All startups that are on the path to success face a moment. They have to seriously scale up their marketing tactics. Making use of marketing strategies to boost startup promotion efforts brings rewards in 2024.

Whether it happens after your first big funding round, or after hiring a well-paid marketing manager. This usually results in startup teams scrambling to figure out how they can get the most of their online presence. If you relate to that, you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, websites have become main door to business operations. Startups are not different from established businesses when it comes to online identity. So, developing a website is way important for startups to make their mark in the industry.

Thanks to digital marketing, it is perfectly possible to accelerate marketing results with the right team and the right tools. That too without having to engage in unethical or “black hat” marketing practices.

In case you are working with an external consultant or marketing agency. You will require marketing tools to ensure they are delivering the work and the results they promise to you.

Which type of marketing plan will you need? What are the best options for marketing tools? Here are marketing strategies to boost startup promotion efforts during 2024.

Marketing Strategies to boost Startup Promotion efforts
Marketing Strategies to boost Startup Promotion efforts

Let’s explore these points that encompass marketing strategies to boost startup promotion efforts in detail.

Website Audit

Your business website is the online headquarter of your business. This is where a lot of your marketing activities will take place. Chances are, even the marketing activities that take place on other platforms, are targeting your audience to your website. For example, social media platforms.

Due to these reasons, it is imperative to know what is going on your website at all times. How well it is performing when it comes to turning visitors into leads and customers.

Google Analytics is by far, the most used tool for website analytics. It is free and offers incredible insight into how your website is performing. Moreover, it also breaks down how users are behaving when they visit your website.

While mastering Google Analytics can be a little difficult since the tools offer so many features. This is where hiring the right team becomes relevant. Its ability to offer actionable and impactful insights is simply unmatched.

Take your website activity tracking ability up a notch. You can also look into how your readers are scrolling on specific pages. Similarly, which areas are attracting the most attention with heatmap tracking and website screen recordings.

For this kind of tracking, however, you will require a separate tool. Hotjar is a great tool in this respect and the best part is, you can get started for free. As your website attracts more and more visitors, you can easily scale up to premium plans. This offers the ability to track more user sessions on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search traffic is one of the most lucrative forms of traffic out there. However, optimizing your website for search engines can take a lot of time. Likewise, engaging in off-page optimization to rank it on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) takes effort.

Hiring the right marketing team can take some time. You may even decide to go with a dependable digital marketing agency. Still securing the right marketing tools is the responsibility of someone at your organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure that your time and efforts are being invested into targeted tasks. These are likely to greatly improve the SERP performance of your websites. From finding SEO flaws in your website, it enables you to spy on how your competitors are conducting their SEO. Therefore, SEO techniques and tools are versatile and capable means for startup promotion.

If you want to attract traffic from search engines (and you must do it). Then, you will need a tool for conducting SEO audit of your website and your competitors’ websites. Finding the right keywords to target, this tool must track and analyze your and your competitor’s backlink profiles. Furthermore, the SEO tool should help in tracking your rankings in the SERPs for various keywords.

Thankfully, most reputable SEO tools combine all these abilities in a single tool. Some great options are, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, RankWatch, and Ubersuggest. Most of these tools even offer a free version with limited features, that is perfect for beginners.

Email Marketing

Besides having a website, email solutions are arguably the most important when it comes to growing a professional online presence. They help you close your first clients with cold emails. Email outreach ensures your teammates appear professional in front of prospects with branded email addresses and personalized messages. Hence, email solutions influence several parts of your business’ online presence.

For email marketing, some of the most popular and dependable options are ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp. If you want to send out cold emails, GMass and Mailshake are both great choices.

To build an internal email network and give your employees branded emails, you can use Google Workspace. It was previously known as G Suite.

The best thing about all these solutions is that they offer plans that can be scaled up or down. This caters to the changing needs of your growing startup.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of active users, it is almost impossible for businesses to ignore the opportunity that is social media. There is good chance that the entire gamut of companies that are your competition is already present on social media. While some of them may already have a strong social presence established.

In other words, social media marketing is extremely competitive amid 2024. Accordingly, succeeding will demand a lot of work, particularly in terms of creativity and consistency. The creativity challenge can be overcome with the help of the right marketing team. Whereas being consistent is a challenge that prevents many brands from making it big on social media platforms.

This is where a social media marketing tool can help. These tools enable you to create and schedule posts for multiple social media platforms in one place. Not only that, but these tools will also help you with some incredible insights into your social media analytics. When used right, social media marketing tools help you identify exactly what kind of content is popular with your audience.

Some great social media marketing tools are Hootsuite and Buffer. Social media tools provide smartphone apps that you can use to keep an eye on your ongoing social media activities. Also, you can respond in real-time, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Customer Relationship Management

If you are doing it right, marketing on the web will allow you to reach thousands of potential prospects. Manage such incredible reach and ensure you are making the most out of it. To convert a large percentage of your audience to paying customers, you will need to create a marketing funnel.

This funnel will be responsible for tracking the awareness and interest levels of your online prospects. Such information can then be utilized to expose different segments of your audience to personalized and relevant marketing messages. This entire process (and a lot more) can be handled by using a CRM.

If you have plans to engage in organic SEO, then you can get a specialized tool that manages multiple functions. For instance, your content production projects and your marketing funnel.

The CRM is an important part of your overall marketing tech stack. The wrong choice can potentially negatively influence multiple areas of your marketing mix. Choosing the right CRM will depend on your goals.

Want to create Website for Startup
Want to create Website for Startup

Summing Up

A marketing tech stack is an integral part of every rapid online growth success story. Even if most startups and companies don’t mention it. By automating tasks and analyzing the right data, you can produce extraordinary output that will lead to exponential growth.

Hope that you like the marketing strategies to boost startup promotion efforts. Acting upon these digital marketing tactics will promote your startup during the incubation stage. Additionally, this will even make easy your journey to becoming scaleup going forward from 2024.

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