the days, when websites and web-based solutions were objective, with nothing interesting about them.

At present, they are considered more than just a website.

Because these online solutions enable you to showcase your actual products and services to the customers.

Getting the attention for traffic on your website is just one aspect.

User retention and eventual sales are the two main things, that all businesses want to dwell on.

If you get an ML enabled website, then the dwelling part becomes the narrative for the code itself.

It learns, improvises, and evolves into something more creative & helpful for the users.

Are you looking to expand your horizons with ML driven Website?

It’s time you opted for an ML powered website that makes sure your customer-base grows.

To sum it up, contact Techliance today. Let’s discuss your options.

Machine Learning altering Web Development FAQs

How is machine learning used in web development?

The web applications can also use machine learning algorithms to understand customer behavior and boost customer engagement.

An eCommerce application can use machine learning to monitor and understand customer conversation related to a product.

Should web developer learn machine learning?

Mastering machine learning coming from a web development background comes with its own constraints.

You may worry about having to learn entirely different concepts from scratch – from different algorithms to programming languages like Python to mathematical concepts like linear algebra, calculus, and statistics etc.

Is machine learning front end or back end?

Machine learning engineers are basically the specialized software engineers in essence.

They mostly work on the server-side.

Therefore, logically you can assume, machine learning engineer is just like back-end developer.