There are many types of search engine optimization (SEO). The two main types of SEO, that are the subject of this article are organic SEO and local SEO. In 2024, you may want to rank a website in geographic location, or on a countrywide or international level. In such a case, the comparison like organic SEO vs local SEO turns paramount.

Shall you be better off continuing with a more general kind of SEO, i.e., organic SEO? Will going the path of local SEO bring more benefits? Should you use both of these types of SEO for achieving more success?

Firstly, verify that you are creating a website as per the best SEO guidelines. If you already have a website, then conform it to top search optimization recommendations. IT firms with 360-degree industry exposure can make your website user appealing and search engine friendly.

Before debating organic SEO vs local SEO evaluation, it’s necessary to define these two terms popular in the SEO industry.

Organic SEO vs Local SEO - Which is Best for your Business
Organic SEO vs Local SEO – Which is Best for your Business

What is Organic SEO?

Simply the organic SEO aims to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). You want to appear prominently in organic search listings in Google, Bing, and other search engines. It is also known as natural SEO, traditional SEO, and national SEO.

You want to get top positions for the phrases that people search in your vertical. Similarly, you also want visibility for brand keywords that are important to your business.

What is Local SEO?

In contrast, local SEO targets enhancing the visibility of your business in location-based searches. This is also known as localized SEO. Here the person is looking for a local business, service, or location.

Local search results often appear on search results pages alongside the organic search results. Although they do stand out on the page.

Organic SEO vs Local SEO: Why Your Website Needs Both?

If you are a national business that doesn’t target a particular area, then local SEO is not much advantageous. The opposite applies if your target audience can be defined by a specific area. In other words, if you are a local business, then local SEO will be beneficial.

Chances are you may need to promote your business in the most populous city of New Zealand. Then getting SEO services in Auckland can be a good choice for local organic exposure.

Does that mean you can ignore organic SEO during 2024? No, it doesn’t at all. This will be much better to appeal to all New Zealanders (or Kiwis as they like to refer them).

The following points explain why you are likely to need both organic SEO and local SEO.

Organic SEO vs Local SEO - Why Your Website Needs Both
Organic SEO vs Local SEO – Why Your Website Needs Both

Let’s explore these factors in detail now.

Dominating Search Results

This is very useful to dominate a search results page. Getting a presence in the local search section of the page is good.

But attaining a top position in the organic search section is the next-level achievement. Search results page dominance like this gives potential customers a strong and positive impression of your brand.

Covering Widespread Area

If you serve a wide geographical zone, there might be some local searches where your business doesn’t feature. A good local SEO strategy will help. But organic SEO can do way more.

With organic SEO, you can improve your website’s overall appearance on search results pages in Google, and Bing, etc. Together with featuring in the local results, organic visibility will improve the standing of your business.

Expanding Target Audience

Organic SEO can also contribute to your success as you are spreading into new territories and locations. It is a similar situation to the above use case.

You don’t appear on the local results section of a search results page for all localized queries. So, organic SEO can help get your website into the natural search results section.

Getting More Website Traffic

Not all queries on search engines that are related to your business have local intent. There are also likely to be instances where potential buyers are in the research phase. Thus, they are looking at options and getting to know what is available.

Your business might appear as a local search result for these types of searches. But there will be many queries that search engines treat as organic searches only. Without a good organic SEO strategy, your business might not rank for these search terms.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Visibility in the organic results section of a search results page will help improve general awareness of your brand. Knowing your business, potential customers can purchase at some stage in the future. They will click on a local search result for your business as they will be familiar with the brand.

Make a Website that is user friendly and follows SEO best practices
Make a Website that is user friendly and follows SEO best practices

Eventual Goal: Touching All Bases

A good summary of the debate is that your website needs to appear in good positions in search engines. And that too for as many relevant searches as possible. A strategy that incorporates both organic and local SEO will achieve this, helping improve results for your business.

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